Chapter 2. Tanatos’s cripple Empress




Natasha’s voice, which had been toying with the emperor without hesitation, quickened slightly. It raised the emperor’s heart like a soprano towards the climax of a play.


“Spray red blood everywhere, so that the empress cannot find a way to survive with her cunning head.”


Her flamboyant skirt was rolled up as far as it would go, and her actions were lewd to the extreme, but only her pink face as she gazed at the emperor was as shy and pretty as a girl who had not yet grown up.


Without hesitation, Natasha released the front of her shirt.


Her round and nicely shaped breasts distorted the emperor’s eyes.


She raised and lowered her hips with laughter as she proudly took them out in front of the greedy emperor.


Her round bottoms thrust up and down powerfully. An impatient moan came from the emperor’s mouth.


“No matter how smart the empress is…. If all the people she needs to protect are dead, what will she do? Ahhh….She’s, uh…To get rid of …… you have to get rid of her hands first.”



Natasha rode the emperor like a horseman riding a horse. (*She is doing a cowgirl’s style…)


She grabbed him and shook him as she wished, moving her hips freely. The emperor was swayed by her as the pleasure took over.


“Your Majesty…………… You can do it. Right?”


Her breathing became ragged, and a hasty hand reached out toward her.


The emperor, who seized Natasha’s slender waist, lifted her up and lowered her down vigorously just like she did a while ago.


There was no mercy in his hands as he struck with force. He slammed her hips down harshly.


Natasha closed her eyes and squeezed him with all her strength.


She didn’t rest for a moment until he cried out in satisfaction.


“Natasha! Ahhhh…………!”


The suppressed moan of the emperor was always thrilling.


No one would have known how sweet it was to have the greatest power in the land in your control and hear him groan.


Natasha looked at the Emperor, smiling like a cat. Her eyes were buoyant and cloudy with heat.


“So, Your Majesty…”


Her face immediately flushed a delicious pink.


Then she saw the greedy eyes of the Emperor glaring at her as if devouring her. 


Natasha smiled happily and whispered.


“Please use me to get rid of that disgusting empress.”


It was the smile of a demoness leading the emperor to ruin.




The 17th empress of Tanatos, the kingdom of ice and gold, was a cripple.


She was not born that way but was the result of a noble sacrifice she had made in an attempt to save the emperor and his poor children.


Roselyn V. Sunset.


She was an iron-blooded empress with her glittering silver hair that looked as if it was made with moonlight and her elegant purple eyes.


Roselyn was considered the noblest, most beautiful, and most perfect empress in the history of Empire Tanatos.


No one could point fingers at her even if such an Empress limped one leg.


She was a genius strategist, a perfect diplomat who could fluently speak six languages, and a kind empress who established a national medical institution to take care of the poor.


Despite the fact that she had only a few facial expressions compared to her beautiful appearance and her inability to enjoy a party, it did not change the fact that she was a great person worthy of respect.


The Empress’s leg injury was a glorious achievement as the parent of this kingdom.


The people were busy exchanging mythical stories about her and praising the Empress.


“Great Empress who saved the emperor and her children! She is the pride of this country!”


The Empress’s family, the Sunset family, had a high reputation for being exceptionally generous to the people.


Articles supporting the Empress and her family filled the daily newspapers on a daily basis.


It was a routine of the people to talk about the Empress every day.


Everyone loved Empress Roselyn, except for one person.


The Emperor.


“I heard that the Emperor locked Count Cainely in the underground prison last night!”


Roselyn walked silently down the dark corridor.


It was said that the Emperor caught her brother, and locked him in a dungeon.


The Emperor’s Special Order of Knights prevented Roselyn from approaching and threw Count Cainely into the underground prison where the thugs were confined.


Her heart skipped a beat.


She worried about her brother. Roselyn bit her lip gently.


“The Emperor took Count Cainely last night…………!”


Screaming voices rushed into her ears like waves.


The Emperor.


Lord of the throne, the great Tanatos’s ruler, and her husband.


A foolish man blinded by greed and jealousy.


Roselyn walked silently down the cold corridor, thinking of the Emperor’s fine face.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


Different, unbalanced footsteps echoed sluggishly in the dark hallway.


