Chapter 6 Part 1




Like a female actress in a different world dimension, Lina showed off her simple and gentle charm throughout the whole story.  Perhaps because of that, she was unable to get used to the lavish and idle bathing services peculiar to the nobles. So, after refusing the maids who tried to wash her, Lina always washed herself. Therefore, she discovered the star-shaped mark on her body very late. However, wasn’t the mark placed on her inner thigh? It was in a very intimate place. It’s weird to think about. Anyway, how did Seria find out about the mark?


The original Seria had a strong belief that Lina couldn’t be Stern.  So she thought nothing would happen if Lina touched the Relic.  It wasn’t a good idea. No other person in the world would wish that Lina wasn’t Stern as much as Seria. She had to establish her position. She made Lina touch the Relic by having her place it at her heart.. And the result? Lina was a Stern. All kinds of precious things belonged to the original female protagonist. And Seria, who had been half crazy from that time, turned crazy completely. After committing all sorts of evil deeds for a while, she got her throat split and died. Since then, her name did not appear once in the original.  


‘I have to be careful…. .’


She needed to go to Haneton estate quickly after the wedding and stayed put. She wouldn’t show her presence again until the original story had finished. Recalculating her life plan, she took steps to go to see the ladies who were waiting for her. 


“Oh my gosh! The wedding hall is so pretty!” 


“Stern’s wedding hall is indeed different, it’s so amazing!”  


“Stern means star, right?” (*German/Yiddish word Stern means “Star”)


The noble ladies had a gleam in their eyes and looked around the wedding hall. They were the ladies of the Haneton estate, and they had just arrived yesterday. They just had a small tea party as hospitality by the hostess and upon hearing that the wedding preparations were over, they went to see the wedding hall together. It was beautiful. The high ceiling that reached the second floor had a vibrant crystal chandelier that looked like water droplets.  The marble columns covered in golden coils were elegant and there were sculptures of angels singing songs. The white muslin that hung on the ceiling looked like clouds. Above all those items, there were dozens of shiny metal insignia decorated as if they had been sprinkled with gold.


Seria saw the unique decorations that were in the original story, “A decoration with deep traditional value….that was only used at Stern’s wedding.” It didn’t look like this when she looked around the first day. It was a luxurious and profound atmosphere back then, but now…..It looked definitely for a Saintess? It was very colorful and dazzling enough for a Saintess to get married. The priests wouldn’t decorate it like this. Was this Kalis’s order?


They couldn’t have the tea party in the garden due to the winter cold. Still, the villa opened in the Berg Castle was nice, and they could enjoy a tea party with a good atmosphere. Besides, the skill of the patissier was excellent. In fact, the owner, Lesche, didn’t like sweets. but in the original story, he hired a talented patissier for a reason that was quite cute. Thanks to him, the ladies chatted happily while tasting the eclair sprinkled with chocolate.


“Lady Stern. Haneton Manor is really beautiful. There are also several large theaters.” 


“The only thing missing is the hostess’ presence.” 


“Now Lady Stern is the hostess of Haneton!”


The ladies were kind to her. This was the reason she wanted to buy their favor before officially becoming the Hostess of Haneton. Well, they treated her well in front of her face anyway, so there was no reason to hate it. 


 ‘If I go to Haneton estate, it’s good to get along with the ladies there.’ Besides, it’s best to buy the housewives’ favor wherever you are. There’s nothing good going against them. The tea party was quite enjoyable. The music from the harp played by one of the ladies was quite catchy. She hummed and picked up a silver tree branch. It was these silver tree branches that were  indispensable for the glacier inspection.  


Unlike ordinary laurel branches, these silver leaves sparkled silver. It was said that pure silver, salt, soft iron, and flame-burned sage herbs purified the space, these silver tree branches purified the glacier, the grave of the beast, and further binding the barrier.  Since it was not enough to reduce the temperature of the Star armor keystone, the knights in the absence of Stern used to carry silver branches as substitutes.


‘If Stern became a plant, it would be just like a silver tree.’ 


If she put a branch of a silver tree in the snow field of a glacier and came to see it after a while, it would be completely dead. Therefore, the probability of demons appearing significantly decreased the more often new silver branches were inserted during the inspection. Of course, this was a work that ordinary Sternes didn’t like very much. Winter’s glacier was very cold with the cold of the north. But Seria didn’t hate it. As long as she did her duty sincerely, her reputation had risen, so there was no reason to dislike it. It was a good thing that her miserable death could be prevented. She was in the midst of vigorously gathering the silver branches.  


“You look happy, Lady Stern.”


Seria looked back in astonishment. Silver hair that shined like snow and bright red eyes. Unrealistically beautiful appearance.  


“Your Highness.”


It was Lesche. His red eyes were looking straight at her, so she lowered her head lightly.  


“It looks like your wedding is approaching. The castle is quite noisy.” 


“Is it noisy? I will be careful.”  


“I don’t mean that.” 


 “Yes ?”