Chapter 12. Ability to save



If you can do it, do it quickly.’


Roselyn whispered in a voice that melted his ears, asking him to hurry up and put some strength into those proud hands of his.


At the sound of that fawning voice, Tamon almost tightened his hands without realizing it.


Then he noticed the shade of Roselyn’s long eyelashes fluttered and curled like the wings of a butterfly.


‘I almost fell for her trap again.”


Tamon laughed in exasperation, but on the other hand, he gritted his teeth as his heart burned.


Empress of Tanatos, Roselyn V Sunset.


She was under his grasp as he watched her from a reasonable distance.


It stimulated his insidious mind.


In addition, he was pleased to be able to give such a self-deprecating, arrogant woman a big payback for once.


“You want to die so badly, but I won’t kill you.”


Tamon whispered with a gentle smile.


Then he put his finger gently between her lips.


The soft tip of her tongue caught his finger.


His finger touched her tongue, stimulating it.


Soon his finger was soggy and wet.


He put another finger in. 


Roselyn finally frowned at the barbaric act.


Tamon pushed his fingers deeply in her mouth, unconcerned, and doused them with her saliva.


“We’ve always been enemies.”


He pulled out the fingers that had stirred the inside of her mouth.


Then he murmured.


“I’ve never been in a position where I had to listen to your commands.”


Tamon’s wet fingers skimmed over her thin chest and down her hollow belly. Roselyn’s dead senses came back. She was horrified and out of breath.


“You think you’ll get what you want from me?”


There was a force between her shivering legs that she didn’t even know she had.


Roselyn’s hand caught his hand, but her fingers were sore.


Her fingers that had burned so badly that red skin was exposed, all crumbled and ugly.


Over her distorted brow Tamon kissed reverently and affectionately.

Then he raised Roselyn’s hand which had caught his and took her fingers in his mouth.


She gazed at him blankly.


He happily took her frayed fingers in his mouth and licked them, as if they were not dirty at all.


Her fingers, frozen from the cold, burned as they entered his hot lips.


In a daze, she felt her fingers moist and wet.




Tamon whispered in the gentlest voice Roselyn had never heard as he stared at her.


“Fight, Empress.”


Roselyn’s eyes widened as she looked up at him, her purple irises filled with Tamon’s image.


He smiled very contentedly and showed her how again.


“Fight and win. You can take as much as you want.”


“Oh, no, no. Stop trying to… …”


Roselyn was out of breath.


Her heart was overwhelmed with a ridiculous foreign feeling. She felt his presence where there should not be.


Roselyn stared at Tamon in disbelief. Before she could say anything, she felt his hand moving slowly.


“Wasn’t that the way we worked together?”


Suddenly, Tamon’s tongue opened her lips. 


His tongue held on to hers, stirring inside her sweet lips.


His body advanced forcefully into hers.




With each time he came in, a hot life force spread through her body.


Roselyn’s face distorted and hit Tamon’s shoulder with a blunt fist as he relentlessly pushing in.


The force went in her body was strong enough to make her skinny flesh shake and fall lightly.


The force became an energy that nurtured her dying life force.


‘No, no, no! What the hell is he doing to me?’


Every time he came into her, her whole body ached as if she was being reborn.


The heat he spewed out burned her, waking her up again, awakening her.


Tamon Krasis.


She stubbornly contained the rising heat.


“Don’t do it, don’t do it.”


Then she grabbed the neck of the enemy who was trying to save her life without permission.


Far from pushing away, her anger flared up at the fragile power of not being able to strangle that unprotected throat.


“Yeah, like that. Put some pressure on it. I’ll gladly die at your hands.”


Tamon smiled happily and bounced his hips faster.


Roselyn’s small body shook helplessly and her fingers relaxed.


It was a shame to see her little body flopping around like a bird that lost its wings, Tamon said as he picked Roselyn up with all his might.


As he did, her body was placed on his thick thighs and she had no choice but to accept him more deeply.


It was unmanageable.


It was out of control.


Roselyn was ashamed and resentful.


A rush of emotions filled her, especially when Tamon kissed her tenderly, as if he was holding the most lovely woman.


An unidentified resentment rose up in her as the fine kisses were constantly engraved on her dry, bruised body.


Her purple eyes, which had been cold and somber, were now filled with rage.


She bit the strong shoulders of the man holding her tightly. 


There was no strength, so she couldn’t bit him as hard as she wanted, but she bit him with her teeth as hard as she could.


She felt Tamon’s laugh.


Roselyn still didn’t recognize at that moment.


That the anger she had was the source of life.


“Is your anger only that much? Put more force into it, more blade. Empress.”


—More, more.


Tamon devoured the empress.


She was tossed about and burned in his indiscriminate march, finally reborn as a whole new life force.


…..Tamon Krasis.


It was his hidden ability.


It was the power of life.




A curious god gathered ingredients to create human beings.


Chaos said, 


“I’m getting interested in what you make. May I give you a little present?”


God graciously accepted.


Hope, who had been watching, hastened to tell God.


“I’m scared of what Chaos give you. I’ll give you a little bit of my power.”


They thought God could create very interesting things.


The joy that had been watching jumped in. The sadness that had been beside, rushed in with it.


All the things that had grown boring after enduring eternity poured their gifts into what God was going to make.


Nonetheless, a boring human being was created.


God wished there was something more intense.


Anger interrupted with laughter.


“Let me lend you my brazier.”


The brazier of anger plunged into a corner of the human heart.


It was only then that something plausible was created.


God was satisfied.


Sorrow and despair, frustration and joy, anger and love, and friendship came together to create a human being who never lost hope in the tangle of chaos.


And God wanted to show this to Absolute Good.


But when God looked away for a moment, Evil, who was watching God, approached him with a smile.


And secretly, he put one of his fingers in it.


Humans were angry, desperate, and confused at the boundary between good and evil.


They were frustrated with hope and rejoiced with sorrow.


They harmed others through their joy and sorrow, sometimes starting wars for no reason at all, children abandoning their parents, wives abandoning their husbands.


And so at last…. The first death was born by humans.


The Death that was born was so powerful that it threatened everything in its beginning.


Later, when Absolute Good learned of this, he became enraged and tore the God who created humans into 15 pieces and scattered them throughout the human world.


He meant that God should take care of what he created himself.


Six pieces of God were thus placed in great things, five in the human body, and the four largest in the earth, sea, sky and time.


So, this world of confusion and joy, hope and malice was created.


The humans who dedicated themselves to the carvings of the gods used their unique abilities to guide the humans.


The heir to the throne of the Golden Empire, Tanatos, had been passed down through the generations.


“…… Is he dead?”


“Yes, I’m sure.”


The very power that angered the Absolute Good.


“How can you be sure when there is no body?”


“We found bloodstains that must have been gnawed by some beast of the mountain. There were traces of several wolves eating a piece of meat.”


It was the very force that had caused the “death.”