Chapter 1. Kill the Empress


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The cold lips touch her thin, scarred ankle.


Her frightened body contracts spontaneously.


The lips that had fallen after lightly touching her thin ankle attach themselves softly again. She can feel the moist tongue sucking her skin in.




The more she swallows a moan and bit her lip, the more arousing the kisses attacking her ankle becomes.


Her ankle is where the sensation was becoming numb.


But the touch of his lips feels strange. Is it because his lips are too cold or the wound on her ankle is too hot?




A strange burning sensation scorches beneath her pale skin. A tingling sensation rises up from the inside of her thighs, hot all the way down to her navel.


Her toes naturally contract.


After kissing her wounded ankle respectfully, he slowly lifts his eyes and stares at her. His red eyes, like the blazing sun in Amor’s blue sky, trap her.


She looks at him with an expressionless face. She tries not to be caught as she bites the flesh inside her lips and swallows the moaning sound.


The man’s red eyes narrow as he observes her, and soon he drops his gaze and concentrates on the kissing again.


“Uh, it’s…”


It’s only then that she finally let out a few labored breaths.


She always has to hold her breath like this when his lips touch her skin.


Licking her ankles and kissing her knees with impunity.


It’s strange of a man to embrace her useless leg like a holy grail of God, in exchange for a bargain.


The hot lips that always spew bad words become softer every time they kiss.


It’s the same for the sharp tongue that spat out sharp words.


The sharp kissing sensation slowly makes her shudder every time and she desperately ignores it.


She holds her breath and pretends to be unconcerned with her expressionless face.


Because she doesn’t want to let the man know how he makes her feel.


The man’s lips rise up over her shins, and he covers her beautiful knees with his hot breath.


“You still can’t feel anything?”


“…it’s just a useless leg, as it always has been.”


The man laughs at her words, deliberately nonchalant.


His laughter touches her saliva-soaked skin. The delicacy and dignity of it make her feel a tingling sensation below her navel.


Surely, it’s a useless leg, and she gave it to him without a second thought.




That’s why he’s the owner of this leg, not her.


The man who’s constantly kissing her thin ankles, as if performing some pious ritual, murmurs. A slow, weighted voice cries out quietly in the darkness.


“Never forget.”


His eyes bend with vigor.


He was her enemy at one time, but now he is the man who wants her.


He looks up at her with his pious, innocent eyes.


What is that thing that fills his dark, shimmering red eyes?


What is that hot thing that flicks under the thick collar like a starving animal for days?


It’s as if she saw something she shouldn’t have.


Her instincts tell her she’s in danger, as if she knows something she shouldn’t. She silently pushes away the strange tension that tickles her stomach and lowers her eyes.


Slowly, once again, the man’s cold lips touch her leg. The moist tip of his tongue contained her ankle bone.


As if to claim his ownership, his hot lips rub against her skin again and again.


As if to regain his appetite, the man slightly bites her skin several times. It seems like she would be eaten by him at any moment.


This man is a poisonous plant.


If she got a taste of it, it would get her addicted, demotivate her, and make her lose her purpose.


‘Yes, I shouldn’t get involved.’


The kissing marks of the man’s lips linger on her legs, which she cannot walk.


She used to be the Empress of a far away empire.


But what’s happened just now is one of the days that Empress  Roselyn V. Sunset, who had abandoned the name of the past, experiences.



Chapter 1


*The past*


“Please stop…”


The emperor’s mistress, Natasha Roanti, whispered softly into the emperor’s ear.


“Kill the Empress.”


Her voice was as warm as winter cotton, and her smiling green eyes were as green as the new sprouts of spring that had survived the winter.


Natasha, whose face was full of compassion as if she was full of love, whispered.


“Kill her and achieve prosperity. My poor Majesty.”


Her arms, which were as smooth as white snakes, hugged the emperor’s stiff and rigid shoulders.


The poor emperor, who always failed to fulfill his desires because of the empress’ authority.


“Please use Natasha, Your Majesty.”


She whispered, gently caressing the shoulders of the emperor, who was tightly united with persistence and arrogance.


“I am your faithful servant. You can use me as much as you like for your greatness. It is my pleasure, my splendor. Get rid of the Empress who worries you and lay the foundation for your glorious authority.”


Everything in this country, in this land, belonged to the Emperor Gillotti.


Why couldn’t the Lord of all things dispose of the wealth in the safe at will without the approval of the Empress?


The emperor clenched his teeth and stared into space.


He stared at the sky with his eyes strained sharply, as if the face of the lone empress was painted on that black void.


Natasha kissed the emperor’s earlobe and whispered sweetly.


“Give me the Empress’s brother. In a few months, he will be an infidel who would blackmail and plunder the emperor’s government.”


The emperor began to have a different look in his eyes.


“The Empress will try to save him. But the harder she tries, the more ugly she will become. She will be blinded by jealousy and clumsy by protecting her shameless brother.”


Haha. Her laughter was innocent, but her words were cold.


The young emperor with his tightly shut lips, listened to Natasha without a sound.


His eyes, glistening beneath his bristly hair, shone as they devoured the depths of the darkness.


The black desire that coiled around his heart slowly came to his head at the sound of Natasha’s voice.


“There will be evidence of treason in the chamber of the Empress’s brother. Someone on our side will say that the Empress is envious of the beautiful Natasha and hates His Majesty.”


Her whispering voice was so sweet………..


The emperor closed his eyes and became more and more addicted to Natasha’s voice.


“But first…… I have a request for you, Your Majesty.”


Natasha’s warm, soft white hand with red fingertips stroked the Emperor’s angular chin.


“You must cut off all her limbs. Get rid of the people she loves.”


Even though it’s a light and refreshing gesture like caring for a baby, at the end of the act, there was a slightly tight grip.


“The empire must be made aware of the fact that they were killed for trying to betray the Empress. Rumors are so scary that they even create monsters that aren’t there.”


Natasha’s hand slid down the emperor’s neck, over his shoulders, and gently into his open shirt.


“The maidservants she cherishes, her entourage, distant relatives with whom she has shared a long friendship, and even the brother, whom she loves.”


Her hand that had been groping the emperor’s chest roamed around his stomach.


The emperor’s calm breath gradually became rough.


Natasha whispered in a lovely voice as she leaned her head against the emperor’s shoulder like a little girl.


“Kill them all.”


Her gentle hand drifted over his pants playfully as if it wanted to enter.


The Emperor’s eyes began to turn red.


“Natasha will fall down at the grand party, grabbing the Empress’s dress. The poor Natasha, whom the Empress’s brother tried to take her innocence away, would cry out, blood staining the edge of her white dress. Just then, the doctor will start shouting…..”


Is the mother’s voice singing a child’s lullaby this gentle?


“There’s a precious imperial descendant in Natasha’s belly.”


With that voice, Natasha continued telling her plot to draw out the Empress.


“Then the empress will become a filthy woman who tries to kill the Imperial Son for speculation, for her beastly brother. Oh, how refreshing, Your Majesty?”


Despite the innocent sound of her giggling voice, her hand was lewdly making its way into the emperor’s pants little by little.


“Her entourage and her family will try to protect the Empress. Then….”


Natasha’s small hand didn’t hesitate to invade between the emperor’s undergarments.


As the emperor’s manhood showed and he couldn’t hide his excitement, she whispered , clutching it, which rose inexorably hot.


“Just then, you will pull out the knife.”