Chapter 4 Part 1


She could feel Alliot looking at Lesche with horror. If Lesche had not been his lord, he would have caught the counterattack right away.

‘Take it easy, take it easy Alliot. If you die, I’ll die too.’ Seria thought to herself.

“Your Highness.” She answered as calmly as possible. “That thought hasn’t crossed my mind. And even if I get frostbite, I won’t call the priest anymore.”

Lesche asked back in a sarcastic voice.

“Will your fiance listen to that?”

“Probably. Kalis seems to be busy with Lina.”

“Because of that Saintess?”

It was an unexpected, but accurate understanding of the situation.

“Is Marquis Kalis Haneton having an affair with an unknown Saintess?”

At the moment, her two hands, which were politely gathered, trembled. As if Lesche already knew the answer, he also knew she was embarrassed. He said nothing else. After a moment of silence, he turned back and looked at Alliot.


“Yes, your Highness.”

“Are you done checking the lake?”

“Yes! Thanks to the hard work of Lady Seria Stern, we have checked it.”

He deliberately praised her in front of Lesche. Seria pledged to call Alliot an angel starting today. While Lesche looked at the far end of the lake for a moment, Seria stared at him on the side, she knew for sure.

‘He is a real male protagonist.’

His pure white silver hair suited well with this snowy field. But he had such a cold and irritating manner of talking. Nevertheless, his face was the reason why there were so many ladies who yearned for him. He had a very dazzling appearance.

“That’s all?”

“Yes, your Highness.”

Alliot (angel) first moved to the side where the horses were bound. The moment she tried to go along with him, the warmth that wrapped around her body instantly solidified. Then she realized what’s happening. Lesche had taken off his coat and wrapped them around her shoulders.

“It would be good for your precious Stern’s body to not catch a cold.”

Then, before Seria could give her thanks, Lesche moved his long legs and began to stride away. She blinked blankly for a moment, then hurriedly followed him. The male protagonist’s coat was quite large, but not by a lot.


Empire Glick was a country with a peculiar structure that centered on a huge plain which stretched to East, West, North and South. What separated the plain was a strict mountain range. Among these lands in the form of an equilateral cross, the northern part was too cold and desolate to live. Most people in the plains live in the East, West, South and the central plain. This plain of the empire was vast, but the mountain ranges at the border were deadly. Most of all, because it contained frozen lakes and glaciers, it had become very dangerous periodically. Naturally, the empire relocated to the safe and prosperous south, while the frozen lake in the center and the watchman family who owned the land to the end remained. That was the Berg family. And Berg’s head was called the Grand Duke.

Grand Duke Lesche Berg.

Like the old sacred family, there were pledges and rituals that could only be conducted in this estate. One of them was Stern’s wedding. That was why Seria was in this castle with Kalis before her wedding. Because it was best to gather the nobles here. Oddly enough, the original Stern had a limited number of places where she could give her wedding vows. Was it because of the divine power issue? One of those places was right here in Berg estate. In theory, Stern could have a sacred wedding anywhere in this center land. In Berg estate, wedding halls for Stern were established hundreds of years ago. In fact, Seria always wanted to avoid having a wedding in this estate. However, she was forced to come because of her inevitable situation.

‘This is the original place where the wedding ceremony of the heroine and the male lead was held at the end.’

In the ending scene of the novel, Lina and Lesche were married at the Berg estate. The reason was? Because Lina was actually a Stern. It was a novel for the female protagonist, all settings were arranged. It was in the mid-to-later part of the novel that the secret about Lina was actually revealed. For this reason, there was no need to explain how the original Seria fared. She thought she was unique for being a Stern, but Lina, the eyesore, was also a Stern.

It must have been an unbearable fact for Seria, who lived in a luxury. So Seria, the vicious villain, kidnapped Lina and tried to torture and kill her.

‘But I’m not the mad villain in the original.’

When it turned out that Lina was Stern, it was the time to finally walk the flowery path. Until then, Lina really struggled tremendously during the early and mid story. It was not just Lina’s suffering, but the male protagonist also struggled incredibly. It seems that the starting point of that devastating hardship was just around the corner….While Seria was walking and remembering the original story with a frown on her forehead, suddenly a voice rang, and she looked up.

“Lady Seria!”

A bright smile naturally blossomed.

“Are you back?”

“Yes, I’ve just returned.”

Abigail Orrien. Her nickname was Bibi. She was Seria’s bodyguard, who had a friendly smile and warm eyes. Seria asked, whispering into Abigail’s ear.

“You didn’t kill anyone, did you?”

“Oh my God.”

Abigail smiled gently and whispered.

“I told you I won’t kill anyone unless they are criminals.”