Chapter 2 - Part 1 - Can I be rude to the villain?

A week ago, on a cold winter’s afternoon, just days before her wedding to Kalis Haneton. She was sitting in her room, dozing off and dreaming. Suddenly Seria, the empire’s greatest maniac villain, screamed.

“So? I wanted to have you!”

The voice, filled with anger, was already unlike the bearing of a noble. Envy, jealousy, anger…Seria’s hands were already stained with blood.

“Lina, Lina!”

Lina, the Saint. From the moment she descended, she took the attention of everyone that Seria wanted. She was so loved. Seria was terribly hateful for Lina, who gave her a feeling of unbearable defeat.

“What about Lina? The only thing I couldn’t do was to split her throat and throw her in the lake!””

A sharp knife split Seria’s throat. Red blood flooded. Lina couldn’t look at the scene any more and she closed her eyes tightly.


Seria opened her eyes with fright. Her body trembled. A scene from the original story that came to her mind when she thought that she had already forgotten about it.

“My Lady, Was it another dream?”

It was scary. Life was scary. After waking up as the villainess Seria, she often dreamt of dying according to the original script. Well, anyone would. If you find out that this is actually a novel and that you are going to die brutally because you are a villain, you will have no choice but to suffer nightmares. Moreover, with Lina’s appearance, the original plot began.

She grabbed a thick shawl and wrapped it around her shoulders. She looked out the large window and a desolate winter garden caught her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a little strange when she remembered that Kalis took off his jacket to cover Lina’s shoulders over there earlier. However, she doesn’t have time to feel uncomfortable, and the reason was laughable.

“Lady Seria! You are here!”

“What’s going on ?”

The maid who served her sprang to her feet.

“Designer Begonia is here!”

“Begonia? Already?”

“Yes !”

She got up from the couch in a panic. Begonia was currently the most popular designer in the Glick Empire, even though it was less than three years after her debut. The reason Begonia was so popular was not only because of her skill, but also due to her grandmother being a princess. In other words, she had royal blood. It was only a matter of time before the bread was made, as the noble veins were well equipped. In order to request a dress from designer Begonia, one had to have money as well as status. It was her fiance, Kalis Haneton, who asked Begonia for a wedding dress and a suit.

“Come to think of it, in the original story, Lina also wanted a dress made by Begonia.”

Anyway, as she thought she shouldn’t make people wait, she ran. While running, she honestly admired Seria’s graceful steps as she would never be able to have that grace. Even after arriving, she couldn’t simply open the door and enter.

After all, as a successor of royal blood, Begonia placed a great importance on the noble appearance. Otherwise, she thought it would not match her clothes. Seria quickly checked her face with the hand mirror the maid gave her. Perfect hair. No disheveled parts.

“Lady! Oh, you are the prettiest again today.”

She laughed at the maid’s clumsy praise. Well, it was not wrong. Although Seria was a crazy villain, her beauty was also undeniable. She coughed and went in as the maid opened the door. She entered in a dignified manner, although she would probably still be judged by Begonia.


Inside, there was designer Begonia, and Lina, the original heroine. Seria was embarrassed for a moment, but Begonia gave a noble smile to her.

“Designer Begonia. Am I late?”

“No. I arrived early.”

Begonia laughed and replied so, but Seria could tell the hidden meaning. ‘You don’t look good,’ was what Begonia wanted to say to her. She was able to read other people’s faces well, but it was a year’s result of her struggle to survive. She didn’t want to go against the male lead or the second male lead, so she learned to read their expressions and lay low. Now she could grasp people’s emotions easily, and that was her key to survival. It all depends on whether the expressions were good or bad….As Seria was getting a little sad, a hand suddenly grabbed her chin. Her eyes became wide open in surprise.

“Wow, Kalis’ fiancée.”

Lina’s eyes glistened with a smile. Then she suddenly grabbed Seria’s hand.

“No, rather….”