Chapter 11. Then bite if off and kill me



Tamon reached out his calloused hands and grabbed Roselyn’s neck.


Her neck was so thin that it could be broken with just one hand and little force.


The neck that had always been straight and upright.


It would be much more satisfying if he could just break this neck with a lot of force.


Keeping the abandoned Empress of Tanatos alive was to make the enemy a more troublesome foe. It was a foolish thing to lose flesh and blood and embrace the sword.


If he abandoned this woman now, nothing would bother him.


But still…


But still…


“… Why do I hate you so much?”


“Why am I so desperate to save you?”


He was an enemy she wanted to kill………..


He has always been a thorn in her eyes……


Tamon took off all the clothes he was wearing.


His body, with not a single thread left, received the flickering candle and created various shades.


As his muscles bulged and moved, the clothes Roselyn was wearing disappeared, one, two at a time.




When all the clothes that had been covering her body were gone, Roselyn felt a cold chill and opened her eyes faintly.


The huge, sturdy body that loomed in her blurred vision was not the body of her husband that she knew.


‘Why on earth would he………… Why?’


Tamon lowered himself gradually, making eye contact with her. His  heavy body completely interlocked with her soft body.


Every time their skin rubbed against each other, Roselyn flinched in surprise.


His skin was sweetly cold.


It was so cold that it made her thirsty.


She was so thirsty that she wanted to cling to him.


She wanted to cling vulgarly to his body, begging him to lower his sweet lips to quench her thirst.


She wanted to cling to him.


She wanted to touch him.


She wanted to hold his body with her whole body.


With him in her arms, the man’s overflowing vitality seemed to soak her up.


“No, no, no…. I don’t want to.”


Roselyn didn’t want to live.


She resisted helplessly in front of the temptation, which lay appetizingly before her eyes.


The man’s lips parted and laughed, as if mocking her.




Nonetheless, Tamon’s lips held on to hers.


“You have to live.”


Roselyn’s dry lips parted open, and his thick, hard tongue entered, stirring her insides with its root. 






She felt the thirst that had been gnawing at her dissipate with each swipe of his saliva in her mouth.


His tongue pushed his life force deep into her lips, which he tried hard to keep it from closing.


Roselyn’s lips tore each time Tamon opened them as he intended.


The taste of blood spurting from Roselyn’s lips seeped between the overlapping tongues as Tamon caught her rejecting tongue and let his life force in.




The thicker the saliva that was coming in, the more her body was coming back to life.


She could feel her internal organs capturing and pulling at her consciousness that was dissipating.




‘Why is he trying to save me?’


‘Why would he, of all people, hold me back? Why?’


“Let go…”


Roselyn’s damaged vocal cords squeezed out a scratchy sound.


Tamon smirked and leaned in even closer, pretending not to hear her words. With one thick arm wrapped around her waist, he unhurriedly undressed her. 


So easily, so effortlessly. The last of Empress Tanatos, Roselyn V Sunset’s clothes were off.


And revealed a shabby, skinny, mottled, bruised body.


Her nails had fallen out, her toes were shabby, and her body was no better than a rotting corpse.


The man, who had no need to be ashamed of, looked down slowly and tediously at Roselyn’s shabby body, as if he was looking at something rare.


From the thin shoulders that were skinny and bony to the small breasts, the ribs protruding under the thin skin, and the narrow hips and belly that were too dry and hollow.


And to the depths, where no one had ever seen her before, and to the thin ankles that have long scars………….


His gaze was deftly meticulous and persistent to the point of obsession.


After examining every inch of her flesh, Tamon’s face distorted. He also looked somewhat shocked.


‘….. Why?’


For the first time, a heavy spit lodged in his throat.


He tightened his jaw and clenched his teeth. In a subdued voice, Tamon retorted violently.


“How come you don’t want revenge?”


It must have been a mistake, but somehow he seemed angry at her condition.


