Chapter 7. Natasha Roanti


Perhaps this situation now was painful for her.


Wasn’t she the Empress of the enemy nation who fought so hard and never cooperated?


She was leading the charge against him more than anyone else.


Roselyn looked at Tamon with a slippery gaze.


Beneath the gray hair that resembled a winter wolf, blood red eyes stared back at her.


No matter how far away they were, no matter how short the time, his gaze was always as clear as a thorn.


She averted her gaze.


That man was her enemy.


They were dog-eat-dog rivals.


Roselyn had waged unparalleled wars with Tamon Krasis on many occasions, taking profits from his country.


All of this was for the good of her country, its people, and the prosperity of the Imperial family.


The two of them fought like enemies and checked each other as fiercely as if they were fighting on a battlefield.


For this reason, Roselyn wished that man to be the only one who did not pity her for being like this now.


It was better to be laughed at harshly.


She felt that the sympathy she received from an enemy that she had fought equally with would destroy her pride.


That was when it happened.


Suddenly, the air changed.


At the same time, a faint voice called out to her, like the sound of wind among the grass and trees.




It was a voice that could not possibly be there at that moment.


The Empress’s gaze staggered to the woman who was in front of her.


The nobles, who had gathered in whispers, kept their mouths shut and gave way to the beautiful woman.


Dressed in disarray, her eyes red and swollen, her honey blonde hair loosely tied up, she appeared.




Natasha Roanti.


She was as beautiful as the spring sunshine, despite having given birth to two children, each of a different man.


“Your Majesty.”


One said that her fate was a strange one.


Born as such a beautiful flower, she lamented how she lived a sad life of being bent and trampled.


The woman with exceptionally red lips, white skin, and orange eyes that captivated people was the enemy and envy of all women.


All the men went mad when they saw her. They lusted after her and were blinded by her.


Everyone was afraid that the Empress’s husband, her son, and her brother would be possessed by her.


But fortunately, she became the Emperor’s woman and some of the people were relieved.


Because no matter how fearless the women were, they would not mess with the Emperor’s woman recklessly.


“Punish me.”


Tears trickled from Natasha’s big eyes, her lips quivering.


“Why are you here?”


“Please punish me, Empress.”


But then came the one who dared to disrespect the Emperor’s woman.


Roselyn’s face hardened, she stared at Natasha who approached her on her knees.


“It’s my fault, Your Majesty. Please forgive him.” (*She pretends to tell the Emperor to forgive the Empress’s brother.)


Natasha said, crying with a pretty face.


She moved over to the feet of the stiff Emperor, hugged his ankles, and pleaded with him.


“I, I…If I didn’t tell him that I was carrying your child, he wouldn’t have gone berserk!”


“I have the Emperor’s child!”


The Emperor slowly lowered his head and looked at his weak lover.


No, everyone there stared at Natasha.


The banquet hall buzzed with shock, and Roselyn rose to her feet, glaring at Natasha.


With her back to everyone, Natasha, who was looking only at the Emperor and Empress, turned to face the Empress.


The expression on her face, laced with sadness, regression, and fear, changed little by little, like the sky when the sun was setting.


Natasha, holding the hem of Roselyn’s skirt like a vine, slumped down and looked up at Roselyn.


Her slender arms bunched the imperial eagle pattern embroidered on the hem of the Empress’s skirt.


In a direction that no one else could see, but only the Emperor and Empress could.


Natasha approached closer….


“It’s all my fault.”


Natasha smiled and pleaded nonchalantly in a wistful voice.


She stared at Roselyn, her orange eyes adding taunts and tears…


“So, please, have mercy………….”


Natasha’s slender fingers trembled on the hem of Roselyn’s dress.


The shoulders, which were shaking enough to make everyone feel sorry for her, would make her look as if she were sobbing desperately.


In reality, she was biting her lips while pretending to be sobbing and smiling.…….


A woman whose front and back were so different was Natasha Roanti.


A woman with the face of an angel, spitting out words like a viper and using tricks like a demon.


Smiling as she sobbed, she grabbed the skirt of the empress and crawled closer.