Roselyn walked down the wide, empty hallway.


Despite the presence of the Empress’s maidservants, the only sound in the corridor was the sound of her footsteps.


Her footsteps were very unsteady but stubborn.


Unlike the rest of the people, the nobles pointed at the crippled Empress.


The Empress, who rarely laughed and knew no pleasures, was secretly mocked, saying that she had become a doll with a broken leg.


But to Roselyn, their taunts did not hurt her at all. It was only the emperor’s incompetence and remorse that could gouge her wounds.


It had been a long time since they were a couple only in appearance.


She was not damaged by any love.


Her purpose in life was to rule this country, to lead those who trusted and followed her to safety and to achieve greater prosperity.


Protect her family, protect her people, and protect her country.


That was the goal and purpose of Roselyn V. Sunset.


But Gillotti Tanatos destroyed all of that.


This cold country she loved, the people who followed her, and even her family………..


‘Not yet…..’


Roselyn walked straighter, putting more strength into her thin neck.


‘I can’t collapse yet.’


She lifted her blurry gaze straight up.


Her pale cheeks, her silver hair shining as smooth as a frozen lake, and her angry purple eyes, shone coldly as they reflected the moonlight.


Roselyn pulled her hair upwards as if to tighten the feeling that she was about to collapse.


It made her white face, which reflected the moonlight, unusually cold.


Tears welled up from the eyes of Countess Puglish, Roselyn’s maid of honor, who was watching her back.


‘Oh, my poor Empress.’


Her poor Empress, who had lost everything she had worked so hard to build for the sake of an ugly emperor.


The Countess had been with Roselyn since she was a child, so she knew Roselyn’s sacrifice better than anyone else.


Even when the previous emperor asked her to break her engagement to her planned fiancé and become the Crown Princess, Roselyn never rebelled.


Not once did she waver when the “vulgar ladies” tried to humiliate her, clinging to the emperor with innocent faces.


Even when she came back with one of her legs torn beyond repair due to the emperor’s shortage, she never complained a single word, saying she just wanted to live.


Could it be that she was so upright that this terrible fate was trying to break her again and again?


Countess Puglish bowed her head, unable to look at the Empress’s posterior, which reflected the moonlight.


Her heart, as a third party, was this heavy, so the Empress’s feelings must be heavy thousand times more. It was just that the Empress didn’t want to express it………..


Roselyn Sunset stood in front of the door, entering the grand banquet hall.


The faint sound of music coming from behind the closed doors mocked her.


It had only been a few hours ago that her brother was framed and taken to a dirty underground prison.


With such an order, the Emperor attended the banquet and sipped his tea without a care in the world.


”……. It’s just the beginning.”


Roselyn took a deep breath. The harsh, bleak winds of winter pierced her lungs as she said her prayers.


It was the feel of the notorious winter wind of Tanatos. An empire of ice and gold imbued with fragments of God.


She had never been so glad to see the sharp coldness of this barren land.


She scoffed and raised her head straighter.


“……………….Your Majesty.”


Her maidservant, Countess Puglish, who was holding the doorknob, called out to Roselyn in a faint voice that seemed to disappear.


Their eyes tangled in the dark air.


She could see the beautiful brown eyes of her old friend, filled with sadness and anger, worry and grief.


They had been close friends since they were children.


Their parents were close friends, so it was only natural.


A dear friend who always reached out to her first and protected her, as Roselyn had been rational and blunt since she was a child.


The Countess was persuaded to come to Roselyn’s side without greed or ambition.


And now Roselyn regretted doing it.


“I brought you to such a desolate and frightening court and made you suffer, didn’t I?”


Roselyn smiled gently as she looked at Countess Puglish with pitiful eyes.


White moonlight slid down her pure white forehead and gentle nose.


“It’s alright.”




“Can you please open the door?”


Staring into her best friend’s shimmering eyes briefly, Roselyn raised her head and stared straight ahead.


She would not bend.


Even if her foolish husband, the emperor who should have been so noble, has turned his back on her family, with whom he shared the beginnings of this country.


She would never bow to cowardice and ignorance.