Chapter 3

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Arielsa’s original lines were ‘Duke, please have some tea.’ but because I did not know Arielsa’s usual tone and behavior I was all over the place. And because of that, I had to use the excuse of still having side effects from my fall off of the ladder.

I also needed to spend as little time as possible with George.

“Dad. I’m sleepy.” 

“Alright. Sleep tight.” 


George lightly flicked my forehead as he tucked the edges of my quilt to prevent the cold and chilly wind from coming inside. After he did all that, he turned to walk out of the room. 

I sighed in relief but my heart was still pounding wildly. From now on, I had to pretend to be someone else. In addition, I also had to maneuver in these relationships and emotions that had not been fully explained in the original work.

It was truly unpleasant and distasteful to know that a good man who cared for me like this would die. That was right. I knew that George Lockeman died during the early stages of the novel. It was entirely because of the crisis that Duke Kyron would face.

There were many events that were planned and would unfold in this very castle in the future. And I was the only one in this world who knew. It was only here but because of the knowledge that I knew, I could be a more important and more special existence than before. However, realizing that fact had brought me down as a palpable fear crept up in my heart. Still, that fear was mixed with a bit of thrill and excitement.

I quickly fixed my quilt as I closed my eyes. I wanted to go to bed as early as I could so I could meet the male lead tomorrow with the best skin condition ever.


“The northern style. I don’t like it.”

I opened my closet widely early in the morning. However, the only thing I could do was sigh at the contents.

There were several dresses hanging in the closet. They were all made with coarse wool that looked thick and warm but they were all dark and dull. In addition, the designs were all simple so this dress was not that different from that dress.

Considering that George was a vassal that had a good standing in the castle, then, this meant that this was entirely due to Arielsa’s own taste in style.

It was a completely timid and taciturn fashion sense that was befitting of an extra…

“Your fashion sense is completely similar to Silicon Valley’s president. Huh?”

I sat in front of Arielsa’s wardrobe as I criticized her taste in fashion. It was nothing like the dress that I wore yesterday but this did not make any difference at all. I would still need to wear these plain and dull clothes to work.

When I came to the office, Duke Kyron was reading a book by his desk with a straight posture. He did not look much different from yesterday.

“Good morning. Duke.”

I greeted him as gently as I could because it seemed like the thing that Arielsa would do. It was surprisingly easy to greet him when his person was glowing softly. I even thought that I went to see a temple to see Budhha…

Duke Kyron spoke to me without lifting his eyes off of his book. I could sense a sharp and dagger-like tone to his voice.

“I heard that you fell off of a tree yesterday. Right? Go back. Chaers was too insensitive.”

I got completely flustered when he suddenly spoke to me that I did not know what to do for a moment.

“No. That’s not it. Yes. It’s just a little…”

I heard that you fell off of a tree. His words sounded like he was saying that the neighborhood idiot fell off of the persimmon tree when he was young. But to be exact, I fell off of a ladder and not from a tree. But he was right about the part that Chaers was insensitive. It was too much to ask a person who just had an accident to go straight back to work, right?

But I felt like I was really the neighborhood idiot who fell off of a tree after saying yes then saying no. I answered stupidly as I looked at the male lead who was glowing softly.

“I’m fine.”

His desk was stacked with thick leather-bound books and judging from his frowning expression, it seemed like something did not work out well.

Even his slightly frowning brows added more to his subtle aura and excellent beauty.

[The people have assessed Duke Kyron to be an indifferent man. The assessment was both true and not. He was completely and thoroughly indifferent to things that he had deemed worthless. This is because he has a habit of concentrating persistently and tenaciously on objects that he has deemed meaningful.]

Duke Kyron was described as such in the original work. There was a great difference in the impression between the person that I had imagined through the words of the novel and the real person sitting in front of me that was vividly imprinted in my eyes right now.

The shock was similar to when one was streaming a video on their low-definition mobile phone when someone took it away and thrusted an 80-inch ultra-high-definition monitor on their faces.

I was not even displeased with his chilly and frigid attitude. On the contrary, my heart even skipped a beat.

That person was the Lord of the North, Duke Kyron. The only matchless person in the world whether it was through his beauty or strength.

I can’t believe he’s right in front of me!

I tried to put a lid and stopped my rising nerdiness but I felt like I was being engulfed and influenced by his aura. I was already enamored by him. Even though I had to go to morning class the next day, I still read all of < The Snowing Desert > until dawn.

I wonder if I could have avoided the car that ran me over in the wrong lane if I had slept soundly that day and I was in good condition?

