Chapter 1 - Prologue

Seria’s sleep has increased dramatically lately. It was different from a year ago. Last year, Seria was the socialite’s most famous villainess. There was no time to sleep as she chased banquets and ballroom dances every day, and got away with it.

There was no one who could stop her because of her status and position. But it’s been a long time since she’s been active. All the nobles knew that Seria became a repentant woman. She changed slowly within the lines until everyone was convinced. It was still a mystery how the mad woman became so quiet. And there was Seria, sitting on the luxurious terrace and dozing off.

“It’s because you have a cold, my Lady. I heard that winter’s cold will make you sleepy like this.”

It was the priest sent from the temple who spoke softly to Seria. She was the one who came to this distant province purely because of Seria’s cold. The priest looked down the terrace with warm eyes. There stood a woman with black hair.

“The saint is coming from heaven. It is truly a blessing from heaven. Of course, Lady Seria is also blessed by God, so she will soon shake off the cold. She will always be healthy.”

The priest’s virtues were mild. Her face was full of joyful expressions.


Seria followed the priest and looked outside the terrace. She saw the saint, Lina, with dark auburn hair and ivory skin. Yes, she was a saint. In the original novel that Seria read, the heroine was called a saint.

This was the world of a novel. Just a few days ago, as in line with the original plot, the female protagonist fell from the sky.

“Oh, isn’t that your fiance, Lady Seria?”

The priest was right. Next to Lina was a handsome man with light brown hair that stood out from afar. Kalis strode towards Lina’s side, and she smiled brightly as she greeted him. Lina’s laughter was clearly seen from this terrace, which was quite far away. She was wearing a dress that exposed her shoulders, and a chilly breeze blew. Kalis thought about it for a while, then took off his coat and wrapped it around Lina’s shoulders. Seria felt a little strange at that sight.

“That bastard.”

He was Seria’s fiancé. He abandoned Seria only one week before their wedding.

“Should I go down and pull their hair out? But if I do that, will I not die?”

“You have been on the terrace all day with the patient.”

At that time, Seria and the priest looked reflexively towards the origin of the voice they heard. Seria rose from her seat while the priest hurriedly bowed her head.

“Your Highness the Grand Duke Lescheberg.”

His red eyes looked at the priest as if they were covered in blood. His cold eyes were dark and full of irritation.

“Lady Seria, wasn’t it outrageous to have your fiancé call the priest when your worsening cold was due to spending all day on the terrace?”

This man was never concerned about Seria’s health. It was just a nuisance to not have enough priests on his own estate and had to ask more from the temple instead.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

He stared at Seria and turned his gaze as he spoke to the priest.

“Take her to the temple as soon as possible.”

“In my opinion, she should stay here a little longer for stability…. Your Highness!”

The priest quickly followed along the Duke who walked away after he said his piece. Seria didn’t care much. ‘Because he is the main character.’ He is cold now, but in the future, he will change and look at the heroine with honey dripping from his eyes. That was the fate of the male protagonist and the ending of the original story. Seria. She thought about the title of the novel that she had read.


Seria was originally an ordinary graduate student. Yes. A graduate student cannot be called an ordinary person. Anyway, when she woke up one day, she had possessed a character in the novel she was reading. She couldn’t tell how she died or how she got over it. It was hard for her to remember what she had forgotten. The important thing was about Seria Stern, the person she possessed. Seria Stern was the biggest villain in the novel. Similar to her name in reality.

If asked to choose one of the most popular villains in the world of imperial society, 100 out of 130 people would choose her as a villain. A cold attitude unlike her flawless appearance, and a tendency to pour champagne over others’ heads. Of course, there was a natural sense of inferiority in the victim.

Seria was a young maiden of the prestigious Marquis Kellyden family in the West, but her mother was a humble actress. Has she mentioned that her mother was a commoner? However, she was a beauty. Thanks to this, Seria, who inherited her mother’s blood, was also a great beauty with bright green hair and icy blue eyes.

But Marquis Kellyden already had two sons. Both sons of flawless descent from high-ranking officers. Only Seria’s biological mother was a rare actress. Because of that, Seria was unable to fit in with her family at home. Hobbies were luxury. Specialty was wasted. The relationship with the family was also the worst. However, the day Seria turned fifteen, the situation changed. It was revealed that Seria was a person with divine power. So what happened?

Seria took the title of Stern from the temple as her last name, and left Marquis Kellyden, and went to the capital to enjoy a luxurious life. But around a year or so, Seria changed. Since Seria was in possession of the villainess’s body. At first, she couldn’t wrap around the reason why she had possessed her. After all, this novel was unique in only a few parts of the setting, the other characters and relationships were thoroughly cliché.

It was a setting that Lina, the female protagonist, who was a dimensional traveler, fell into a different world and received plenty of love from the male protagonist and sub-male, and of course, the cliché of a happy ending was faithfully followed. But wherever there is light, there is also shadow. Of course, there was also a villain who died miserably. That was her, Seria Stern. She even had her life ended with her throat splitting in half by Kalis’ knife… She wanted to live. During her last life as a student, she died too young, this time she did not want to have the same fate. She also had no fetish to be a villainess. She could easily cut off the evil deeds. Of course, there was a lot of time before the reputation that hit the bottom would come back up again…

It was purely coincidence that she fell in love with her current fiancé, Kalis Haneton. A beautiful light brown haired man, the second male lead protagonist of this novel. And a month ago, they got engaged.

“Right now should be the wedding.”

Kalis was beautiful, but he was hiding the pain of having one arm rotting. The person who healed it was Lina, the female protagonist, and Kalis naturally favored Lina, who healed his arm. That crush developed easily with love. But aren’t all the second male leads the same? Kalis was dedicated to Lina. Because he was so dedicated, he even took Seria’s life, the villain who harmed Lina. But in the end, he was not chosen by Lina, so he ended up being a lifelong bachelor.

As Seria, she was honestly afraid of Kalis. Just thinking about how vivid the scene of killing Seria with a knife in the original was bone chilling. Besides, the fact that Kalis’s arm got injured was caused by something related to Seria, so he hated her even more. However, she found him alive, and she prayed and healed his arm. Because she read the original story, so she knew how Lina healed his arm.

She won the favor of the person who killed her most cruelly. She didn’t know he would confess his love to her. In fact, she wondered if all it took was to fix one’s injured arm to make people fall in love. Nevertheless, she began to like Kalis more, who confessed to her recklessly. So, the heroine will fall in love with the male protagonist, and everyone gets a happy ending. Wouldn’t it be better than committing suicide while suffering? Seria thought it was the perfect ending. Especially for her as the innocent villainess.

“Seria Stern!”

She looked up blankly at the man, who was shaking her body. He was not her fiance, Kalis Haneton. A crumpled veil fell on the floor. He clenched his teeth and called her out as she lay in a bloody wedding dress. Even his beautiful silver hair had some of the blood on it.

“Wake up. Do not die. Don’t die, damn it!”

“Why did this happen?”