Chapter 14


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Completely unknown to her, Kalis was actually unaware of what to do. However, there was a sense of divine power faintly lingered in him. She felt sick when she thought that this was a sign of his connection with Lina. 




She just called his name, but Kalis’s face brightened a little. She looked at him and said, “I keep feeling the divine power of another Stern from you.”  




“Should I speak more harshly in front of Linon?”


It was a sarcastic remark but Kalis seemed to understand right away.  Like a slave trying to hide the stigma he was engraved on. Yes, that expression was right. With such a gesture, he made a painful expression, pressing down on his chest.


“Seria, I….”


Then his pupils shook weakly. It was right in front of her, so she could see the small shaking. However, before she could ask “What is it?”, a sound was heard that rang faster than her intended question.


“Kalis! Here you are!”


She felt lucky that she didn’t have to converse with him. Lina’s voice filled the hall.




“Your Highness, I’ll send this official letter instead.”


After finishing speaking, a guard bowed and went out. There was Lesche, sitting in the office and tapping on the big desk. He was thinking about the visitation of the High Priest. It was different from other important visits. Although there was little alienation about this, as he was the owner of Berg, who was visited by different people every winter. 


Furthermore, it had been quite a while since the High Priest visited the central castle. There was no more delay. Originally, he was going to go right after finishing his last glacier inspection this winter as Berg’s owner, and hosting Stern’s wedding, but the work was tangled. It was then when Leche frowned his forehead. 


“Your Highness.”


A careful knock was heard, and a patissier of the castle came in. What he brought was none other than a big cake.


“The cake is ready and I brought it to show you.”


Patisa, who put the cake down on the table, carefully opened the silver lid. Lesche frowned and looked at the huge cake. It was not something to treat the nobles who were currently staying in the castle. In the first place, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it, and above all, this cake had a rough appearance. Shortly afterward, Lesche, who sent the cake back, went out of the office. 


“Where is Linon?” 


The knight who was guarding the door bowed his head and answered.


“He went to Lady Stern’s vila, but it’s been a while. Should I send someone to get him?”


‘Why did he go there?’ Lesche wondered and recalled Linon’s twinkling eyes when he looked at Seria.


“I’ll go.”




Lina was injured quite a lot. She was on a Knight’s back. It was an easy guess that her feet were injured as bandages were wrapped thickly around them. 


 ‘…Can’t she walk?’ 


The time and place required for Stern’s wedding were combined, but almost everything else was omitted. No matter how much of a saint she was, Lina did not seem to be burdened at all. What happened to her (Seria) must have been paid by Lina. It had nothing to do with her. The drama in front of her bedroom was absurd, but what could she do? So Seria tried to get past them. No matter what kind of conversation the two would have, it didn’t matter to her anymore. She thought so until Kalis grabbed her wrist.  


“Kalis?” Seria called out.


Lina’s eyes widened at the sight, but he didn’t even look at her.  


“I’m sorry, Lina. I have to talk to Seria, so I’d like you to go rest.”


Lina’s eyes widened. Tears seemed to soon fill her eyes, but she didn’t cry. Surprisingly, she only spoke with her voice that contained her good-natured personality.


“Yes, I see. I’m going. I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I came here because I wanted to talk to your fiancée…”


Lina gave Seria a desperate look, then she asked the guard who was carrying her on his back.


“Hey, Sir.”


“Yes, Saintess?”


“Get a little closer, please, to Kalis’s fiancée, no, Lady Seria….” 


At Lina’s request, the guard hurriedly stepped closer to Seria. And she thought if the person standing here was the real Seria, it would have been very upsetting. The knight was of course taller than her, so Seria naturally looked up at Lina on his back. 


“Don’t blame Kalis too much, Seria. I wanted to go out on the glacier, but I never knew there would be a blizzard….”


She just looked at Lina without saying a word, but she was the only one who could answer now. As Seria’s silence grew longer, even the knight was breathing carefully. 




She called Lina by her first name just like Lina had called her. If you don’t call someone by their first name when you’re close, it’s rude.


“Didn’t you know that Kalis was my fiance?”


“I know! Of course I knew it! But Kalis is my precious friend, so I just wanted to make a beautiful memory for the last time…” 


Lina was crying now. 


‘Since he’s a precious friend, make last memories.’


There were many sarcastic remarks. Seria felt like burning up.


