Chapter 17. I've never hated you



“Ronasso Bashel!”


A loud voice full of joy called out to Ronasso.


Surprised, Ronasso closed his eyes, not even looking back.


‘….. Tamon, Tamon, Tamon Krasis!’ Ronasso angrily whispered Tamon’s name.


The next time, if possible, he was surely going to strangle Tamon once. If he could……..


‘What the hell did you do to me?’


It was Tamon who was in charge! Not him. 


“What is it, Ronasso? Can’t you hear me?”


At the voice of the king, Ronasso took a short deep breath and turned around with a clean smile as always.


“No way, Your Majesty. Have you been well? Haha! We arrived safely. If you’re ready, we will return to the palace.”


With perfect politeness, Ronasso bowed deeply and greeted the king, Theoransha Lantifu, the Red Lion.  (*This is a woman king)


Theo hugged Ronasso  with a bright smile.


“Even though you were moving fast, I didn’t expect you to come back today! But when I went to the hunting grounds, I saw the march and immediately came back. Did you have a good trip?”


 “Oh, yes. Did you have a good harvest, Your Majesty?”


“What, they always have good catch. By the way, where’s Tamon? Where did he go?”


The king asked about Tamon.


Despite the fact that it was obvious, Ronasso couldn’t help but flinched. He quickly made up an excuse for Tamon.


“Ah……, perhaps because he was in too much of a hurry to get home, or perhaps because the emperor of Tanatos made him so mad that his disease came back, he couldn’t bear to tell his men, so he went straight to his mansion. I was going to report to you as soon as I got to the palace, but I didn’t expect to see you here, Your Majesty.” 


“What? His illness came back? Why? Ah! It’s true that when you see the Emperor of Tanatos, you can’t help but get sick. He is so disgusting that as soon as I look into his eyes, I feel nauseous.”


Theo rebuked the emperor of Tanatos without hesitation.


Theo Lantifu detested Tanatos, or more accurately, the imperial family of that country.


She never forgot his humiliating past, and she even had the ambition to pay it back one day without fail.


It was Tamon who persuaded Theo that she would not share a single bean with that country.


“You must keep your enemy in the closest position.”


Tamon convinced Theo by saying that only then would they be able to closely monitor the enemy’s movements and weaknesses.


This made Tamon responsible for almost all diplomacy, but it was no loss for Theo.


“I’m worried. This is the first time that his illness came back this badly, right? Oh, I should go see him right now.”


“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Well, if you don’t mind, would you be so kind as to welcome us first? Give your friend some time to recover from his travels, and he’ll come visit you properly.”




“You’ve heard that the emperor of Tanatos did something crazy this time, haven’t you? Wouldn’t you like to hear more about it?”


Theo’s eyes lit up at Ronasso’s words. 


“Okay, let’s start with the welcoming ceremony. All to the royal palace! Welcome, gentlemen!”


Following the king’s order, they all cheered and spoke in unison.


Ronasso took the rest of the people with him, so they could not see. One of the envoys was called by the king before long.




Earlier Tamon told Roselyn that he used his life force to save her.


‘I’ve never heard of such a method before.’


However, this continent was a place created by God. It was a place where time could be turned back, and there was no limit to the amount of times people could save others.


Although the method was terribly suspicious and brutal…


Roselyn bit down on her tongue. Then she breathed in and glared at him.


Tamon chuckled as he locked eyes with her.


“Don’t stare at me like that. I can’t believe I’ll turn into a beast at the sight of an enemy empress again, even when she was a woman who looked like a dying corpse.”


He whispered bluntly.


“Actually, the sight of you grinding your teeth like that is both unfamiliar and attractive in its own way.”


Roselyn was more confused by what Tamon had just said than by any other words. She had no idea what the hell that guy was talking about. She was Roselyn V Sunset.


Before she was Empress, she was Crown Princess, and before she was Crown Princess, she was a high-ranking daughter of one of the most prestigious families in Tanatos.


Before she was a girl, before she was a woman, she was already an authority figure. She was the Crown Princess and the Empress.


“Oh, intimate time with her is even colder than holding an ice doll. You guys have no idea. I think it would freeze me as well.”


For a moment, the sound of Gillotti’s voice passed through her head.


It was the cold, vulgar voice that trampled her to the limit.


But Gillotti’s and now Tamon’s words felt completely different.


They both spat out as much as they could, but if Gillotti’s words felt the malice that he so desperately wanted to hurt her……


This man was….


It was like he was trying to provoke her any way he could…


It was fascinating.


There were no words that didn’t match Roselyn well. Oh, there were the only words that would be used for Natasha Roanti. It was all that referred to her.


Roselyn had to be the reigning one. Terribly calm. Sometimes compassionate.


She kept her eyes downcast to hide her confusion. It was fortunate that her facial expressions were not diverse at times like this.


She didn’t have to show any kind of cheeky blush reaction to such low-class words from the man….


Roselyn said, pushing him away without effort.


“Leave me alone, Tamon of  Amor.”


“You don’t like it?”


His breath tickled her lips.


All of these sensations were unfamiliar and strange. She looked at him, trying not to burn up.


“… If I don’t like it, why would I have to take orders from you?”