I shook my head to clear my gloomy thoughts as I looked at Duke Kyron. He looked like he was not that mean to berate me after ran away so rudely yesterday. Based on the Duke’s nature I believe it was because he did not care about me and not because he understood my condition. I was a bit disappointed when I thought about it that way but with my eyes looking comfortably at something beautiful, it was difficult for me to feel a tiny bit pessimistic. 

He spoke coldly to me as he turned the page of his book.


I suddenly realized something. Wasn’t Arielsa the special tea and refreshment manager in The Snowing Desert!

“Yes Duke!”

My heart thumped loudly. I did not expect that I would be so flustered just by hearing his cold and elegant voice saying ‘Tea.’ with his slightly frowning yet beautiful brows.

D, do I also have some slightly weird and crooked tendencies that I was not aware of?

I blushed fiercely as I carefully went to the console table where the tea and alcohol were placed. The bottles that were placed on the table were not the standardized bottles that I have seen so far. The bottles were in different shapes and sizes and were made of thick yet hazy glass. Still, the alcohol that was stored inside had a good color and was pretty good to look at. 

So this is really a different world.

I silently reached out for the tea box as I reflected on that fact. I lightly caressed the luxurious box that was embossed with beautiful patterns. I closed my eyes for a moment before taking a deep breath. 

If this is really the world of < The Snowing Desert >…

I stomped outside. I could feel Duke Kyron’s indescribable gaze stuck at the back of my head again. When I came back a bit later, Duke Kyron did not even look at me. I could tell that he was slightly upset with me. I knew that he would not talk to the other person first if he was angry.

If I failed, then I could just brush it off as a small mistake during my first day of work but I was definitely gambling to win.

I approached Duke Kyron with the teacup in my hands as I moved as best as I could. I focused as much as I could so that I would not lose my mind to his beautiful aura that was radiating irritation. Duke Kyron stared at me as I placed the steaming cup of tea on his desk. I couldn’t help but gulp down my saliva.

“What are you doing?” 

Yesterday, his maid ran away after looking at her master’s face. Today, his maid ran away after he had asked her to bring him tea. It seemed like he couldn’t turn a blind eye to it after all. However, all I did was smile as wide as I could.

“Duke, please have some tea. It’s cinnamon tea.” 

Duke Kyron straightened his back on his chair as he sighed. He looked like he was showing a considerable amount of restraint as he tried not to get angry with me. It did not have much of an effect though.


I coughed weakly to clear my throat before explaining to him.

“I fell off a ‘ladder’ yesterday because I was trying to make you an apple pie… Duke.” 

I did not expect to say the word Duke at all! My head was experiencing great excitement and thrill so I quickly shut up. I wanted to stress that I fell off of a ‘ladder’ and not a tree but I felt a bit of regret when I sounded like I resented him after I spoke of the matter.

And just like I expected, Duke Kyron turned from his chair as he stared at me.

“And so?” 

The eyes of the Duke seemed to tell me…

‘Are you going to blame me for your own carelessness?’ 

I smiled widely as I replied.

“But the Duke does not like apple pie.” 

“I don’t like apple pie?”

He spoke those words as if he was confirming it with me.

I felt a bit excited even though I knew that Duke Kyron was angry with me. After all, the best man in this world was focusing his attention on me right now. My heart was thumping loudly as I felt a bit itchy inside my chest. How should I put it, it felt like I wouldn’t get offended even if my favorite boy got mad at me. Something like that?

But his voice was now leaking his uncontrolled sense of anger so I quickly gathered my senses together.

“The things that I like… I don’t know them but you know, Arielsa?”

“No. Duke. Rather than saying that the Duke liked the apple pie, it’s more like you liked the scent of cinnamon in it. After all, you don’t like any other sweets except apple pie. Please try it…”

I tried to hold it in but my smile kept on growing. I was both excited and flattered at the turn of events. 

So this is how it feels to know other people’s secrets!

In the future, Duke Kyron would be caught up in a conspiracy that was made by the emperor. He would lose Harpel Castle and would entrust himself to a Southern noble. That was the father of the female lead. As he struggled to adapt to the new customs and new food, he realized that he liked cinnamon. He enjoyed apple pie because he liked the scent of the cinnamon powder that was sprinkled on it.

I just made him realize it earlier. That was all.

Although I have only lived in this body for one day, I realized that I could recall Arielsa’s memory whenever I focused and concentrated. It wasn’t always clear but it was always mostly related to the situation at hand. That was the reason why I picked up the cinnamon powder from the kitchen.

Duke Kyron stared at me before eyeing the cup of tea in front of him. Then, he picked the cup up. He carefully savored the scent of the tea before taking a sip.