Roselyn’s dry body that had turned into a rag, her empty eyes, her moaning as if she was not even in pain. Tamon was boiling with anger.


‘It can’t be. Why is this man because of me…….’


Roselyn stared at him, chuckling to herself.


Shame and embarrassment were nothing but emptiness in the face of death.


“Why me?”


There was nothing to protect, nothing to defend. 


“….Why me?”


Tamon’s brows furrowed at Roselyn’s disappointed murmur.


“You can’t find the will to take revenge even though you’re in this state?”


Her body could not be called the body of the most noble woman in the empire.


Ten days. Only ten days.


What did that damn Emperor do to the Empress? 


Did that foolish emperor have the least bit of reverence for the woman who led this country and was his wife?


Tamon, who had seen all that the Empress had become, was appalled. It was as if a thousand fires had broken out in his heart.


More than half of the nails on the Empress’s hands and feet were gone, and the rest were rotten and sore.


The fingerprints on her fingers were gone, as if they had sunk into the heat.


There was not a part of this little body that was not a dark blue lump.


Her knees were torn, revealing the flesh inside, and both ankles were swollen as if they had two fists attached to them.


The Empress’s back, which touched Tamon’s palm, was even more unsightly.


There was not a single clean spot left on the tattered back.


She must have been beaten dozens of times with a watered-soaked leather whip.


But for a body like this, she never once moaned. She was a strong woman….


Why did the Emperor torture the empress?


He could have her exiled or even killed her.


‘Right. There was something he wanted to take from her.’


So did he really get what he wanted from the Empress?


“Did you give the Emperor what he wanted?”


Roselyn stared at Tamon, and for the first time she raised her lips and smiled faintly.




That was enough.


In spite of the cruel pain of torturing, she kept her mouth shut.


That’s right. That was this woman.


It was the Roselyn V. Sunset he knew.


Tamon smiled softly and pleased. This kind of stubbornness and strength were enough to bring her back to life.


He chuckled in relief and slowly kissed her neck. He tasted her so nakedly that she felt a little gagged.


The tip of his tongue licking at her slender neck was tight. It licked and sucked gently, as if he was cherishing sweet things.


Startled by the unfamiliar sensation, Roselyn’s hands grabbed Tamon’s thick shoulders.


She wanted to push him away, but she had no strength. He bit her lip as a painful sound came out.


“I’ve always wanted to bite your neck.”


Hair sprouted on the back of her neck where he made contact every time he spoke.


Roselyn replied, purposely ignoring him.


“Then bite it off and kill me………”


These were words that were very much like her.


The tip of Tamon’s nose rubbed against her soft neck. He murmured casually, acting intimately as if he was burying his nose in his mother’s neck.


“It would be a waste to bite it just once………”


Roselyn’s heart sank heavily at his words.




What was it about the word that made Roselyn’s heart soar?


How dare he spared the life of this lowly body of hers hanging on the edge of a cliff?




As if she were crying, Roselyn let out a sighing laugh.


To be told that she was a waste from the mouth of her enemy, not her country, not her people.


It was somehow satisfying.


The desire to die vainly seemed a little comforting.


That’s right. If she was to die, she would rather die by the hand of interest.


In the hands of the man, who had always fought with her fiercely and stared straight at her.


Roselyn reached out her powerless hands and grabbed Tamon’s wrist.


As if wanting to know what Roselyn was doing, Tamon quietly held out his hand.


She pulled one of his hands with both of hers and placed it on her neck.


A handful.


Just one hand.


With such a thick, firm hand, only a little force should be enough to snap her neck. 


Roselyn’s cold purple eyes and Tamon’s hot red eyes intertwined.


She laughed as she stared straight at Tamon.


“…Now, like this.”


And soothingly.


“Put a little pressure on it.”


As if to entangle him.


“Just a little more, just a little more pressure.”


She whispered in a sweet voice.


“You can kill me.”