Chapter 6

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01. Crack (6)


This man, who seemed neat and gentle, was surprisingly thorough when it came to his responsibilities and area. When they were newly married, she wondered if he even knew the number of silverware and trees in the mansion as he told her everything.


Ana shook her head as he looked at her forehead. “I felt better after a good night’s sleep.”


Her pounding headache had really gone away. What had been cloudy and hazy became clear, and she even felt a little hungry. Garcia then nodded his head.


“Sir Perot, who visited, also said it was a simple migraine.”


“Did he visit and go?”


Ana was a little embarrassed. He didn’t even have to come. Garcia, who read her expression right away, spoke clearly,


“Don’t say that. You’re already weak, and now you’re unnecessarily worrying about things. Do you think it makes sense to hesitate to call a doctor when the hostess of Tudor is sick?”


Ana just laughed at his cold yet firm tone. He was well-mannered even to commoner merchants and had a high reputation as the best gentleman in the empire. Surprisingly, many didn’t know that, despite being said to be non-authoritative regardless of social status, no one embodied nobility as well as Garcia.


Even if he didn’t discriminate, there were realistic differences. Since he was at the top of the pyramid, he didn’t hesitate to enjoy and use his rights; on the contrary, he was also good at giving.


Of course, Ana liked that aspect of him. Because the head of a family ultimately needs to be cool-headed in order to protect the family.


There was ink on the calluses of his fingers as he ran them through his wife’s messy hair. Judging from the scent of the paper and ink and the rose flower boutonniere usually used in the Imperial Palace, he appeared to have an audience with the Emperor, attended a meeting in the palace, and then spent the entire day looking at documents.


It’s been a while since they got married, so she could guess what he did today, even from the small hints. Always busy and a perfect husband. Her husband was a competent man. It was something that Ana felt proud of.


Anais admired her husband. Despite his young age, he carried a heavy burden without a hint of disarray, was upright and righteous, and sometimes even shared the insignificant burdens his younger wife bore. People like him were rare.


She thought several times that she wouldn’t be able to do as much if she were in his position, even though she had always worked hard.


Ana said with a softening face. “I don’t know if I already said this.”


She smiled as she gently touched Garcia’s eyebrows.


“I’m so lucky to have someone like you as my husband.”


For a moment, he looked at his smiling wife. His calm face gradually changed, and eventually, he smiled lightly. Ana felt a stronger calmness coming over her whole body as the warm air hovered in his eyes, which were genuinely pleased.


Yes, this is enough. Her happiness was something special that already existed, and she had enough of it.


Garcia took Ana’s hand and kissed the back of it.


“Did I already tell you?”


“I haven’t heard about the lucky part.”


He chuckled, finally laughing out loud. The laughter in her hand was ticklish.


“I am very satisfied with you.”


She had heard such words before. When she first met her fiancé in the beautiful garden bathed in the morning sunlight, during their engagement ceremony, and even after their wedding, he had said it.


“I’m content because of you.”


Content. To the point of feeling it’s more than she deserves.


She took it as a formal greeting. Objectively, he was one of the Empire’s most eligible bachelors. From Ana’s perspective, she felt like she had met a husband who was above her station.


That’s why she tried harder. To stand beside such a flawless person, she had to become like that too. Fortunately, her efforts bore fruit, and she found the process quite enjoyable and to her liking. His unseen help was also significant.


“I mean it, even then and now. I knew I would get married someday, but I never imagined I would get a bride like you.”


“Is it necessary for Marquis Tudor to be so humble?”


“Ana. It’s because my wife looks favorably on me.”


“Everyone is like that.”


Everyone in the Empire. Doesn’t even the Emperor favor the young Marquis of the Tudor family? Garcia just stared at her silently and smiled.


“You’ll be surprised to find out. What a flawed human being I am.”


A shadow flitted across his golden eyes, which seemed brilliantly dazzling for a moment. Still, as he said, Ana didn’t know what it was.


Garcia just stroked her eyes with his fingertips. As if it was natural not to know in the first place. Contrary to his elegant impression, his hands were rough. But, it’s not bad. Because this roughness proved how much work he does.




“Yes, Wife?”


“My stomach is hungry.”


She was so hungry that she had no strength in her body at all.


Uncharacteristic whining crept into her voice. The usual dignified and elegant Marchioness wouldn’t have done something like this, but she wanted to do it today. As expected, Garcia raised his eyebrows in surprise but eventually smiled subtly. He briefly kissed his wife’s hand.


“I can’t let that happen. Let’s go and eat.”


Wearing a thick shawl, Garcia supported Ana as she walked to the table where the butler had carefully prepared dinner. Perhaps because she woke up sick, her appetite increased.


Garcia, who watched her diligently eat, handed her a glass of wine to help her digest, perhaps worried about indigestion. She slept well, ate well, and as she sat in the soft chair and looked at her husband’s familiar face, her whole body became tired like melted sugar.


She thought once more that this was more than enough of happiness.


Garcia, perhaps reading the sleepiness in her slowly closing eyes, made a suggestion. “You’d better go to bed early. Maybe you haven’t completely healed yet.”


“I’m okay.”


She slept a lot and still wanted to do this. Even though it was obvious that he was a busy man, she felt reassured when she kept seeing him.


It was as if faint agony deep inside her heart would melt away when she looked into those sun-like eyes. Ana didn’t know that it was her anxiety about the cracks that clung like dust.


But Ana forced herself to shake her head. He had already wasted so much time because of her.


“Okay then…”


Ana was about to send him away when, somewhat belatedly, she noticed a soft silk robe and some pomegranate fruit lying in one corner of her bedroom. Ah, her mouth opened. Today was one of the appointed days. Come to think of it, the wine I had earlier…


She was certainly lost in thought. Ana realized that she had forgotten that today was the obligatory day to sleep together that occurred once a month.


Madam Denia, who was almost as old as Garcia’s mother, had hinted about the best day to have a baby when she visited a week ago, but she was so busy… She couldn’t believe she had forgotten her most important duty.


It’s already been 3 years since they got married. Little by little, the family was urging the issue of a successor, and since Garcia would be turning 30 two years later, it wouldn’t be strange to have one or two children. Ana thought she should start working harder. However, Garcia, the head of the family, didn’t seem to be too concerned about it.


Garcia, who followed her gaze, frowned and said firmly. “I told them to put it away, but they seem to have forgotten. Sleep comfortably today.”


He certainly didn’t seem to have any intention of sleeping with her. He had never broken his words in such a situation. Probably, he didn’t want to tire his sick wife. Garcia wasn’t just a gentleman but also straightforward. As he kissed her cheek and was about to leave the room, she grabbed him without realizing it.




His golden eyes slowly looked at her slender hands resting on his arms and then slowly looked at Ana, who seemed to be surprised even by herself. As a politely educated noblewoman, she had never taken an active role in this area.


This was despite the fact they had been married for three years, they only had spent a few nights together. Her ears were burning because she wasn’t used to this situation.


Garcia silently looked at her red ears amidst her thinly spread blond hair. Even the fingers that touched him were warm and hot. He shifted his gaze from her trembling, bright red eyes, to her aimlessly speaking red lips. The round ears, smooth fingernails, lips, and those two eyes, aware of him, were all red.


Of course, she probably didn’t know that. 


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