Chapter 14. Into his realm



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Hundreds of people cried out for Tamon’s returning party.


“The great Tamon!”


They called his name on the top of their lungs, as if they were welcoming the people who had just returned from war, even though they had only gone on a mission.


The surging crowd was out of control.


Roselyn’s feverish eyes narrowed as she stared at the cheering crowd.


‘There are too many. I feel sick…’


They ran towards the delegation as they entered the gate, their faces were full of joy and excitement.


“There are too many. Hold on tight. If you’re separated from me, you may die immediately as you wish.”


Tamon was right. If Roselyn let go of him, she would surely be trampled to death by the people. She wouldn’t even be able to scream.


‘I think that’s good.’


Tamon wrapped his firm hands around Roselyn’s waist. He clicked his tongue.


“You probably will do it anyway.”


He murmured in a low voice into Roselyn’s ear.


Roselyn grinned.


It was a faint smile, so faintly that she didn’t realize that it was the first smile of a person who was brought back to life from the dead.


Tamon, who had been watching the crowd for sometime, took a firm hold of the reins.




He called out in a powerful voice to Ronasso, who was at the front line. With a sense of foreboding, Ronasso turned around and shouted, “No!


But Tamon’s horse was already backing away.


“I’m leaving, Ronasso! Lead them!” 


“’re running away all by yourself? Oh my God!”


 “General, general!”


Ronasso and the men shouted at Tamon in a hushed voice. But Tamon’s horse was forcefully turned back the way they had come.


The speed increased and the rattling became louder. Roselyn reflexively tightened her grip on Tamon’s shirt.


It was hot. And with Tamon behind her, she was soaked with sweat in the blanket.


The signs of horrible torture she was subjected to in Tanatos was almost gone, but the heat seemed to be killing her once again.


It was strange to feel like she was going to die from the heat, a feeling she had never felt before. That made it feel even worse.


Tamon chuckled at the sight of her sweating hotly, he said in a clear and teasing tone.


“The Ice Queen is melting. Does it feel worse to you? Well, once you get used to it, you’ll be fine.”




Roselyn thought she would rather freeze to death than be hot like this.


The cold could be endured with a fire and a few woolen clothing. How could people survive in this heat? Nonetheless, she felt that Amor was amazing.


“You must be having a hard time. It’s not that hot right now because it’s spring. Summer in this country is as harsh as your winter, but you shouldn’t be sick already.”


“Even hotter than this?”


Roselyn replied in a weak and surprised voice.


“Fortunately, I’m not going to be alive until then…”


“Nonsense. You will get to greet all the seasons in this country. Summer is hot and brilliant, so look forward to it.”


Tamon looked happy somehow.


Roselyn wanted to spoil his mood, but she didn’t have the energy to do it.


She thought only the cold was scary, but the heat  was also harsh.


“Wait a moment. I’ll have you cooled down in no time.”


Roselyn closed her eyes without further answer.


She felt so weak and stuffy that she didn’t want to care about anything.


‘I shouldn’t be, I shouldn’t be so lethargic.……’


Roselyn forced herself to picture her parents and their faces, the sacrifices they made because of her.


A cold sweat broke out on her back, and she felt goosebumps. But she couldn’t think about anything else as she was in the blanket and endured the heat.


Her body, which had yet to fully recover, also played a part in her lethargy.


Roselyn’s neck snapped back incessantly. Tamon hugged her lightly but he didn’t know if she was fainting or asleep.


He was tired of being attached, but he was frustrated that he didn’t have the strength to push her away.


The only good thing was that Roselyn could feel some wind from the moment the horse started running.


How long did he run like that?


It seemed that the speed gradually slowed down, and at some point it stopped completely.


With her eyes closed, she heard his voice faintly in her ears.


“We’re here.”


Roselyn slowly opened her eyes and glanced over to where Tamon was looking.


The low-rise white brick mansion with overgrown green trees. And there was a faint smell of the ocean.


“Welcome to my mansion.”


With his back against the sun, Tamon chuckled.


The residence of Tamon Krasis.


Roselyn couldn’t believe she had come all this way.….


It didn’t feel too real.


Roselyn glared at him blankly, but before she knew it, she closed her eyes.


Tamon, who was staring at the unconscious Roselyn, grabbed her.


He walked broadly to his mansion with Roselyn in his arms. He held her tightly as if not to let even an inch of space unused.


A smile rose from his lips with satisfaction.




“Oh, my God! General!”


“Everyone, the Lord is here!”


Dozens of servants poured out with the uproar. Tamon walked right past them as if it was annoying and quickly went inside.


“Oh, how did he get here so quickly? Did you get what he wanted? He’s safe, right? And what’s that thing he’s holding? “


“You’re too noisy. Did you get the water?


 “Yes? Yes! I’m sorry. I got it!”


The chief attendant, who had been taking care of the mansion for a long time, breathlessly opened the door to the bathroom and filled the tub with water in advance.


Amor was a country where people loved to bathe. They enjoyed bathing and swimming whenever they could because the water was plentiful and the days were often hot.


The more prestigious the residence, the better bathrooms.


And Tamon, he was the most powerful man in the country.


His mansion had the nicest bathrooms in the country that even the royal family would envy. And then some.


“Move. No one is allowed in here.”


Tamon, who had pushed aside the attendants who were trying to follow him into the bathroom, firmly closed the door.


The door to the huge bathroom slammed shut and the smoke from the warm water created an enclosed room.


Tamon shook his head as he looked down at Roselyn, who was lifeless as if she was beaten by the heat.


It wasn’t even that hot in Amor, but for a young lady from the land of winter, it seemed unbearable.


Come to think of it, she must have been hot when she was wrapped in the blanket.


With Roselyn in his arms, Tamon strode to the tub.


As he walked, he also took off the blanket and outer clothing that surrounded her. The dagger and the cumbersome mithril he was wearing were also roughly thrown on the bathtub railing.


When he placed her in the warm water tub, Roselyn, who he thought had fainted, twitched and shivered.


It seemed that she was out of energy, not fainted.


He quickly looked over her body.


The bruises that were speckled all over her body had disappeared before he knew it.


Instead, in their place, the marks he had left on her body were spread out like hot flowers everywhere.


Looking through them one by one, Tamon was somewhat irresistibly satisfied.


Even though after a long ride, he finally returned to his home base, Tamon couldn’t release any of his tension.


It must have been an exhausting march, even for Tamon, but strangely enough, he didn’t feel a bit tired.


He was filled with a burning sense of satiety, as if he was coming back from a huge victory.


Feeling more alive and energized than tired, Tamon didn’t hesitate and get into the tub.


Splash, the deeper he went inside, the deeper the water became. The water that started at his ankles soon reached his waist.


The warm water forced Roselyn’s consciousness, which had completely descended, floated to the surface.




She jumped up in surprise and stumbled, unable to keep her balance. Tamon deftly reached out and grabbed her by her thin waist.


Roselyn opened her eyes and stared at Tamon with a frown. Tamon chuckled and said, 


“You must have come to your senses.”