Chapter 16. This damn woman!




Tamon calmly looked her in the eye and began to remove the rest of his clothes.


He pulled up his shirt with both arms, revealing his rock-like abs muscles.


His arms and shoulders were much thicker compared to Gillotti’s. His body was a healthy brown, as Roselyn looked at it straight with her widened eyes under the sunlight that came in through the huge window.


It was more vibrant and solid than she had seen in the blurry light.


Seeing that even the skin of his chest was brown, it must be under the sun for many days. The thick rib cage was covered with scars in various shapes.


There was also a long line of a large cut running down the back of his flank where the muscle had split into small pieces.


She had been held by him many times while coming here, but she didn’t see his flesh properly, and now it was all in front of her eyes.


She fainted, or was driven to the point of fainting most of the time coming here anyway.


When she was so tired that she couldn’t move her hands, she couldn’t stand the sluggishness and fell asleep.


When she woke up, she was on a horse or eating something, or was in his embrace…


Roselyn once again suppressed the question that was creeping up on her.


‘I don’t want to know. I have no desire or will to know.’


While she was thinking, Tamon took off his pants without a care in the water. Startled, Roselyn hurriedly averted her gaze.


Tamon chuckled briefly in a low voice.


Roselyn bit her lips in annoyance.


It wasn’t the first time she’d seen the man’s body, and she wasn’t the kind of person who would be embarrassed by something like this, but that man had shattered her sense of normalcy.


Dropping her gaze was as weak an action as sticking out her neck.


The man, who was dedicated to Roselyn’s education, was her grandfather, the Duke of Sunset.


He didn’t like to keep his eyes down as much as his posture did.


“No matter what is in front of you, you must face it straight. Rosie, the moment you avoid your opponent’s eyes, he’ll be ready to bite you in the neck.”


Her grandfather’s voice was vivid as he repeated what he said over and over again.


Roselyn looked up straight at Tamon.


She could see the energetic body of the man who had turned away from her. She looked at his body with her big eyes with envy.


It was an awe-inspiring perfect body.


Not to mention the muscles of his taut chest and shoulders, even the scars that were evidence of many battles were as perfect as the delicate patterns.


Compared to his massive ribcage, the sharp lines of his hips gave an oddly strange impression. And on top of the thin skin that covered it, thick blood vessels connected along the lower half of his body.


Her gaze, which had been moving through the veins, stopped dead in its tracks.


Roselyn was startled and gasped.


‘I can’t believe it. Did he get ……that thing into me?’


Roselyn was stunned and went blank.


At that moment, however, she heard a voice that contained laughter.


“I think you’re staring at one place too hard.”




Startled, Roselyn involuntarily backed away.


The man was a monster. He was definitely a monster.


God’s profanity seemed to have gone to him.


Roselyn thought and stepped back a little further. At that moment, the wall touched her back.


At last, she reached the desired point.


Roselyn took a short, deep breath. Then she deliberately called out to him, trying to get his attention.


“So, you brought me here without wanting anything?”


“I don’t think I ever said I didn’t want anything………..”


“…… Then what is it that you want?”


Tamon chuckled.


His smile was oddly dazzling in the sunlight.


Had she expected the man to smile so hostilely? Roselyn thought as she groped at the wall behind her, trying to get her bearings.


“What you have now.”


“What a ridiculous thing to say. I don’t have anything right now.”


“What makes you think you don’t? You have many things.”


“Many things?”


“Your experience, your wisdom, your body, your mind, your eyes….”




Tamon’s red eyes filled with Roselyn.


“Everything about you.”


Tamon was a strange man. Strange…very strange.


Roselyn smiled hazily.


“Then I’m really sorry.”


“For what?”


“…I can’t give you anything.”


As soon as  Roselyn finished speaking, she reached for Tamon’s dagger, which hung casually on the bath railing.


At that moment, bewilderment flashed across Tamon’s face.


The expression on his face at that moment was so sweet. Roselyn drew the dagger without hesitation and slit her throat. 


She wasn’t strong enough to shatter the bones in her neck. But the well drawn blade cut through her pale skin in one swift motion.


It happened in a flash.


And in a split second Tamon approached and pulled her hand which Roselyn was trying to decapitate herself again.


“Damn it! This damn woman!”


A gush of blood seeped along her throat and into the warm water. Tamon was seriously angry and lifted her up quickly.


“I’ve kept you alive, and you’re doing this again?”


Tamon bared his teeth like an enraged wolf. Roselyn laughed bloodily at his distraught appearance.


One person tried to brutally kill her, and then one person got mad at her for struggling to die…


It was funny, it was totally strange……..


She really didn’t know what it was like to be alive, to be human.


Tamon didn’t hesitate to suck on her neck as the blood flowed. The sound of squirming and sucking blood echoed in the bathroom.


Roselyn grabbed onto his shoulders with her weak hands.


“Ah ……!”


At some point the sucking pressure was gone, and she felt Tamon’s soft tongue licking her wound.


The open wound tingled. It was too embarrassing to call it pain. She gasped and grabbed Tamon’s head.


Something was wrong.


Something was wrong.


The feeling of her neck being sucked was so vivid, it didn’t hurt at all.


Tamon looked up just as Roselyn’s head was spinning with suspicion.


Tamon’s mouth was stained bright red with her blood. It was very strange to see him smiling loosely in such a state. He licked the blood from his lips slowly with his tongue and murmured.


“It tastes better than I thought.”


…… He was a madman.


The distance between them was too close because he was holding Roselyn with his strong arms.


How in the world did he manage to push her to the wall? Her back touched the wall and she was trapped in Tamon’s arms.


Roselyn was perplexed.


She cut herself so deep, and yet she didn’t die. She was bleeding profusely and her head was spinning, but there was no pain in her neck that she should have felt.


Staring at Roselyn, Tamon smirked and licked her blood from his lips again. It gave her goosebumps.


Tamon glared at her with a grin. He was angry and his voice became even lower.


“How dare you come back to die in front of me again.”




It was the first time Tamon had used the word “dare” in front of her.


Roselyn glared at him in amazement, bewildered as his red eyes clashed with the many emotions.


The anger she saw on the surface was natural. But up close, there was more to his expression than just anger.


It was a mixture of anxiety, frustration, bewilderment and irritation. On the other hand, Roselyn felt relieved.


‘Why on earth do you look like that …’


Roselyn wanted to ask him, but she could only gasp for breaths. The wound had healed, but she shed so much blood. Roselyn felt dizzy.


“As I told you that day.”


Tamon’s wet hand slid down her chin. He casually nudged her neck, which was supposed to split.


The crack was perfectly healed, though it left a thin scar.


“…… you threw yourself away, and I picked it up.”


A sinking feeling seeped into his hands as they wrapped around her neck. Frowning and smiling somewhat nervously, Tamon grabbed Roselyn firmly by the scruff of her neck.


“The one who throws it away doesn’t deserve it.”


As if to say, he was the one who was holding her life in his hands.


His hand slid down to her chest. He gently pressed near her heart as if caressing something precious.


The hair on her skin raised at the man’s greedy touch.


“You are…….”


Roselyn gasped. Her chest bone that his hand touched rose and fell dramatically.


“I poured out my life and saved you.”


Tamon touched  her poor rib with his hands. He kissed her lips gently, his eyes wide opened.


“…I’m trying hard to hold on to you.”


His tongue, which felt like a snake, dug in with heat.


“So you should know better…..that you are mine now.”


It was a blizzard night. A strange power penetrated her body, one she had felt when she was unconscious.