Chapter 7

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01. Crack (7)


“I’m fine.”


Just as she was about to say something about the child, the man’s warm breath descended on her lips. The unexpected and unfamiliar kiss soon mixed gently and respectfully with her lips and warmth before slightly parting.


When Ana locked eyes with Garcia, she regained her composure, but her face still had a hint of red.


His golden eyes, looking closely at her, were squinted. She, as a wife who had lived closely with him, noticed that he was aroused. However, his whisper was tender.


“Ana, you don’t have to push yourself.”


His reliable hand stroked her hair and gently caressed her tense shoulders. It was careful and gentle.


Their marriage was always equal and respectful, like a picturesque noble. Still, when he treated her this way occasionally, Ana felt like an immature-fiancée or his sister rather than his wife. Something that was cherished, cared for, and to protect rather than something he desired.


She depended on him mentally as much as she respected him, so she felt more pleased than sad. Maybe it was because she was raised more by her father rather than her mother, who passed away early.


Ana wondered what the problem was as he was a man who would be faithful to his family, even looking after her like a sister. Sometimes, she felt this was far from romantic love.


As his hand gently caressed her, unintentionally reaching her earlobe, Ana gasped. Startled, she reflexively covered her ear, but when she locked eyes with Garcia, she casually lowered her hand. But the tip of her ear was burning.


When they were intimate, the roughness of his breathing and his soft whispers in her ear always made her breathless. She struggled to hold back her moan when he occasionally kissed her earlobe while caressing her neck.


Ana realized a year after their marriage that this was what people referred to as an erogenous zone.


Their lovemaking was always gentle and tender. She felt cherished and respected. This wonderful husband always prioritized her, even in bed.


From what she had heard from the other madams, many men would behave decently during the day but were rough and selfish with their desires at night. But Garcia was far from that.


She thought it would be a bit scary if such an elegant, dignified person suddenly changed into a beast with such a neat impression. Ana was relieved that he was abstemious and well-mannered.


Thinking about it, it had been a week since their last intimacy. It was about time.


“No, it’s okay. Don’t worry about me.”


She was also aroused. She wanted to be held in his embrace, craving the sense of safety. In truth, she was mentally exhausted.


When Ana took the initiative to caress his cheek and gently kissed him, Garcia received it quietly, then slowly mingled his tongue with hers. Although it was a slow movement, Ana felt his excitement. His hand, now more intense, caressed her neck and slid down to her waist. Her senses heightened.


As his hand undressed her and she undressed him, her slender fingers brushed his collarbone and chest, causing his muscles to momentarily contract. Suddenly, the kiss deepened and became more aggressive.


Was it because she drank too much wine? It was an intensely exciting day. As they lay on the bed, half-naked, Garica, hovering above her, whispered with a faint smile, “Today, you’re a bit different than usual.”


She actively wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. “Just because. I wanted to do this today.”


Garcia’s golden eyes darkened as he gently received her teasing caresses. Suddenly, he leaned in and bit her ear, startling Ana to the point of jolting. She covered her ear and was about to say something, tears welling in her eyes when his warm breath brushed her neck.


It was still gentle and affectionate, yet somehow persistent. His hand gripped her br*ast, flicking and squeezing her n!pples, eliciting an involuntary moan from her. The kisses that followed were different from the meltingly gentle ones she knew. The wet, slurping sound was blatantly erotic.


It felt vulgar…


Like a beast.


Garcia briefly kissed her reddened br*ast and then smoothed his wife’s hair, who looked at him in surprise. Ana couldn’t tear her gaze away from his clouded golden eyes. Soon, he looked down, returning to his usual tenderness, kissing her forehead and lips.


His hands caressing her bare skin was ticklish and soft. As his hand slipped down to her inner thighs, her waist twisted. She melted into a gentle, pleasant pleasure. As her expression grew sensual, Garcia kissed her forehead again.


They gradually returned to their familiar lovemaking. Ana, feeling a strange sense of relief, shyly spread her legs. Garcia’s fingers cautiously made their way inside, widening the path. Looking at him as a sign of readiness, he interlocked fingers with hers and pressed her down.


His upper body loomed before her, and he aligned himself with her. She still felt shy and nervous at these moments.


The firm flesh penetrated her smoothly. He kissed her silently open mouth amidst her mute screams. For a while, there was a slow, gentle repetition.


Gazing at the ceiling, she felt like a boat gently rocking on the river. The sound of her husband’s breathing next to her face, the sensation of him moving in and out, was vivid. She was in a drowsy state, half-pleasure, half-sleepiness.


Eventually, Garcia was looking at her. Like a predator hidden in the darkness, his golden eyes intensified, then lightened, and intensified again. It was an unfitting comparison, but he was like a beast in the shadows.


Ana impulsively embraced and kissed him. She was usually passive, quietly receiving his caresses and pleasure, so it was rare for her to initiate. But he responded vigorously, mixing saliva and tongues, and then his demeanor started to change.


Panting, Ana felt him spreading one of her legs wider, then pressing down firmly.




The penetration deepened. Garcia exhaled heavily, pulling out completely before thrusting back to the extreme. The pace was slow but deep as if planting roots. Every time he entered completely, his body hair and firm abdomen continuously brushed against her soft flesh, and her fair br*asts were rubbed against his firm chest.


It was stimulating. Ana, excited, gasped for breath, gripping his arm as he continuously entered her. Her nails inadvertently dug in. “Ah!” She arched her neck slightly, and the small kiss scattered.


The pace quickened a bit. Short thrusts and withdrawals built up pleasure until, at a certain moment, it became slow and deep again, then abruptly stopped. It was the climax. Ana trembled, feeling his seed spread deep inside her.


Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. She felt him deeper than ever as if they were one body. It seemed like a long time had passed.


The couple, drenched in sweat, looked at each other and shared a short, brief kiss. Ana felt sleepy and dazed. She vaguely felt him withdraw and tenderly cover her with a blanket. He lay down, holding her in his strong, wide embrace, where she belonged.


Like locking her own room door, Ana felt a strange sense of relief.


The next morning, when Ana woke up, Garcia had already left. Gazing at the empty space beside her, she sleepily enjoyed the morning sun.


Garcia was a busy and diligent man, so they rarely spent time together in the bedroom until breakfast after a night together. Even if he wanted to, those around him wouldn’t allow it. This reminded her of their first night.


Despite Garcia’s utmost consideration, when she woke up, her body ached with muscle pain, and she felt sore in embarrassing places. She was completely drained.


Realizing it was still dawn and she should go back to sleep, she noticed the empty space beside her. It felt empty, like a hollow in her heart.


Even if this was a loveless marriage, shouldn’t he have stayed by her side after their first night? She mulled over the bitterness, getting used to it when a soft voice spoke.


“Are you awake?”


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