Chapter 13. The shadow she left behind



Gillotti also inherited his power with the crown of the Emperor.


However, the size of this powerful power differed depending on the vessel that accepted it.


Gillotti’s power was, well… not that great.


His power was to quietly plant a plague and die a long and painful death.


There were also restrictions on using the power.


He would only use it on humans.


He also had to feel a lot of fatigue every time he exerted it.


He recently used this power four times in recent years, and was now suffering from severe fatigue.


This was the first time he had ever used it in succession like that.


Surprisingly, all the people he removed with his power were his own citizens, nobles of this country, Tanatos.


The Knight Commander who followed the Empress, the Duchess of Sunset who tried to seek help from her family, the King of Noamtia, and the Courtesan who helped the Empress to find a way for her to escape….. The dear Empress…


However, his power did not work on the Empress.


In the ritual he performed at the time of their marriage, Gillotti’s power was unable to kill the Empress.


In addition to his power, he also tried to use other methods. But each time, he always failed.


The reason was that one of the five holy objects, which were believed to be inhabited by God, protected her.


“What about the holy object?”


“Not yet found. It seems to have been swept aside a long time ago. No matter how many times I look for it, I can’t find it.”


“No, the fact that the sacred object protected the Empress means that it was in her possession until most recently. So it’s not far away. Search everything about the Empress.” 


“I obey, and bless the dazzling sun of Tanatos.”


Cannos, the head of the Knights in this case, bowed his head deeply and obeyed the Emperor’s order.


With tremendous fatigue, the Emperor closed his eyes and leaned back. He didn’t even have the strength to lift his fingers.


“I think I’m going to throw up.”


He had never felt so lethargic and heavy like this before.


He was too exhausted to even want to hear Natasha’s sweet whisper.


He leaned loosely against the chair and stared at the painting of the coronation of the Emperor and Empress hanging in front of him.


His green eyes wandered on the painting for a long time.


His sullen gaze stared intently at the face of Roselyn V Sunset, who had just become the Empress.


Her face looked a little younger than it did now, but the only thing that was the same was her straightforward gaze without a trace of disturbance.


“I loved Roselyn back then.”


….Like a fool.




Gillotti’s face distorted as he couldn’t control the laughter that suddenly erupted.




It became a crazy, loud laugh.


He held his stomach and laughed out loud, his face scrunching up.


“The Empress is dead!”


“Damn it, she’s like a thorn! At last! She’s dead!”


“Hahahahaha! It’s a good thing! It’s good! Very good!”


Gillotti rolled on the floor, unable to stop laughing.


Empress Roselyn, a thorn in his eyes.


The disgusting woman whom his power was useless against, finally dead.


The emperor, who was rolling and laughing, lay on the floor.


His stomach hurt from laughing too much.


He was out of breath.


At that moment.


Crack! Crack! Crack!


There was a sound of something breaking, the coronation painting that was hanging intact fell to the floor.


Crash! Bang!


There was a crack in the middle of the fallen painting.


The crack that had precisely torn between the emperor and empress grew larger, and the space between them completely widened. One of the sides fell completely to the floor.


“What’s going on?!”


“Your Majesty!”


The knights and the chief of staff who were guarding the outside gathered at once. They stared in amazement at the fallen emperor and the broken painting.




“……. It’s no big deal, just help me up.”


The attendants and maidservants rushed over and raised the Emperor. Gillotti was tired.


He staggered and stood up.


The knights hurried to pull up the huge fallen painting.


“Get rid of it.”


Turning away with a cumbersome wave of his hand, Gillotti paused. 


He slowly turned back to stare at the painting, which had parted in two directions.


Gillotti’s face contorted at once.


His face were completely broken. It was wrinkled and torn, so cruelly broken that it was unrecognizable.


The Empress’ painting, on the other hand, was clean and without the slightest scratch.


…… Why, why!


How could that woman make him so angry even when she’s dead?


Gillotti rushed over like a madman and took the sword from the knight who was putting away the painting.


The arm that was powerless tore through the air with great force.


Bang! Bang!


The splendid painting of the Empress was cut off diagonally.


“Hahaha! Aaaaah! Die! Die! Die!”


The scream of the Emperor rang loudly in the small conference room.


Everyone in the room bowed their heads.


It seemed that the Empress was dead, but somehow not dead.


No, did the Empress really die?


The Knight Commander of the Black Forest boasted that the Empress was dead, but really………Was she really dead?


No one could casually say that the person did not exist in this world.