Chapter 6 Part 2




As she lifted her head, she dropped the silk bag she had in her hand, and the silver branches fell to the floor. She immediately squatted down in panic. She felt like she could die from embarrassment because she was doing this in front of the man whose status was too high. She then quickly picked up the dirty bag, swept it, and tried to leave, but Lesche bent his long legs in front of her, and with his long fingers he picked up the silver branches. What was this situation?


“The bag?”  




Lesche took a silk bag from her and put in the silver branches.  


“Thank you, Your Highness.” 


Seria said thank you and as she turned away, she heard Lesche’s voice from behind. 


 “Are you going to the glacier today?”


  “Yes, Your Highness. Sir Alliot decided to go.” 


 “I don’t understand.”




Lesche looked at her with an expression like he was seeing a rare creature.  


“I am aware that Linon took care of your wedding hall meticulously. Is it still lacking of some sorts?”


“What do you mean?”


“I doubt there’s any actual need to double check the glacier.”


She knew Linon. As Lesche’s chief aide, he was quite meddlesome in the original story. If he was the one that prepared all this, then….No, His Highness prepared it. Lesche had the wedding hall decorated in return for the favor of checking the glacier. The original male lead had a definite personality for reward and punishment. However, the decorations were more beautiful and luxurious than she thought. She had mistakenly thought that Kalis was the one who had prepared it.


 “Didn’t you work hard in hopes of that? Whenever you came to the castle, if you didn’t like something, you would scream.”


Lesche said with an indifferent expression.


“You never did that in front of me, but more than 100 servants said they were sick serving you.”


A cold sweat running down her face. What did the original Seria do that caused more than 100 servants to suffer? All Seria currently knew was from the fragmentary memories that remained in Seria’s original body. Fortunately, the original’s learning skills, knowledge, and habits remained perfect. If it wasn’t for that, all the gestures peculiar to a noble lady would have evaporated. That’s why she was glad that she could make this awkward smile right away.


 “I will check harder to compensate for the 100 people who suffered last time.”


 Lesche laughed. ‘He laughed?’ He knew how to laugh?’ Seria stared at his smile and found it unfamiliar.


“It’s a shame that Lady Stern is leaving for Haneton then.”


She doubted her ears for a moment. Was he going to be sad? Him? Was this person really Lesche? All sorts of questions went through her mind and whether she looked at him strangely or not, he added.


“There is no way that a Stern like you will come next year, Lady Stern.”  




Indeed, no Stern would check the glacier every day for a week like her. But since she heard that from the male lead.. It was like a life saving security check. Seria laughed a little. She was filled with hope that when she came in the next year, if she worked hard, the real bad ending would be forever gone. Hope comes with motivation. That day, when she checked the glacier through the cold, she felt much better than usual. When she got back to the room, an unexpected gift was waiting for her. 


“My Lady! You got a gift! Look!” 


The two maids assigned to her were excited.  


“Weren’t all the gifts organized yesterday?” 


 “This is a new one from Marquis Haneton!” 


 “From Kalis?” 


“Yes. Look, this sapphire is really clear and very rich in color! Besides, silk ribbons made by a capital designer, and shabo (a lady’s hat with ribbon and lace hanging on a wide brim), with tail feathers of a precious bird  ..”


After picking out a few of the gifts to give out to the ladies of Haneton Estate tomorrow, she tilted her head a little. Based on her memory, she opened one of Seria’s travel boxes and saw a sparkling bracelet. 


 “Please wrap this up.”  


“It’s an amethyst bracelet.”


“Isn’t this very valuable? You want to give it to Marquis Haneton?” 




“Okay! How about writing the name of the Marquis yourself here?”  




“Should I do that?” 


“Wouldn’t it be nice if Marquis Haneton is happy with your gift?”


 “That’s…That’s right.” 


She followed the maid’s advice. The maids seemed to be touched, but the truth was…


‘That’s not it.’  Seria owned almost no money at all. ‘Not that I don’t actually have any.’ But to be exact, she had nothing in her name, no sort of wealth or savings whatsoever.