Roselyn echoed exactly what Tamon had said to her sometime ago. Then, in a colder, clearer voice, she said, 


“Do you think that you can do anything just because you picked up the life that I abandoned?”


For a moment, the glint in the eyes of the Ice Empress of Tanatos returned.


“Live or die, it’s all my choice.”


Tamon shivered at the sound of Roselyn’s cold voice.


‘This is it.’


Roselyn’s stern gaze as she stared straight at him. Stubborn eyes. Everything about it made Tamon’s blood boil.


At least when she looked at him like that, she had a clear purpose.

She was far more beautiful than the desperate face that lusted for death.


Tamon quickly raised his hand and grabbed her cheek, stroking it near her purple eyes. Roselyn felt a jittery movement.


“Touch ….”


She didn’t continue any further. Tamon’s lips held her lips in one move.




His thighs pushed in between her shaking legs.


“Oh, no…hmm……………!”


Life force.


Was this what he called life force? Roselyn could feel the immense power that rode his saliva as it entered her.


The more she mixed her tongue with his, the hotter her body became.


She wasn’t sure if this was because of the “life force” as he called it, or because of this man’s wild and sensational use of his tongue.


Roselyn was not used to this kind of kissing or this kind of close contact.


Intimate times with Gillotti had always been a form of plunder. He liked to make her lie on her back, grab her by the hair and forcefully insert himself into her.


Like the cheap consolation of conquering her at that moment.


The act of licking, sucking, caressing each other’s lips…by far, never happened.




Her tongue that was being sucked in by Tamon twitched finely. Her breathing became ragged and her whole body melted.


He was soft and intense, rough and friendly.


He was a completely unrecognizable man.


Roselyn gasped and held him back, maybe because of his unusual strength, even though she was sure her body felt much lighter, unusually weak.


Roselyn bit his tongue as he invaded her, and she felt him laugh lightly.


Then he pushed his tongue in deeper. As if to tell her to listen more, to respond more strongly.


Roselyn opened her mouth as wide as it could, but it didn’t give any more force.


She flinched and before she knew it, Tamon lifted her and placed her on one of his thighs. Roselyn grabbed his shoulders, trying to hold on.


His other hand was supporting her waist, and Roselyn felt strangely crumpled, even though she knew she wasn’t going to fall.


The soft tongue swept the delicate flesh of her mouth. 


Roselyn shuddered involuntarily at that soft contact. She’d never felt anything like this before, and she was panicked and didn’t know what to do.


She would have to put up with it, but her weakened body wouldn’t do as she wished. All she could do was stifle her moans and keep her back straight.


The longer Tamon kissed her, the fuzzier her head became as if she was falling asleep again.


Roselyn gasped and barely managed to get her back upright. But before she knew it, she was lying down in the large space by the bathroom.


“What in the world are you doing to me…?”


“I’m giving you everything I have.”




It was hard to understand what he was saying.


But Roselyn didn’t have time to think about it. Tamon’s lips left a fine trail of marks along the texture of her skin.


Roselyn bit her lips once more as Tamon’s lips moved slowly down to her neck and her collarbones.


At that moment she noticed that all the wounds on her lips, where Tamon had been chewing on, healed. It was the same for the soft skin inside her mouth.


She could feel his breath roaming over her wet navel. Roselyn shuddered at the feeling. She arched her back. Then Tamon lightly bit her thigh and smiled.


‘Oh, no,you can’t. No……’


Was this how the Emperor felt about the drugs he secretly enjoyed on the island of Hitat?


The sensation of guilt turned to pleasure as he held her down. Holding her breath and shaking her head, she tried to deny the sensations that surged through her, but it was no use.


The pleasure poured out of her was violent.


Realizing that Tamon’s lips were moving downward, Roselyn hurriedly grabbed his shoulders. It was hard to grasp what was going on as she felt faint.


But she could tell that he was about to do something that she had never experienced before.


Tamon lifted her helpless thighs with both hands.




She could feel his breathing was close to her flower garden.


“Oh, no….!”


“You probably threw it away anyway. I picked it up. So I guess it’s mine now……….”


Roselyn knew exactly what he was saying now. His high nose tickled her lower belly.


“I’m pretty sure I’d take pretty good care of you if you were mine.”


He kissed her flower gently, soothing her as she tried to shrug more and more in surprise.


‘Does this man know where he is kissing?’


Roselyn shook her head and brushed away the shiver that was creeping up her spine. But the kisses deepened, and her cries now almost echoed.


“‘Stop, please. Don’t…..!”


Just one word.


With that one word, everything he had done to push her over the edge came to a halt.


Tamon slowly raised his head and looked at Roselyn.


Her heated eyes were full of moisture of bewilderment and shame.


Tamon slowly raised his head and kissed her shimmering eyes.


“I won’t do it.”




“If you say no, I won’t do it.”


“Don’t you hate me?”


‘Then why, why on earth would you do it this way?’


Without asking aloud, her question was conveyed by Tamon.


“I’ve never hated you.”


He rubbed his lips over the edge of her eyes.


More and more Roselyn’s mind was in turmoil.


“But…….There were many things I was curious about.”