Chapter 13 Part 1



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Kalis’s voice didn’t reach her ears. Because… It was because a strange force was felt from his hand, which Seria had held unintentionally for a long time. It was similar to the divine power in her body, but there was a strange discomfort, as if facing the same pole of a magnet…Come to think of it, how was Kalis alive?  At the wedding hall, she foreshadowed a sure death. And she had learned that Stern and Stern’s spouse would have the same ending. Come to think of it, her wedding was a tragedy. She was on the verge of death, and he should have faced the same result. Although Lesche Berg saved her life, it was just only her. Kalis should have died in return for failing to keep the covenant. Or it should cause him to hurt as bad as she did, but no matter where she looked, Kalis seemed unhurt. 


In deep thought, she slowly realized, “….Kalis”. The place, the time. Everything’s already in place. Kalis was the one who shared the sacred power with Stern, and there was no other Stern in this estate besides Lina. Since she was a God-sent holy woman, she could omit the holy water and the sacred water that was essential for the wedding.


“Are you married to Lina?”






Before Kalis married her, they held a covenant ceremony officiated by the high priest.


As a preliminary ritual for Stern’s wedding, he had to immerse both hands in specially prepared holy water to become Stern’s man. The covenant ceremony was like the bathing ritual. They were ready to get married, but that didn’t mean they were tied up to each other right away. The step in which one truly connected with the other person was the official wedding. That was why Lesche was able to marry her immediately after a brief covenant ceremony. Same went for Kalis…He, who had already made a covenant, was also theoretically capable of marrying any Stern. Although usually there were just one or two Sterns on the continent, Lina was also a Stern. 


“You chose to marry Lina… I guess that’s why you were alive.  And in much better shape than I am.”




She didn’t know what expression she had while looking at Kalis. However, since she was trembling with a sense of betrayal, she might have an awful look on her face.


“I was vomiting blood and didn’t even think about anyone else but you until I was about to die. But you already had a temporary marriage with Lina to live.”


What has she been waiting for? Who was she waiting for? Seria slowly swept her face with both hands. She slowly swept her hands across her face. Along with the sensation of her frail and fatigued areas being firmly pressed down by the flesh of her hands, she felt a flickering of white. Then it was complete darkness. Immediately after, Kalis’s wavering eyes came clearly into focus.




“I don’t want to waste the time I have already spent liking you, Kalis.”


Kalis’ face was shocked, then he spoke in a pleading tone. 


“Seria, you can be mad at me. But my marriage was a temporary marriage, and you married the Grand Duke temporarily too. Am I wrong?”





“Let’s divorce—both of us will get divorce and get married again.”




“I’ll prepare the grandest wedding ever. We can start from the beginning. We have time, so…..”




She glared into Kalis’ swaying eyes.


“All you need is time?” Even if she has time now, what’s the point of that? Seria wondered.


 “I’ve lost my heart to you, but you need time?” 




 She shook off Kalis’ hand that was still holding her tightly, and left the bedroom barefoot with only slippers. It was  something she would never do normally. Seria was a villain, but she was a perfect aristocrat, and she didn’t want to change at once and get suspicious. But at this moment she felt it was useless to keep up with such things. She almost died even though she had been trying to live nicely.


‘What have I been looking for?’




Kalis chased after her and grabbed her by the wrist. His grasp was too strong to resist. 


“Let go!” 


Then the knights, who were still watching the situation with serious faces at the door, grabbed his arms and clasped them. Kalis, who was caught in an instant, exclaimed in anger. 


“What are you doing right now? Don’t you know who I am? Let go of me right now!”


 “I’m sorry, Marquis.” 


“I’m sorry.” 


Kalis looked at her with both of his arms being held. However, Seria turned and ran down the hall without looking back at him, who was once her fiance.