Chapter 3 Part 2





 “But where are you going?” 


 “Where am I going?”


“Did I make a mistake for the time, sir? Is it time for the glacier check?” 




 “Would someone with a cold go to a frozen lake in the winter? It is enough that you have gone every day until today.”  


“Winter is not over yet.”  


“That’s true.” 


Alliot made a subtle look. There was an unusual lake in the Berg estate. The frozen lake, the glacier, was the grave of the beast. It was too wide to be called a lake. To some extent, the end was invisible. Periodically checking the boundaries of this glacier was the responsibility of the Berg family for generations, and for some reason, a woman with the surname Stern was essential. Thanks to this, Stern was treated dearly. Actually, the number of Stern was very small. It was also the basis for Seria’s defeat.


It was a pretty important place in the original.’  


In particular, a week or so after the arrival of the female protagonist Lina, those days were most important. On the day she was supposed to check the lake on its regular basis, Seria suddenly refused to go. Of course, it was because of Lina, the heroine. Suddenly, Lina appeared as a Saintess and took her attention away. It was the perfect timing for the demon who suddenly appeared on the lake, which would not have been a problem if Seria was there. Unfortunately, the damage was severe, especially for a commoner couple who lost their child to the beast. 


Resentful, the couple threw a stone at Seria and injured her forehead. Of course, Seria, who had a bad temper, got very angry. This was a world that strictly followed the status system. The commoner couple, who threw stones at Stern without knowing their status, were punished.


“So I just need to go out for a few days and check it out.” Alliot said.


  “First, let’s go with me.”




Seria went out to the stables with Alliot. The white horse that saw her made a happy neighing sound. Her Rottweiler. She strokes the horse’s head softly.


 “Hi, Rottweiler. I am here.”  


“Should you name it that way?” 


 “Is it a bad name?” 


Alliot shook his head. Seria tilted her head and climbed on the horse. The original Seria Stern’s horseback riding skills were quite amazing even though she couldn’t lift a single sword. She had to learn how to ride a horse so that she could see the large lake. Seria also knew well that she had to do what was necessary as Stern to strengthen her position.


This is like a smart villain.. Should I say it is clever.’

The frozen lake was very vast. And because of the fog, the line of sight was not very clear. They tied the horses to the designated place and began walking. It was so cold that when she exhaled, white smoke flowed out. It was then that Aliot’s expression turned cold and he suddenly put his hand on the sword. At the same time, he looked back.


“Your Highness?”  


Your Highness?’


Seria also looked back right away. She was surprised and her eyes widened instantly.


 Lesche Berg.  


The owner of this estate and the male protagonist of the original story. He was striding in the fog. He wore a large sword and a unique red cloak. Lesche was so tall that Seria flinched a little at the sight. He went over to her and Alliot in turn and asked. 


“What are you doing here?”  


“Your Highness. I was checking the lake with Lady Seria.”


Lesche’s expression was slightly distorted at Alliot’s answer. Yes, it was distorted. ‘Why? Why are you doing that?‘ That was what he meant. She trembled a little, reading the expression of the male lead. What did she do wrong? Does he dislike the clothes she wore? Lesche looked at her and spoke.


 “Lady Seria Stern.”  


“Yes, Your Highness.” 


 “Is my words not of any importance to you?”




Seria was so nervous. She didn’t understand a word he said.


 “Why did you come to the lake with a cold in winter?”


“My cold is not severe. And this is what I have to do as Stern.”  


“Since when did Lady Stern faithfully obey her duty?” 


He saw right through her intentions, perhaps because he was the male lead. Even though she has gone out to check the glacier every day after coming to this castle, Lesche still looked at her with disbelief.


“Or, are you trying to draw attention from your fiance with a more severe cold?”