Chapter 2 - Part 2 - Can I be rude to the villain

Did Kalis give Lina permission to call him by his name already? It took Seria 11 months to get permission to call his name. As expected, where does the blood of the second male leads go? Lina spoke with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m Lina. It’s an embarrassing title but they call me a Saint..”

There was no one in this empire, or even the entire continent, who didn’t know Lina was a Saint. Seria gently pushed Lina’s hand away and said.

“Of course I know, Saint Lady.”

Lina looked around the living room without worrying about it.

“I heard you are tailoring your wedding dress today! Is that right?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh my gosh! A wedding dress from another world! I was really curious if anyone wears wedding dresses here!”

Said Lina, whose eyes lit up.

“Can I see it with you?”

“See it together?”

It was a strange request. First of all, a wedding dress wasn’t supposed to be seen by anyone but close family members or close friends, and Lina wasn’t in any of those categories. However, before Seria could speak, Begonia opened her mouth first.

“Saint, I’m sorry, but trying on a wedding dress is not a spectacle.”


Lina was surprised and immediately folded her hands together. However, she was not as tactless as in the original story.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean that. Because I don’t know this world very well…”

Indeed, Lina was a God-sent Saint. Begonia was reminded of that, and spoke with a gentle smile.

“Of course. But, can you go out for a moment?”

“What? But…”

“I can’t work if there is an outsider here, I hope Saint Lady understands.”


Lina went out with a look of despair. She looked back several times with a lingering look on her face, but Begonia was firm. She even muttered softly as Lina closed the door and left.

“She doesn’t have dignity.”

At the moment, Seria remembered the original story she had read in her previous life. Designer Begonia was a woman with great pride that she inherited the royal blood. In a way, she was arrogant.

Once in the story, Begonia politely declined Marquis Kalis Haneton’s request, who came to ask for a dress as a present for Lina.

“Saint Lady is beautiful. However, she doesn’t have the dignity I wanted. I can’t make a dress without inspiration.”

So, in the original story, Lina saw Begonia’s dress, and fell in love at first glance. But she became very sad when she heard that statement. Eventually, Kalis was angered enough to put pressure on Begonia’s store from behind the shadows. He was the biggest importer of silk after all. In the end, Begonia stepped back and surrendered.

So Begonia turned out as a designer who also became a villain. However, no villain could match Seria Stern. The original story with its plot twist was a delightful development, but since Seria was reborn as the villain, only tears flowed.

“How! Lady Seria, this shade of white is the best match for your eyes! This part and this part should stitch to the back….”

Begonia’s face instantly brightened as Seria came out after she put on the wedding dress. She was satisfied.

“Congratulations on your marriage to Marquis Kalis Haneton, Lady Seria.”

“Thank you. Your dress is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh my goodness. Ahaha!”

Now, there was no way Kalis would be presenting a dress to Lina. It was fortunate that Begonia, who was a little pompous, didn’t have to go through an ordeal with her. Seria also really liked the wedding dress made by Begonia.



She raised her head in surprise when the bedroom door flung open.


The tall man strode in. Kalis turned to the wedding dress that was hanging on her bedroom mannequin, and tilted his head.

“Is this the wedding dress?”


He looked closely at her dress as if something was wrong. Seria wondered what he didn’t like about it.

“What’s wrong?”

“No. It’s a little too..” Kalis hesitated and spoke. “I’m afraid I can’t have my fiancée wear something like this.”


“The color is a bit dull, and there is too little jewelry.”

“But designer Begonia said that’s the trend these days.”


Kalis’s expression instantly changed. But soon he spoke with a warm smile.

“Seria, you are not just a noblewoman. You’re a Stern. So I want to give you the most perfect wedding dress.”

They were sweet words at first glance. But she was a villain who had been accompanying the second male lead for a year, she could tell the difference just by looking at his expression. And currently, Kalis was in a bad mood. But she didn’t care and asked bluntly.

“Kalis. You don’t like the dress?”

“You really can’t be fooled.”

“Then I’ll talk to Begonia again. Even though she is a busy person, she has a clear sense of responsibility for her work.”

The wedding was just a few days away after all. However, Kalis stopped her from calling Begonia.

“Apart from Begonia, what about other designers?”

“Not Begonia?”

What kind of nonsense was this? Perhaps he knew that she was reading his expression, Kalis looked a little stiff. As Seria urged him, he sighed and answered.

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t like my precious bride wearing such a vainful designer’s dress.”



The moment Seria hears his words, a bad feeling arised. But, she hoped it was not as what she thought.

“Are you doing this because of Saint Lina?”