Chapter 7 Part 1




After becoming a Stern, Seria received a townhouse located on the main street close to the temple. As a Stern, the cost of maintaining the prestige of the townhouse was also paid monthly. Although the amount received was quite large, the money Seria spent was much larger. Every day, she wanted to drink champagne, which was similar in value to gold, and bathed in pearl infused water. The dresses were also replaced every week, not to mention the bags, shoes, gloves, and accessories. How much did she spend just for jewelry? The jewelry was expensive. Since she decided to pay monthly payments, she had to spend all of the incoming maintenance expenses, except for living expenses, to pay off all the debt the old Seria had acquired. She paid off everything just last month.  


Seria was a beautiful woman who was blinded by materialistic things, she received quite a few gifts from male nobles who had a soft heart for her.  But in fact, most of them were useless gifts.  Flowers, jewelry, fans, laces, and things like that. 


‘The flowers all withered, and the rest of them don’t cost much money.’


 Besides, it was all gifts for women, there was really nothing she could give Kalis. The only thing that was good was an amethyst bracelet. It was very valuable until Lina found it later.


After taking good care of the bracelet, Seria was currently spending time and drinking tea with Abigail and the priest. Knock. Knock. There was an urgent knock on the door. Then the door popped open with a swish.


“Priest! We’re in trouble!” 


It was a probationary priest. 


“Calm down. What is it?”  


The Saintess has fallen!”




The priest jumped up out of his seat, while Seria got up in a panic. The probationary priest who brought the news also informed them with even more news. 


“Also, next to her, the Keystone was shining transparently.”


“What?” Seria doubted her ears for a moment. That only meant one thing. Lina was found to be a Stern. The villain lived quietly trying to save her life but why did it happen so fast. It was still in the early parts of the original story, so how could this happen? Moreover, unlike the original, Lina hadn’t stabilized her divine power yet. She could really die. Suddenly Seria got goosebumps. What if the heroine dies? What will happen to the original story? However, there was no way to know. This was something Seria had never thought about.


“His Highness told me to bring the Priest and Lady Seria!”




“Yes, My Lady!”  


“Why me?”


She didn’t know why she was summoned, but she couldn’t reject Lesche’s command, so she went straight ahead. Abigail immediately followed her.  


‘I guess the incident hasn’t spread yet.’


In this Berg Castle, there were many nobles from Haneton estate and various territories. However, since the separate house where Lina stayed was quiet, perhaps the news hadn’t spread yet. Only those who were treating Lina were busy running around. 


What about Saintess?” 


“She has just escaped death! Fortunately, the Grand Duke and Marquis Haneton were in the castle!”  


“That’s a relief…..” 


With a sigh of relief, the priest saw Lesche standing at the door and hurried up to greet him.


“Thank you, Your Highness. I greet you on behalf of those who worship God.”


Thinking that the crisis was over, good news was bound to follow after that. The priest, who had run wildly, said, holding his breath. 


“Who would have thought that Saintess would also be a Stern. She will surely stay in the Berg estate and watch the glacier.”



Lesche had a rare gentle expression. No, to be precise,this was the first time in her entire life she had seen him look like that. Was he aware of his heart after seeing Lina hurt? However, on the contrary to these expectations, the words from Lesche’s mouth were unexpected.  


“I would like it to be documented.”




“As you know, Berg is sensitive to the matter of the guardian of the glacier. I hope the priest will be in charge and leave it in writing. Linon?”


As soon as Lesche called, the chief aide handed out the paper to the priest.


“Of course I prepared it in advance. Priest. Now, sign here.” 


The priest signed the document.  


‘He is a real ruse.’ Seria tried to move away. For some reason, she thought he would tell her to stay here all three months in winter. At that moment, she went looking for Kalis. 


“Lady Seria.”  


“Yes, Your Highness?


She stopped immediately to respond to the Duke’s call.