Chapter 18


She hesitated before placing her letter in an envelope marked with her childhood nickname and sealed it with her family’s seal and envelope. It felt like sending a secretive, personal letter, which made her feel strange, but she didn’t want to send Siasen a letter with her husband’s family seal on it. After all, just hearing her changed surname was enough to upset him.


After dispatching the letter through a servant, her racing heart slowly calmed down. Ana held her head, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes.


[The wreath you sent was well received. Since the flowers are all out-of-season flowers, it’s bound to be even more precious. I will dry them and keep their faded beauty. Next time, you needn’t bring anything. A warm cup of tea would be more than enough.

From your friend.]


It was either a metaphorical expression or a clear indication. This phrase was taken from a poem they once cherished. Siasen would know unless he deliberately ignored it.


Their love had ended, already becoming a thing of the past. And she had already accepted that fact.


She avoided the question she feared the most: Was there not a single regret or longing? But she did not answer. Because even the slightest speck of dust found within her might be unbearable.


Let’s not dwell on it any longer.


Having spent half a day staring blankly at an empty desk since morning, Ana shook her head and prepared for her only schedule of the day, the tea party. Countess Anriche’s tea party was famous for its delicious tea and excellent desserts. Usually held in the greenhouse, the beautiful scenery also played a part.


Going there might lighten her mood a bit. Thinking of the cheerful and well-connected countess’s social circle, she boarded the carriage.


Garcia had already left the mansion around noon. Originally, she might not have known or shown much interest in her busy husband’s schedule, but lately, she seemed to know his daily routine by heart.  


Like a puppy restless in the absence of its owner, though a humorous comparison, Ana saw the significant amount of anxiety in her recent actions; seeking her husband and disrupting his peace. Even amidst such gloom and instability, the moment she faced Garcia’s golden eyes upon returning home, her whole body warmed as if standing beside a fireplace. It was the only time of the day Ana felt completely at peace.


On the night she met Siasen, Ana asked her husband to stay by her side. Garcia readily agreed to spend the night in her room, an uncommon request from his wife. Their conversation led to a brief kiss, which deepened, and naturally, his hand slipped inside her robe.


Ana climbed his arm and shoulder, stroking his firm nape like a predator and embracing his silver hair. His skilled touch over her bare skin elicited a gasp as she mingled her tongue with his.


This wasn’t planned. But the clear heat in his golden eyes made Ana scoff at herself. Really? This wasn’t planned? It was a lie.


Ana intended to be embraced by Garcia. She wanted to merge with him deeply, thoroughly, to the point of thoughtlessness. Garcia accepted her entirely. Perhaps he had intended this from the start.


“Oh, Garcia!”


As his lips traveled down her neck, capturing and biting her pink nipple, she moaned softly. His hand kneaded her trembling breast as if molding it. The sensation of his hand sliding along her thigh, stripping her underwear away, was vivid.


The man above her entered, claiming her like a predator devouring its prey, like an owner opening his door, naturally and greedily. She let out a muffled cry.


Her hips arched. Sweat dripped. Gazes locked. He moved forcefully. The intricately built muscles of his entire body focused solely on exploring her and marking himself within.


It was slow and deep, fast and strong. During this, he never took his eyes off his whimpering wife. It was an unusual night. Both Ana and Garcia seemed a bit different than usual.


As he penetrated and filled her, waves of sensation flooded over her. He remained gentle but persistent. The stimulation was intense. Tears formed. The sensation of her husband taking and exploring her depths was vivid and potent.


Ana gasped for air. Even as she twisted under the burden, he did not let go. Instead, his grip tightened around her waist, lifting her body and surprising her, but before she could react further, his warmth penetrated her repeatedly.


“Gasp! Ah!”


Ana’s lower body was exposed to the air, her body shaking as if on a swing. Unfamiliar with such intensity, she looked at Garcia, clinging to him, but he remained silent. Breathing heavily, he relentlessly filled her open body.


Her slender legs trembled under the onslaught. Only then did Ana feel a slight unfamiliarity with Garcia, but even that was washed away by waves of pleasure. The squelching sound of flesh echoed unfiltered, and she bit her lip, clutching the sheets.


Her body, uncontrollably shaking up and down, kept slipping from her grasp. The lovemaking deepened, climax approaching. Then, breathlessly, he called her name.


“Haah. Ana.”


Ana. Ana. Anais.


It was sweet and sticky. His voice cracked like an animal’s purr, making the hairs near her ears stand. His golden eyes, dull and blurred, pushed the mist away.


Their skin and bodies were excessively hot. Fingers interlocked, he leaned over, embracing her head with his lips against her sweat-drenched hair, moving his hips fiercely one last time.


It felt as if she was split open, lava pouring inside. The intense desire seeping into her felt slightly overwhelming. Ana cried out, but Garcia pressed down her restlessness, blending deeply until the end. It was a possessive, animalistic lovemaking. When the friction became too intense, he penetrated as deeply as possible and climaxed.


Trapped in his arms, Ana emitted a faint nasal sound. She was immobilized, feeling him pour his essence deep inside. She was overwhelmed, soaked through with him. It felt as if her throat was grasped, submerged entirely in his desire.


After catching his breath, Garcia looked down at his exhausted wife, his sweat-drenched face unreadable. When their eyes met, he smiled softly.


“Are you tired?”


A natural question. Tonight’s intimacy was a bit rougher than usual. But… she didn’t mind. In fact, she wanted it. As Ana embraced his head, Garcia kissed her cheek and lay beside her, embracing her willingly.




His large hand languidly stroked from her shoulder down her spine. It felt like a soothing caress or the lingering warmth of their lovemaking. It didn’t matter. She was thoughtless.


It was a relief similar to a child seeking a guardian or an addict feeling safe under someone’s watchful eyes. Maybe he felt this unease too.


“Ana, did something happen today?”


No, perhaps it was inevitable. Despite a polite distance, they were a couple sensitive to even the smallest details about each other.


Garcia repeated the same question as in the carriage. Ana then realized he might have noticed her unusual behavior.


Distracted by Siasen, she forgot her usual self. Even the Grand Duke noticed something amiss and prodded. And Garcia, in some ways, was sharper than the Grand Duke. She was startled by her own negligence.


He must think it strange.


Then, a chill passed. Looking blankly at her husband who wouldn’t take his eyes off her, Ana buried her face in his chest as if to evade. No. She murmured softly.


“I’m just tired.”


Garcia said nothing. But his doubts seemed to be visible in that silence. Tired, yet inviting her husband to the bedroom? Both must have sensed the likelihood of their bodies merging.


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