Chapter 21


Half leaning against the railing, I stood up and greeted him politely.


“Leila Thebesa, I greet the sun of the Empire.”


“Such a distant greeting.”


The Emperor smiled bitterly and stroked his chin.


“That’s why I didn’t want to reveal my identity to the Lady. That’s too bad.”


“It was something I would find out one day.”


“That’s true.”


The Emperor’s lips loosened.


“So, do you know my name now?”


“Of course. How can I not know Your Majesty’s name?”


“Tell me.”


“Your Majesty, Emperor Kalian de Cheffel Yousveldia.”


“You know it exactly.”


The Emperor, Kalian, slowly walked towards me and spoke.


“Now that you discovered that I’m the emperor, can I speak comfortably?”


It was a matter of course. I nodded slowly.


“Please make yourself comfortable, Your Majesty.”




Kalian spoke casually as if he had been waiting.


“What are you doing here?”


“I was getting some fresh air.”


“Well, the banquet hall is a little hot.”


Coming to my side, Kalian leaned his upper body on the terrace.


The wind gently brushed his hair.


Unlike him, who was leaning comfortably, I was tense and my back was straightened.


“It would be uncomfortable to stand like that.”


“It’s okay.” 


“Your tone is completely uncomfortable.”


Kalian’s eyebrows furrowed in discontent. He suddenly grabbed my wrist and made me sit on a chair on the side of the terrace.


How could I sit while the Emperor was standing? It couldn’t have happened.


As I tried to stand up in surprise, he gently pressed my shoulder.


“Sit, don’t stand up.”


“But Your Majesty is standing, how can I…”


“It’s okay. I like standing.”


Kalian gave a playful wink.


“And I wear comfortable shoes. The Lady wears uncomfortable heels, right?”


As Kalian stood, he glanced at my heels that were slightly exposed, and clicked his tongue.


“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, women are amazing. How could they wear something like that?”


I tacitly agreed with him, as I felt the same way.


“I will not refuse the favor you have given me.”


“Yeah. Please do not refuse.”


Kalian smiled slightly and leaned against the railing.


“So, is the party fun?”


“It’s fun.”


“You’re lying. You made a very boring face a while ago.”


Did you see that? Well, you heard what I said, but you couldn’t have seen it.


As soon as the lie was exposed, I put on an awkward face.


I thought he would rebuke me for lying to the emperor, but s