Chapter 1

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01. Crack (1)


It’s said that a married couple can turn a blind eye to certain things, but they can’t be completely ignorant about their spouse. But when Ana looked at her husband, she found it difficult to read his true intentions.


Of course, Garcia was always polite, but she didn’t think that represented everything about him. Ana didn’t know him as much as she had never once been disappointed in him. He’s just a good husband, a capable man, and an elegant gentleman.


Perhaps she, too, is a dignified lady, an honorable lady, and a good wife. On the other hand, can he be confident that he knows her well? Maybe he can.


In Ana’s view, she’s like the typical, uninteresting woman straight out of an etiquette book. Unlike the protagonists of the novel found by the bedside, she lacks any particularly striking specialty, no fearless courage or boldness, just overly cautious and excessively well-mannered, like a white rose inside a greenhouse.


“I really envy Madam Tudor.”


Ana paused from savoring the scent of the tea and stared at the woman across from her. Was she a Viscountess? If Ana remembered correctly, she was a daughter-in-law of a Count’s family that owned quite a large trading company in Yeruam colonies across the sea. She had been married for seven years. Usually, the age of marriage ranges from 24 to 26. So, just like Ana, she got married quite young.


Ana gently placed the teacup down as quietly as a feather and smiled softly. “I’m not a great person to be envied by anyone, but I wonder why.”



“You have such a wonderful and kind husband. This is the first time I’ve seen a man who pays attention to his wife’s uncomfortable steps at a picnic.”


Some powerful noble families had just come out for a picnic with their spouses. It was her first time seeing flowers and fields after a long time, so she put on new shoes on a whim, but it turned out to be a foolish choice. Although her feet hurt, she silently agreed with the other madam’s words. Still, Garcia, who was smoking a pipe with the gentlemen a little away, suddenly approached and wrapped his arms around Ana’s shoulders.


“Does your foot feel uncomfortable?”


Although hidden from view by her skirt, Ana fidgeted with her slightly swollen foot under the table, feeling a sense of unwarranted embarrassment. She was aware of her husband’s keen gaze and the eyes of others around her.


Despite the Viscountess’ accurate remark, which drew expressions of envy from the others, Ana had no desire to boast about her husband or feign humility by attaching undue importance to his actions. Instead, she simply smiled. Nevertheless, the mixture of compliments and envy in the others’ comments wasn’t over yet.


“In a time when high-end prostitutes come and go to salons, it is rare to find someone who is so kind and loyal.”


“That’s right. He’s well-behaved and blameless.”


“He always personally escorts his wife when they go out. Moreover, he’s handsome and stylish! How nice to hear his voice! I’m really jealous.”


“I have never seen him set foot on the Street of Red Flowers (brothels) or courtesan houses. He doesn’t gamble and doesn’t drink too much.”


“I’ve heard about that as well. Besides, he always spares time to spend with his wife without skipping a day.”


Ana laughed awkwardly in the chatter that seemed to be musing about him the whole time. She would usually refute that it’s not true, but in fact, what they said wasn’t wrong. Even if it seems unrealistic, Garcia is that kind of man.


However, at this point, the atmosphere will become more pleasant if she mentions something, even if it’s just a small flaw of his. She had already said these words dozens of times.  “At this point, it looks like he will be a stay-at-home man. In fact, he has a special hobby. I don’t know if that’s included in your positive evaluation.”


“Oh my, what is it?”


Ana lowered her voice a little playfully and said to them, who seemed more excited than when she was just praising them. “Hunting. Once a month, for about two days, he enjoys hunting all day without even thinking about going back.”


“Oh my god!”


Hunting was an old aristocratic culture, but it was a somewhat unpopular aristocratic sport now that a long time had passed since the invention of steam engines and guns. Polo, cricket, tennis, and horseback riding are considered noble in today’s society. Even when it comes to hunting, only fox hunting, where hounds and chasers are used without directly involving oneself in bloodshed, is deemed a dignified form of the sport.


Some people in the Rollang region with strong bloodlines whispered that the act of shooting animals to death with guns was barbaric and crude.  Ladies who revered perfume and social dances just like a new religion didn’t openly scorn men’s cultural activities but didn’t regard them as a desirable killing time for gentlemen.


And, as expected, they blinked their eyes as if they were surprised. Somehow, they extend their comfort in a higher voice.


“Oh gosh, you must be upset sometimes.”


“To think that a man who looks so neat comes back late at night, smelling of blood, makes me slightly surprised. But you get a nice fox fur, a dear headdress, and a black fur carpet, so you must not hate it.”


The women burst into laughter. Ana laughed accordingly. She felt much more at ease, as if after gulping down a food. But, her smile immediately turned to embarrassment.


“I didn’t know you wouldn’t like my hobby so much.”


His big hand gently pressed her shoulder, which was about to flinch at the sudden whispering voice in her ear. Silver hair, a neat face, and calm golden eyes resembling the cold winter sunlight. Marquis Tudor naturally looked behind his wife and, with his gentle face, glanced at the madams covering their mouths with their fans. Like a gentleman, he apologized for his rudeness.  


“I apologize for intervening in the time of beautiful people. I think my wife is not feeling well, so please excuse us for a moment.”


They exchanged looks as if they were a little embarrassed, then nodded their heads in confusion. But in the meantime, Garcia had already taken the box from the servant and got down on one knee. “Oh my!” There was a small exclamation somewhere.


Ana was slightly embarrassed but sighed and put out her sore foot. After taking off her shoes under the slightly voluminous hem of her skirt, she put on the comfortable shoes she often wore at the mansion. Her husband neatly withdrew his hands after helping her and stood up.


Everyone was looking at the couple. A sigh was about to come out of Ana’s mouth again. When she whispered a thank you, her husband replied, “It’s only natural.” Then, he kissed his wife on the cheek and left. It was a brief and concise event, akin to turning a page in a book, yet it had a huge impact.


“Oh my god, so kind!”


“So what if someone like him goes around the entire forest to hunt? I wish my husband would do something like that, even for just a day.”


Ana smiled vaguely again. She wiggled her toes where his fingers had briefly touched. She definitely felt more comfortable.


Responding moderately, she glanced sideways at her husband, who was returning to the group of gentlemen. He easily joined them, accepted the glass, and was already seriously discussing business topics as if he had forgotten what had happened earlier.


His golden eye, which didn’t turn to her as if he was focused on something, was like the sun, something she felt and saw every day but was too far away to reach. Ana turned her head to the madams, who happened to be talking to her, and put her customary smile on her lips.


Obviously, she knows some things well enough because she’s his wife. Ana knows better than anyone else. His actions, words, and gifts that seem romantic to others and full of heart and sincerity aren’t actually for a special reason.


He simply paid Ana with the thought that it was natural for him to do it because she was ‘his wife.’ Even if he had taken someone else as his wife instead of Ana, Garcia would have gotten down on his knee and changed another woman’s shoes with the same look in his eyes.


Ana smiled languidly, feeling like one of the hundred swans randomly chosen in a gentle and dignified garden. This was the peaceful routine given to her.




A low voice rang out in the carriage on the way back. When Ana, who had been looking at the small booklet for ladies, raised her head, Garcia, who was sitting across from her and checking the documents handed over by his aide, continued.


After a brief eye greeting upon entering the carriage, the interior had been quiet until a stack of thick documents had been passed. Garcia’s eyes were still reading the complex sentences of the report. Ana quietly observed her husband.


“Do you not like me going hunting?”


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