Chapter 8


Cecily, who was unconscious, soon woke up unscathed.


Fortunately, the misunderstanding was cleared up. Perhaps because the threat had already come out from his mouth, Philen didn’t visit me again. 


The threat he left behind became a big stone and weighed heavily on my heart. To make matters worse, the rain made me feel depressed and fell to the bottom. 


The rain started late at night and continued to rain the next day. On days like this, it was best to stay in the room and read books without doing anything, but sadly, I couldn’t.


“Wow, it’s raining a lot.”


It’s because Countess Thebesa came to visit.


The fact that I had to deal with her when my mind was confused and complicated felt terrible. However, since I couldn’t ask the woman who had come to go back again, I smiled hard and greeted her. 


“Welcome, Mother.”


Using the title that’s only used in front of other people.


Countess Thebesa frowned slightly, as if not liking when I called her mother.


“Yeah, I’m glad you seem to be doing well. Leila.” 


For a moment, she looked at me wearing the mask of a loving mother, like a person who had long been in the social world. 


I held back my stomach, trying not to laugh. 


Couldn’t stand to continue talking in the hall, I headed to the parlor with Countess Thebesa. She came in and asked for everyone but her to be sent out.


I guessed she wanted to take off the mask she’s forced to wear. I was also hoping for it, so I was willing to accept it. 


The maid put down the refreshments and stepped back. After everyone disappeared, a heavy silence flowed into the parlor where the two were left alone.


“Your face looks really good.” Countess Thebesa, who had taken off her mask, said while picking up the teacup with a frosty face. “Even though it’s like that, you have a good face. I don’t know if I should say it’s good, or… should I say stupid?”


Is it an insult for me from the beginning?


I wasn’t in a good mood, but it was something I heard often, so I was able to keep my expressionless face.


“I’m not in the mood for a long conversation, so just tell me your business. ”


As I spoke straight out, Countess Thebesa twisted her mouth. “You’re rude as always.” 


“Would you like to have a long conversation with me, Mother?” I deliberately called her mother. 


The Countess looked at me with a frown. Her eyes were full of disapproval. If it was in the past, I would avoid her gaze because I didn’t know what to do, but it wasn’t me now. I calmly caught her gaze.


Countess Thebesa snorted and put the teacup down. “Don’t pretend like a real duchess just because you’ve been acting like a duchess. Don’t forget Leila…” Her friendly smile was creepy. “You’re still Leila Thebesa.”


It might not be an illusion that she emphasized the word of Thebesa. 


I didn’t like the fact that I was still wearing the title of Thebesa.


I wanted to let her know that I knew it too, but I stopped. I didn’t want to argue with this woman for such a trivial thing. 


“You didn’t come here to say that, did you?”


“I heard that Duke Williot brought a mistress into the mansion.”


I picked up the teacup and stopped at Countess Thebesa’s next comment. 


“I heard he even had a child.”


“…how did you know?”


“Is that important now? It’s important that she got pregnant before you.”


Countess Thebesa continued with her tongue clicked as if she was at a loss of words.


“What are you going to do now? Because of her, your position has become ambiguous.”




“That’s why, as soon as the former Duke couple passed away, I told you to get married quickly and become the duchess, but you didn’t even listen to me. It serves you right.”


I wanted to refute it, but I couldn’t refute it because it was right. At least Philen made such a threat yesterday. 


They were red and blue respectively.


“…what’s this?”


To my question, Countess Thebesa gave me the red pill.


“This drug helps you to get pregnant.”


This time, she gave me the blue pill.


“It’s an abortion drug.”




I looked at Countess Thebesa in surprise.


“If she gives birth, your position will be shaken. You could be broken up. Even if you become the duchess, you’d be a scarecrow.”


Countess Thebesa said it was only natural for her to bring the abortion pill.


“It’s a good thing if you become the duchess, but if you broke up, what would you do then? Don’t tell me, you’re coming back to the house?”


Countess Thebesa shook her head as if it were terrible just to think about it.


“If you’re thinking about that, throw that away. I have no intention of accepting you again.”


It’s a harsh word, but it was nice to hear. Rather, I would have hated it even more if she had told me to come back.


“By the way, you’re already 24 years old. You’re old enough to be married. But do you think you can get married again after you’re broken up?”




“You can do it somehow. If you marry a very old nobleman.”


Countess Thebesa sarcastically asked if I wanted something like that.


I already knew it, but I wasn’t in a good mood when I was shot like this. It was even worse because the opponent was Countess Thebesa.


“If you’re going to say something weird, please leave now.”


“I don’t know why you think it’s weird. It’s all because I’m worried about you.”


“Where on earth are you worried about me?”


“If I weren’t worried, would I be looking for drugs like this?”


At those words, my attention turned to the drugs she had brought again. To be precise, to the blue, abortion pill.


Countess Thebesa smiled strangely as I could hardly take my eyes off the abortion pill.


“It was said that just one drop would result in a child stillbirth.”


She looked like a demon from hell.


“If you want to keep your place, feed her.”


Strangely enough, it sounded like sweet angelic whispers to me. 




I hated Cecily, but I didn’t want to kill her. It was the same for Cecily and Philen’s child.


What sin is the child guilty of?


If asked who was the guilty one, it was Philen, who hugged another woman over her fianceé. 


Cecily was also a victim in some way. So I couldn’t use the drug that Countess Thebesa gave me and put it deep in the drawer of my dressing table.


If I was not going to use it, it’s right to throw it away, but strangely, I couldn’t.


It’s been a while since Philen returned to the mansion, but the Duke’s job was still my job.


“I think it’s right to hand over the job to the Duke, My lady.”


Near the end of the meeting, one of the aides, Kent, spoke to me.


“In the past, he was a disappointment, but these days, he seems to be fine, so I think it’s right to hand over the job.”


“I think the same thing.”


“It’s okay. It’s good news for me, as I’ll have a lot of spare time if the Duke takes the job. So please congratulate me, not worried, Baron Wizard.”


“If you say so, I will congratulate you.”


Only then did Baron Wizard leave with a relieved smile. As soon as Baron Wizard left, I sighed and touched my head.


The good news must be good, right? Leila.


I asked myself a question, but I myself couldn’t answer it. It only deepened my frustration.


“My lady, the dressmakers are here.”


Ah, are the clothes already done?


I would leave for the capital the day after tomorrow, so it was time for the finished clothes to come.


“What about the accessory craftsmen and the shoemakers?”


“I was informed that they were coming today.”


“I have to compare it with the finished clothes, so tell him to come right away.”


“I understand.”


Misa immediately ordered a servant to contact the accessory craftsmen and shoemakers.


“I’m sorry about the dressmakers, but ask them to wait a little bit and take them to the parlor. Treat them properly.”




“By the time the other craftsmen arrive, call the Duke and ask him to come to the parlor. We have to choose the clothes.”


After having Misa do this and that, I took care of the rest.


It was originally the Duchess’ job, including managing the mansion’s finances. I was looking at financial documents such as money to be spent today, money to be spent in the capital, and tax management, but Misa reported that other craftsmen had come.


“Okay. I’ll be right out, so go ahead.”


Financial documents were confidential that couldn’t be shown to anyone. So I was going to put it in the safe and cover it, but Misa didn’t go out and looked at me.




“Um, that, My lady…”


“If you have something to say, don’t hesitate to say it.”


When I pressed her, Misa closed her eyes tightly and continued. 


“That woman is in the parlor, too.”