Chapter 13 Part 2




The corridor was very cold. Seria grabbed her shawl and sighed as she walked down the long corridor. She wondered what she would be doing now if the wedding had gone ahead as it was originally intended.


 ‘I would have been busy,’ she thought, ‘getting ready to attend the reception for the nobles who attended the wedding.’ She must have been all over the place now. Obviously, none of that mattered now.


The wedding ceremony was with Lesche, but the reception was really to be held in the name of Kalis and her. Would Lesche take the place of Kalis in the reception that has another man’s name on it? Unethical or not, it was Lesche’s nature. Having thought so far, she was able to make her next plan. Lesche Berg must have helped her for a reason. Then she shall ask him why and decide what to do later.


‘There’s nothing original about it.’


She didn’t know anymore. Even after she died and came back to life, it didn’t change what she had seen and done.


She couldn’t meet Lesche in her current state. She was wearing slippers and a shawl on a white pajama. Besides, her arms had been hurting slowly. When she rolled up her long sleeve pajamas, the bandage was smudging with more blood than before. 


“Blood keeps coming out.” 


The pain came belatedly and she frowned. She forgot to change the bandage because Kalis came in like a storm. In order to change to other clothes, she would have to return to her bedroom. But no matter how much she thought about it, Kalis would be waiting in front of her bedroom. And she didn’t want to run into him now. The feeling of Kalis’ betrayal was too much to bear.


‘Shall I go through the window?’


The only way to get back to the bedroom without running into Kalis was through the window. While contemplating, she looked for a window in the hallway. As usual, there was a window in a castle. As she took a step, she came across a familiar face.


“Huh, My Lady!”


It was Linon, the chief aide. He looked at her outfit and gave her a scolding. 


“Do you think we live in the warm southern region of the country? Winter in the center region is such a ruthless season….”


Linon hurriedly tried to take off his coat to cover her, but stopped midway. As if frozen in place, he started mumbling and rambling on. 


“My Lady? Come to think of it, I’m actually weaker than I thought…. If I were to catch a cold, half of Berg estate would be paralyzed so I doubt that ….” (*He meant if he gets sick, no one will take care of the business at Berg.)


“Who asked you to take it off?”


“But if you catch a cold, I’ll be in trouble again.” 


“Ahh…You are so unique.”


In the original story, Linon was described as a great talent several times. He was a senior graduate of the Altair Academy, which was difficult to enter and even harder to get a diploma. And Lesche Berg, who has such talent as an assistant, was really amazing.


“First of all, Lady Seria, please go back and reassemble your attire. Then we’ll go to the main castle together. My master’s work should have been done by now.”


“Did His Highness call me?”




“Then why?” She asked Linon, pretending not to know.


“Don’t you have a lot to say to His Highness?”


“I think you’re a mind reader. Okay, let’s go.” 


“I hear that a lot.”


Linon followed her with a grin. She couldn’t go through the window with the chief aide of the Grand Duke in her company. However, she was not willing to appear weak in front of Linon, who was not even close to her. 


‘What to do if I feel uncomfortable to see Kalis?’


She wanted Kalis to be away from the bedroom, but…




As expected, he was still waiting in front of her bedroom. Standing in front of the door with his arms crossed and a hard look on his face, he passed her and headed toward Linon, who walked next to her. Kalis’s face got cold rapidly. 


“What’s going on here?”


Linon looked puzzled. 


“What do you mean? Isn’t it a gentleman’s duty to escort a Lady?”


 “That’s enough. I’ll escort her from here.”


“Oh, Marquis. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”


“Why not?”


“It’s a world where people would fight if their partners at the dance get taken away. I can’t fight with Marquis, can I?”




Kalis, who understood Linon’s words, his face hardened. Linon was not a knight. In other words, he couldn’t duel on par with Kalis, who was appointed as a knight. Instead, if there was a duel, Lesche would have to fight on behalf of Linon.


Wouldn’t that be a devil’s gift? It was Linon’s talent for making ridiculous logic sound like it made sense. Still, if Kalis was a sane aristocrat, he should step down at this point.


“If that’s the condition to escort Seria, I’m willing to comply.” 


“Marquis? Are you serious?” 


“Do I look like I’m ready for a duel now?” 


Kalis’s voice contained an irresistible nervousness. It must be directed at Seria. In fact, he kept looking at her. It wasn’t even funny. However, she decided not to pay him any attention.


“Wait here, Linon.”




“I have to change my clothes.”


Kalis stepped back without talking any further. And Linon bowed his head.


“I’ll as you wish, My Lady.” 


She walked in without looking back, then pulled on the string and called the maids. After quickly putting on a comfortable indoor dress with a cape, She seriously thought about going out through the window once again. However, her arms were in pain, so she just opened the door and walked out.


“Seria, let’s walk together. Let’s talk.” 


Kalis stood in front of her as if he had been waiting.