“Good. So you’ve made all those memories, now you won’t see Kalis again?’


“Yes, Seria…”


“I want you to swear on the star of Stern in front of me that finally, you made a good memory, so you won’t see Kalis again.”


Lina’s eyes widened. Her pretty eyes drooped down in tears. She looked at Kalis with her eyes as if she was in a relationship that was forcefully separated. And she looked at Seria again with her eyes shaking aimlessly.




The guard carrying Lina, who was unintentionally caught between her and Lina, lowered his eyes. He didn’t talk, but it seemed like he felt sorry for Lina. Was it because it was like watching the villain torment a good main character? And that her, Seria, was the villain?


But she endured as much as she could. She didn’t scream or get angry. The reason why she could maintain such a reason in this situation was because of the fear of words. The original Seria was decapitated by Kalis for bullying Lina. Like in this situation. Was it because she was scared that her hands were getting colder and colder? Belatedly, she realized that she had forgotten the wounds that were bleeding again. She had forgotten a few times. She forgot the pain because there were continuous bomb-like characters kept showing up.


“Hic hic….” 


Lina was now beginning to cry. There was no sign of stopping her tears. Seria couldn’t stand here indefinitely. Lina was on the knight’s back, and Kalis was a strong person. Although Seria’s body was strong, the opened wounds had to be treated quickly. When she tried to say that she felt sick and needed to go to the main castle, Lina came down from the back of the knight. Then she held her skirt with her trembling hands and bowed to Seria. This was the way ladies would greet each other. 


“I’m so sorry. In the name of the saint, I officially apologize….Ugh!”






Lina collapsed. Before the guard, who was assisting her, was shocked and reached out, Kalis grabbed Lina first and helped her up. Then, he handed Lina over to the guard and pulled Seria’s wrist. 


“Seria….Hey, can you stop now?” 


Kalis looked distressed.


“She can’t even walk, so stop pushing her. This is about you and me. There’s no reason to be so narrow minded to a Saintess who knows nothing.”


“Kalis, you mean…..” She took her eyes off him and said. “Anyway, do you want to keep seeing the Saintess?” 


“It’s not like that!”


“If not then what?!”


“What the hell… What’s wrong with you, Seria? You weren’t this petty before!”


If a person’s eyes would burst with high blood pressure, she would have lost both eyeballs today. She was embarrassed. It was her true feelings. The situation was embarrassing and humiliating, and even her hand got cold. Her fiance got married to another woman, and she passed out after she had personally apologized to her. The man who used to be her fiance got angry at her for being intolerant while he carefully lifted Lina up. Wouldn’t it have been better if there were only the three of them? However, there were knights and Linon here. Some passing nobles also stopped at a distance when they saw the scene.


She was angry. She couldn’t understand this situation where she was the only one who didn’t accept Lina and Kalis’s sincere apology, and she felt wronged. If Seria Stern had been a little less firm, she might not be able to control her emotions and probably even shed tears. It was also terrible that Kalis forgot about her pain and didn’t let go of her wrist.


 “Just let go of my wrist, Marquis Haneton.” She said, staring at Kalis. 


“Instead of becoming your Lady, I will not see the Marquis forever from today.” 


“You’re really going to end it….?!” 


Kalis expressed his anger momentarily, naturally giving strength to his hand. It happened to be where her wound was. Feeling the pain, she frowned. Then, the knight spoke. 


“Marquis Haneton, please step back.” 


When she tried to stop him, she could hear a low voice in her ears. 


“She said let go.” 


She didn’t know how, but at some point, she stumbled because she couldn’t overcome the momentary reaction. However, Kalis missed her, and the person who caught her, spoke.


“Marquis Haneton, are you deaf?”


It was Lesche Berg. In an instant, the corridor became quiet. Kalis stared at the Duke, and the Duke also responded without a hitch. The eternal confrontation ended unexpectedly simply. Lesche, who held her arm lightly, bowed his head with a frown. 


“My Lady, I think your wound broke.”


“Oh, yes. My wounds opened again.”


“I’ll have to take you to the priest.”


Lesche tried to take her to the main castle without hesitation, If only Kalis hadn’t clenched his teeth. 


“Your Highness, I’ll escort Lady Stern.” 


Lesche raised his eyebrows, then asked with a distinctly displeased voice. 


“Why would you?”