Chapter 5. How did this happen?



As the door to the banquet hall opened and the Empress appeared, the Emperor thought to himself,


‘How did this happen?’


Yes, perhaps it was wrong for the Empress to become another Sun of Tanatos. (*Sun as in ruler.)


There were two Suns in the Empire of Tanatos.


One was Gillotti Tanatos, who accidentally became Emperor after the accidental death of his eldest brother, and the other was Roselyn V Sunset, Empress of the Sunset family, who helped found the Tanatos Empire.


The young emperor was bright and bold but dark on state affairs.


He had blonde hair as beautiful as the sun, a solid body, and charming speech, but he was incompetent.


Knowing the incompetence of the Crown Prince, the previous Emperor begged the Secretary of State of House Sunset to bring his daughter in as the Crown Princess.


The Sunset family was a family of overlords who supported the imperial family from the time the Tanatos Empire was founded.


Not to mention their power, they were highly envied by the people.


The family had produced not only the previous empresses and grand duchesses, but also a number of important officials who  remained in the history books.


Roselyn, the daughter of the Duke of Sunset, the Secretary of State, was also a capable daughter who was in charge of state affairs with her father for several years.


During her reign, the region of Roania was prosperous, and she discovered and patronized artists who were buried in poverty, producing many wonderful works.


She also took a keen interest in technology, and was generous in her support of poor engineers and scholars.


She studied about flowers and plants that could be grown for food, about the steam engine that would bring about advances in transportation, and even about the importation of exotic and unfamiliar spices.


As a result, Roselyn achieved amazing results with everything she did.


Is there anyone for whom the word “perfect” fits so well?


Despite the fact that she was not a friendly person, there were many people around Roselyn. Even though she didn’t talk much, everyone knew that she was a warm and responsible person.


“What if she didn’t talk much? She’s such an amazing person!”


 “She’s very nice.”


 “Even though she doesn’t smile much, she is always lovely in my eyes.”


Everyone loved her.


Beautiful and smart Roselyn, with delicate silver hair like silver threads, long and lush eyelashes, pure white skin, and mysterious purple eyes.


When they heard that she was going to be the empress, they all nodded as if it was natural. Was there anyone more noble and brilliant than her?


They all agreed that the position of Empress should be hers, of course. 


Gillotti, the emperor and her husband, thought so too at first.


He thought she would be the perfect Empress for him as the Emperor.


He was proud of her grace and her beauty.


He sat next to her, nodding his head and praising her for being such a noble person.


That was, until ‘the thing’ happened.






“Everyone protects His Majesty! What are you doing! Where is Empress Peha? Move quickly!”


With a tearing scream, a jaguar with the horns of a bull, the face of a pig, and the skin of a snake appeared, wildly overtaking the area,  and monsters appeared that should not be in the capital.


This happened during an event at the Imperial Nursery School. It was a large event with over 700 children and 150 nobles participating.


There were two infantry divisions guarding them, and more than one hundred knights brought by each nobleman, but the situation was devastated by eight monsters that got in from the “gap.”


”No, how could there be a gap here!”


“Move faster! Move faster!”


Unfortunately, the wooden building was destroyed and the emperor and empress, who were the first to evacuate, were isolated. They were with their twenty children.


Many of the nobles were scattered, which delayed the action of the infantry corps.


The knights jumped in and helped take care of the beasts as best as they could. All they had to do was hold out until the Imperial Guards arrived.


“There are just ten of them!”


“We must prevent them from approaching the altar where the Emperor and Empress are trapped! The three infantry groups will draw attention and the knights will attack. The rest of you should all focus on defense!”


Thanks to the quick decision, they fortunately evacuated the majority of people.


They were monsters with terrifying grips and toxic claws. It was not  easy to kill them, though, because their heart was on their back, and it wasn’t easy to aim for their backs either.


“We’re in trouble, Lord Weakley! One of the beasts dug into the altar!”


“What? Hurry up!”


When he finally calmed down, the beast rushed towards the Emperor and Empress’s location.


Weakley Danhover, who was in charge of the 2nd Infantry Division, recalled the escapade of the Emperor and the Empress.


They prayed to God that they could hold out for ten minutes, but God was not on their side at the time.


“Damn it! Damn it!”


The Emperor looked dumbfounded at the knight Lenovo, who had fallen in a bloody heap in front of him.


The knight, who lost one shoulder while protecting the Emperor when the wooden building collapsed, stopped the monster’s attack only twice and collapsed.


In such a situation, he was a worthy knight even if he only drove his sword into the monster’s thigh, but that didn’t matter to the Emperor.


“What a useless….!”


“Your Majesty ……”


“Well, don’t worry, Empress, I’ve also learned swordsmanship. I’m not good at it, but………I might be able to stop that beast.”


Seeing the Empress hugging the trembling children, the Emperor took out a decorative jeweled sword. 


Just like he said, he also trained with swords and received not bad grades.


Even after he ascended the throne, he had to wield his sword for an hour at a time as a natural duty of an emperor.


He was confident that he could handle a beast or two because of his skill.


When he was a child, people said that he was a genius.


”Your Majesty, please be careful!”


The Empress had injured her ankle trying to protect the children with Lenovo among the collapsing buildings.


A sharp piece of wood pierced her Achilles’ tendon.


It was half of a large piece of wood but the Empress did her best not to scream. She clenched her teeth and swallowed the pain, trying not to attract the monster.


‘I can’t scream.’


However, all of her teeth-clenching efforts were wasted by the Emperor.


“Come, you hideous things. I will cut your throat today and show you the majesty of the Emperor!”


The emperor waved his sword majestically. Then, he fell forward with a blow from the monster.




He fell on his nose and his handsome face collapsed in an instant.


Blood trickled down his crushed nose. The young emperor threw away his sword and crawled over to the empress, pinching his nose.


“My nose………. Ahhhhhh!”


“Your Majesty…..!”


“Oh, my face, how dare you, how dare you! Argh!”


The emperor pushed aside the injured child that the empress was holding and revealed his indignation as he lay in her arms. His bloody face contorted in pain and embarrassment.


The Empress, who stared with complicated eyes at the Emperor as he crawled into her arms, silently held the hand of the child that was pushed aside.


The boy she saw before this place collapsed was looking at her with a very beautiful face.


Just before the Empress could congratulate the child by patting him on the shoulder, the monsters appeared and the building collapsed.


Right in front of the Empress’s eyes, the child’s flesh ripped open as he was struck by the fallen pillar. The empress quickly hugged and whispered to the trembling child, holding his torn cheek. 


“Shh, don’t scream. The monster is very sensitive to sound.”


The trembling child, who could barely open his eyes, admirably obeyed the Empress and clenched his teeth to endure the unbearable pain. And even a child this small could hold back……..


“What are the Imperial Knights doing? Ah! Kill this thing right now! Kill it! Kill it!”


The emperor had lost his mind and was screaming loudly.


Just as the Empress had predicted earlier, the emperor’s screams irritated the monsters more and more. The monster’s breathing became ragged, and its black eyeballs gradually turned red.


The Empress held her breath.


If the monster’s eyes turned red, it meant it was gathering poisonous energy in its claws. Then its claws turned black. The Emperor saw it and screamed furiously.


“Oh, don’t come. I am the Emperor. I am the Lord of this land…………”


The Emperor, who slipped out of the Empress’s arms, retreated to his buttocks with a look of horror on his face.


“Your Majesty…!”


The Empress stared at the Emperor. The moment their eyes met, she realized that this man would leave them and run away.




At that moment, the monster bared its teeth and roared deafeningly.