Chapter 3. Revenge time is always exciting




And so the day flew by. The next morning, Liv sat up in bed and collected her thoughts.


‘If I remember correctly, today would be the day…………’


Sure enough, Duke Dennis came up from downstairs with Edgar’s letter in a golden envelope.


 “It seems the Grand Duke sent you a letter, Liv. Don’t tell me…………….”


Despite her father’s excitement, she only slowly lowered her gaze at the letter. It was because she already knew exactly what was inside.


“Why are you talking so little, Liv? It seems He’s going to formally propose to you. I’m sure of it!”


“Maybe. ………”


Liv received the letter with a cold look on her face.


[I’ll visit Edinburgh this evening.]


The memory of this day was brilliant and happy. The very day that Edgar came to visit and formally proposed. It was the moment when Liv felt like she had the whole world to herself.


“Dear Liv, please accept my proposal.”


Liv smiled bitterly recalling the past.


Edgar had come to see Liv after spending the night with a woman he had met at a social party. Who would have guessed?


It was a foolish time to believe that his heart had finally gone to her, not even dreaming that Edgar would use her family and raise a force to oust the emperor.


“Liv, what do you mean ‘maybe’? Isn’t this the marriage to the Grand Duke you’ve always wanted?”


Duke Dennis looked concerned at his daughter’s changed expression. 


“Father, why didn’t you tell me about the Emperor is selecting a new Empress.”


“How do you know……”


This should have come up at the imperial duties meeting, but Duke Dennis didn’t talk about it. It was just like that time in the past.


Of course, he was well aware that Liv did not choose Emperor Carius.


“Is there a Young Lady who volunteered this time?”


“There can’t be. The emperor kept rejecting …We have to get an empress somehow, but why is he still like that?”


The emperor did not want to choose the empress any longer, knowing how much it would jeopardize his position if the Empress’s position remained vacant for too long.


Liv knew exactly why. And for the rest of the day, she would carry out the tasks she had planned. Not one omission.


“Father, I’d like to see His Majesty today.”


“His Majesty?”


“I have something to say to the Emperor. If I go in a hurry, he’ll be happy to see me.”




Knowing well how coldly Liv had rejected emperor Carius in the past, Duke Dennis did not stop her any longer.


Having decided calmly, Liv quickly went into her dressing room.


“I like this dress.”


It was the most elegant and classy, though inconspicuous, dress chosen out of the many.


It was a modest white silk dress. Then, she ordered the maid to tie her long, rich ivory hair with a pearled ribbon, letting it hang long down her back.


Soon after finishing her preparations, she wore one carat ruby necklace that Emperor Carius had given her for her last birthday.


Liv looked at her reflection in the mirror and touched her slender stomach.


The fragments of her forgotten memory were once again being put together like a puzzle. Remember it clearly, as fast as crazy.


The dew that was lodged in the corners of her eyes immediately flowed down her cheeks as she thought of her unforgettable angel, her tiny, beautiful baby.


‘Edmund, mother will surely avenge you, so please watch over me from heaven.’


Liv tried to swallow the tears that flowed. No, she had to swallow them.




The busiest place of the imperial family, Emperor Carius Del Quintil’s office.


Jet-black hair that fit the word “tyrant” well, and a nose and jawline that towered high enough to poke through the blue snowy sky. His tall stature and broad shoulders made the Golden Metal shine even brighter.


Carius was already tired from his busy schedule today. He would work all night and it still wouldn’t be enough. It was only natural that he was not interested in choosing an empress. 


Moreover, after the first empress he welcomed passed away suddenly five years ago, he did not care for any women.



There was only one woman that Carius had ever wanted…because he had loved only that woman in his entire life.


He knew that she loved someone else, but he couldn’t let go of his heart. But since she could never be his, he decided to give it all up and live as a perfect bachelor man.


He didn’t want to be unhappy in an emotionless marriage any longer.


At that moment, someone opened the door and walked into the office.


“Your Majesty.”


Carius’s face twisted at the sudden appearance of his aide.


“I thought I told you not to let anyone in while I’m working. What kind of words did you hear?” 


The emperor’s aide opened his mouth cautiously, his legs trembling.


“Forgive me, Your Majesty! It’s nothing else but ………….”


“You’re not afraid of losing your life, are you?”


