Chapter 5 Part 2




 “Stern is a title given to her by the Holy Kingdom. Lady Seria is a rare Stern, recognized by the High Priest.”


“Ah… It’s like a Catholic baptismal name.”  


“Baptismal name?”


“In my original world… There is something like that.” Lina said and tilted her head. “Can I get that title too?” 


 “What? Aren’t you already a Saintess?”  


“But being a Stern is better.” 


“So in the eyes of Saintess Lina, Lady Stern looks even better.”


Viscount Issac thought twice before answering. The lady who was drawing the most attention in Berg Castle right now was Seria Stern. And the wedding between her and Kalis Haneton was just a few days away. The castle was busy preparing the wedding hall for them. Countless nobles from different territories, including the Haneton estate, arrived to attend the wedding. They all wanted to take a peek at Seria, so the villa where she was staying was always crowded.


 “But Saintess will also receive a very splendid reception in half a year. Of course, you are to learn all the social etiquettes before that.”


Lena replied bluntly. “I still want to be a Stern, like Kalis’ fiancée.” 


Viscount Issac said with laughter.  “To be a Stern you would have to meet certain standards and requirements.”  


Standards? What are they? I’m confident that I can learn anything quickly.”


“Ahahaha. The title Stern is not something you can obtain by learning, Saintess.”


Viscount Issac, who burst into laughter, kindly explained. 


“A Stern has a star-shaped dot somewhere on her body. It is not a birthmark and would manifest itself at the age of 15. And she has to be born on a Wednesday in the winter to possess the power.”


Lina was not Stern. Because if she was, the maids who had helped her bathe would have already found the starshaped dot. But they found no such thing.


“Star-shaped dot…. A Wednesday in Winter… ” Lina was deep in her thoughts while counting her fingers.


Seeing Lina was deep in thought, Viscount Issac didn’t think she would or could pay any more attention to his teaching if he continued, so he dismissed the class earlier than usual.


“That is all for today, Saintess.”




“It will be Lady Seria’s birthday soon.”


“Winter Wednesday.”


When the priest who gave Seria the medicine for the cold, laughed, Abigail nodded. 


Time flies so fast.” 


“I see. I was so busy that I forgot about it.” 


As soon as tomorrow came, Seria decided to host a small tea party with the noble ladies from the Haneton estate. A Wednesday in winter. There was such a song in the temple. 


 Monday’s child is fair of face

Tuesday’s child is full of grace

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Thursday’s child has far to go,

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child works hard for a living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny ( attractive) and blithe (happy), and good and gay (cheerful).


“Isn’t it too unfair to all the children born on Wednesday?”


If only she got a penny every time she was sad...


Seria Stern was born on a winter Wednesday. On the day of her 15th birthday, a small star-shaped dot appeared on her white neck, she possessed divine power and officially became a Stern. That was the explanation in the original story. Although Stern’s divine power was completely different from that of the divine powers of the priest. She said that it was because Sterns were rare, and did not make a distinction. The conversation that led to her birthday suddenly turned to Lina. The priest said with a sigh. 


“Now that I think about it, Saintess seems to have much interest in the Sacred Relic, and I must say that it’s very troublesome.”


Saintess? Wouldn’t it be dangerous since her divine powers are not stabilized?”


“I told her that, but she is still very curious.”


It was the same in the original story. Lina was a lively and lovely classic female protagonist, and she was also curious. As a result, several incidents arose in the middle of the story. After all sorts of hardships, Lina completely stabilized her divine power. And Lina was overjoyed to see her skin clear of all the bruises. However, after a while, Lina got hurt in a new trial. She had laid her hands on the Sacred Relic. The rare Keystone that was known to only react to a Stern’s touch. After Lina came in contact with the holy stone, the divine power of the Sterns that had remained dormant within her, awakened. And, Lina, being critically hurt once was enough for Lesche, the male lead, to become aware of his feelings…


In the original story, the person who made Lina touch the Keystone was…..


‘Seria Stern.’


‘It’s me. It’s me again.’