Chapter 12


When I held out the fan, the man looked over the fan and looked at me.


His eyes were wondering, ‘how is she going to defeat the enemy with this?’


“Look closely.”


As I brought the fan closer to him and said, the man looked carefully at it.


Soon the man, who found a pointed acupuncture point on the tip of the fan rib, let out a small exclamation. 




“It’s a needle with paralysis poison. It’s not life-threatening, but you can’t move for two days.”


I lightly pressed the handle of the fan. Then, the needle disappeared into the fan rib.


The man whistled interestingly. “This is my first time seeing this kind of fan.”


“Of course it is. I made this myself.”


The position of the next duchess was more life-threatening than I thought. In particular, when the Duke couple died, the mansion was in danger. Numerous people attacked Philen with me aiming for Duke Williot. When Philen went to the war, the attack became more severe.


There were escort knights, but they couldn’t keep protecting every minute. And I couldn’t trust them completely. In fact, there were times when they attacked me under the guise of a servant or an escort knight.


There were also times when those who I believed betrayed me, and I realized it then. I couldn’t trust anyone. I had to protect myself. 


I thought about learning swordsmanship, but it was unacceptable in nobility society for the noble Lady to learn swordsmanship. The noble lady in their heads was like a flower in a greenhouse which had to be protected. 


Above all, I wasn’t good at swordsmanship at all. I thought it would take at least 10 years to learn swordsmanship