Who dared to pull the hem of the Empress’s dress so desperately?


It was a rude, brave, and insulting act that only Natasha Roanti could pull off.


The Imperial Physician, who appeared later, was loudly astonished.


“No, Lady Natasha, you have to take it easy….”


He shouted at the top of his lungs at this great banquet, not to blame her for her disrespect to the Empress, but for the safety and peril of the Emperor’s mistress.


Roselyn looked down at Natasha with a cold face. 


She had a strong feeling that everything was already going in a predetermined order.


They were just waiting for her to jump into this fire pit that they set themselves.


‘…… I thought it was strange.’


Despite her people dying one by one and her brother being captured for treason, there were constant parties in the imperial palace.


And the emperor persisted in sending invitations to those parties.


Roselyn did not attend the parties for mere amusement.


But today, this party, attended by delegations from many countries, was originally the occasion for the Empress to attend.


Of course, if it wasn’t for Count Cainely’s capture a few hours before….Roselyn wouldn’t have been here either.


She inevitably fell into their trap at the party she attended to divert their attention.


Even though it was somewhat expected, it was appalling nonetheless.


She knew they were up to something, but…she didn’t think there was any room for negotiation.


It seemed that the Emperor and Natasha had intended to have her executed without any demands.


From the greedy look in their eyes, it seemed they had decided to loot her instead of negotiating.


Roselyn chuckled in disgust. This was the imperial family she was trying to protect to the end.


Natasha, who had been sobbing, finally crawled her way up to her neck with her vine-like hands.


“Your Majesty, Empress, please…….”


She whispered faintly into Roselyn’s ear in a soft voice.




Natasha smiled, her eyes narrowed and folded, and then she collapsed.


The red blood soaked Natasha’s pure white skirt, which was scattered under the Empress’ feet.


“Hey! Hey! Move Lady Natasha, move Lady Natasha at once!”


People gathered near the Empress, who was standing alone like an ice statue.


They all passed the Empress and took care of Natasha, who was scattered like a flower on the floor.


Only Tamon Krasis was watching the Empress with her fists clenched.




“Lock the Empress up!”


Natasha Roanti bled and collapsed, the precious imperial child the emperor had so much wished for was probably dead.


Some said it was because of the Empress’s brother, Cainely Sunset, who had tried to plunder her a few days ago.


Someone also said it was because of the wine the Empress had given Natasha recently.


It didn’t matter who was right, or if there was any other truth to it.


The Emperor was furious as fire and went mad, saying he would strike the Empress in the neck.


It was the Duke of Sunset who jumped in front of him and prevented the Emperor from doing so.


For the honor of the family, for the sake of his children, the Duke and Duchess opposed the Emperor.


The Sunset family was a family of merit with a long history and power. If they had a little time, they would have the power to stop the Emperor’s violence.


However, the Emperor, like a madman, without any procedure or rational dialogue, took his sword and slashed the Duke’s throat on the spot.


Even the Duchess, who was so surprised that she couldn’t even cry, was cut down with a single stroke.


People were speechless before this cruel and violent power.


They were the Sunset family.


The founder of this country. One of the three pillars supporting the country, they were his supporters and partners who had helped the emperor and protected this country until now.


But the current Emperor has just casually destroyed them!


Ah! What will happen to this country now?


People united their minds and worried about the future, but they bowed their heads in fear that their heads would soon fall off.


It was the beginning of tyranny.


Without hesitation, the Emperor abolished the empress and locked her up in an underground prison. The Empress did not sob, but walked nonchalantly as if she had already anticipated everything.


Even her appearance seemed to be contemptuous, and the Emperor shouted viciously.


“Not a drop of water until the Empress tells where the treasure is!”


After 10 days of imprisonment and torture, the Empress was banished to the Kralturian Ice Mountains in the form of a conveyance.


The Emperor wanted to kill the Empress himself, but he could not.


Thousands of people knocked on the gates every day, begging him to save her.


Although he didn’t kill her, he kicked her out into the harsh ice mountain.


So that the snowstorm would take her life without getting his hands dirty.


The Empress, no, the abolished Empress Roselyn was dumped in a blizzard just like that.