Chapter 7 Part 2




“Did Lady Stern suffer like that when you appeared as Stern?”  


“No. I’m not as sacred as a saint.”


Lesche frowned at Seria’s answer. She was startled and bowed her head thinking ‘What did I do? Did I say something wrong?’




Lesche’s red eyes turned to the priest who just signed his signature. 


“Did you not know that the influence of the Sacred Relic increases the amount of divine power? Did the Saintess not take her classes properly? There’s no way she didn’t know that her body was overflowing with divine power. Nevertheless, how dare she touch the Relic like this?”  


“That’s…. I wonder if it’s because she didn’t think she was Stern.” 




“So she might have touched it by mistake.” 


Lesche raised one eyebrow. Then he turned his gaze to Viscount Issac. Viscount Issac’s face turned pale. He was Lina’s teacher.


“Viscount. Tell me what you said earlier? Why did the saint touch the Relic?”  


“Well, Saintess Lina.” Viscount Issac glanced at Seria. “She has a vague admiration for Lady Stern….” 


That answer seemed to have taken Lady Seria aback. Vague admiration? So, was he saying that Lina touched the Relic on her own decision? Because Lina adored her? She wanted to check if she was a Stern? Why all of a sudden? All kinds of questions went through her head.


“Your Highness.”


Viscount Issac knelt on one knee. He was also a proud nobleman who received the fifth rank, but he could not deal with Grand Duke Lesche. No one thought it was too much even if he kneeled like that. Viscount Issac said with a pale face.


“It’s all my fault.”


However, Lesche was expressionless. It was cold and scary somehow. Then, a person came in.


“Your Highness! Saintess is awake!”


Apart from the brightly blooming faces of the priests, Lesche’s expression did not change much. She could hear his chief aide Linon whispering to Lesche.


“Your Majesty. Still, if you go in once, it’s good for your relationship with the high priests.. “


“Am I a babysitter?”


“For that matter…”


Lesche sighed with an annoyed expression. He seemed to think about it briefly, then went in, and the priest followed him in right after. There was Kalis in the bedroom. To be precise, he was sitting at the bedside where Lina was lying, holding her hand.


‘I had wondered where he went.’


Seria frowned lightly, and suddenly there was a whispering voice next to her.


 “Lady Seria.”


The man who suddenly spoke to her was Lesche’s chief aide. 


“Marquis Haneton is taking turns with His Majesty to stabilize the divine power for Saintess Lina. Don’t get him wrong.”


‘I didn’t get it wrong.’ Speaking reflexively, she sighed a little. 


“Actually, I almost misunderstood it. Thank you for your concern.”


Linon’s eyes widened.


“You are very honest.”


He said with a tone of admiration. She didn’t know how her words impressed him, but he grinned happily.


“It’s natural for you to be mindful. Since you’re now the most valuable Stern in Berg. If you stay here for a thousand years, I can do more.”


Seria almost forgot the situation and laughed at the whispering voice. It was then Lina opened her eyes, making a painful sound. Her face was pale and her lips were colorless. She looked like a dead body. Even though the maids kept wiping her forehead, she couldn’t stop breaking into a cold sweat.


“Saintess, are you okay?” 


Her black pupils moved back and forth slowly. She mumbled when she saw Kalis, who was holding her hand and stabilizing her divine power.




“Yes, Lina! It’s me! Are you awake?”



Kalis grabbed Lina’s hand tightly. Seria’s gaze was fixed on those two hands.


“It hurts…..”  


“You will be okay now. Don’t worry, Lina.”


His soothing voice comforted her. Seria could feel the maids sitting next to Lina glancing at her. Linon, who explained to her not to misunderstand the situation, was now silent. Then Abigail whispered to her.  


“Shall I cut their hands off ?” 


 “Huh?” Seria was bewildered after listening to Abigail’s casual words.




Lesche opened his mouth.


“You know, Berg Castle is very busy in winter. I can’t afford these kinds of accidents in the castle anymore.” 


At the moment, everyone seemed to doubt their ears. Lina’s eyes widened as she heard that she was implied as a troublemaker now. Disregarding her expression, Lesche called Linon.


“Linon, as soon as the Saintess is able to move, return her to the temple.”  


“Yes, Your Highness.”  


“Your Highness!” 


Upon hearing that, Kalis jumped up, calling out Lesche’s name.  He was very angry. Seria felt his anger more than anyone because she was very good at reading Kalis’s expression.


“Your Highness, aren’t you too much? She’s sick not because she wants to. Do you have to say that in front of the patient?”


Lesche made a sarcastic expression.


“Can’t I speak my way in my own castle?” 


 “… Still, it’s too much. St. Lina is a patient.”  


“You’re right, she’s a patient,” Lesche said while making a gesture towards Seria. “Your fiancee is not in good shape either, don’t you think you’re taking care of the wrong person?”


Kalis paused for a moment. Then, Lesche continued speaking.


“Some might think your fiancee is the Saintess and not Seria Stern.”