“I told her you’re not available and that she had to wait, but she said she had to see you, so I had no choice…”


Carius tilted his head as if he was contemplating for a moment. The aide kept his head down and waited for his permission.


“First, I wonder if I should dismiss you and accept the person outside.”


“Your Majesty, please forgive me this once!”


Carius said to another secretary who was standing next to him, the aide turned pale and began to tremble all over.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


As if trying to change the atmosphere in the room, the sound of shoes coming from somewhere. Then a woman emerged from the open door.


“Your Majesty! Since I asked so much of him, please calm your anger.”


Instantly, everyone’s eyes were on her, and Carius, who had been furrowing his brow, stood up hurriedly as if he had discovered a mirage.


The figure of a woman in a white silk dress with long, rich ivory-colored hair hanging down.


She was Liv whom he had always wanted to see.




“Your Majesty, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”


Carius’s head was white as if time had stopped due to Liv’s greeting that gently permeated his ears.


“Your Majesty, I have something to tell you. Can you spare some time for me?”


He hesitated for a moment, then nodded and Liv made eye contact with his aide, who was kneeling on the floor.


“It was not the aide’s fault, so I will clear up the misunderstanding with His Majesty.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you, Miss Edinburgh!”


And with that, he and she, alone, sat down in the audience chamber.


Carius’s gaze fell incessantly on his present, which was the necklace on Liv’s neck. He was curious about her intentions as to why she wore that ruby necklace, which she had never worn before.


“I heard about it through my father about you are going to pick a new Empress.”




“Are you really going to choose this time?”


“That’s for me to figure out…. ……”


“The longer the position of Empress is left vacant, the greater the threat it could pose to the throne.”


“I know this without saying it.”


“…Is it perhaps my fault?”


Carius looked up and quickly averted his gaze at Liv’s clear, shining eyes.


“No, I’m busy with work.”


It’s a lie. 


“Your Majesty, do you still have feelings for me?”




Liv studied him carefully, watching his gaze closely.


Not a drop of blood came out of Carius when he was pressed, but the only reaction he would show when he was hiding his heart.


He avoided her eyes like that now.


Liv slowly lifted her eyes to meet his.


“Your Majesty, if you still want me, can I sit next to you?”


Unexpected words flowed anew from her red lips, and a wave fluttered in Carius’s blue eyes.


This drove a wedge in her heart. Staring at Carius without changing her expression, Liv spoke.


“I want to marry you, Your Majesty.”




Carius must be astonished. Of course he knew exactly who Liv had given her heart to.


Therefore, Liv had to convince him even more.


“Yes, I will marry you, Your Majesty.”


“But you. …”


“I don’t love him anymore. No, I’ll be honest with you… I need you, Your Majesty.”


“…You want to use me?”


“I need you because you are the only one who can lead the Grand Duke to ruin………….”


“You chose me, not because you love me, but because you want revenge………”


Carius smiled bitterly. He was chosen because she needed him, not because she loved him.


He looked at Liv  as if he was unconcerned, hiding his true feelings deep inside.


“If I were to accept your request here, this promise will not be fulfilled.”


“Yes, I know. I will push the Grand Duke to the edge of the cliff and leave your side without any regrets. So you don’t have to pay attention to me, and you can have your own mistresses.”


The word “mistresses” made Carius doubt his ears for a moment. Because It was a confirmation that she had no feelings for him whatsoever.


Carius only frowned, and his eyes on Liv soon fell.


“I know it’s a rude request. If you don’t want to……”


“One moment.”


Carius interrupted her. He knew what she would say next.


‘If you don’t like it, let’s pretend it didn’t happen.’


He suppressed the irritation rising inside him and adjusted his expression.


“Give me some time. I will make a decision this evening.”


“Thank you for your deep consideration, Your Majesty.”


After finishing her greeting, Liv walked out of the office. When she closed the door and came out, she saw her father, Duke Dennis. He seemed to be waiting for her and approached her hurriedly.


“What did you say to His Majesty, Liv? You don’t know how worried I was outside!”


Duke Dennis kept his gaze focused on Liv as he spoke. Her appearance was so calm that it was strange. Even more so than usual.


“Father, whatever happens at home tonight, you must respect my decision. Do you understand?”


At the mysterious words of his daughter, Duke Dennis was overwhelmed with strange anxiety.