Chapter 8

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01. Crack (8)


She was really surprised. It seemed she didn’t see him sitting on the sofa reading a book at dawn. 


Ana blankly accepted Garcia coming towards her, the man who had now become her husband, as he bowed his head and kissed her. The silver hair that touched her forehead and cheeks were ticklish. He was already dressed in a neat suit. She asked in a muffled voice.


“Where are you going at this hour?”

“It seems that something has come up at the Imperial Palace. His Majesty the Emperor has summoned all the nobles.”


A summon at this hour. It must be quite urgent. Her feeling of being left out melted like snow. Ana, becoming anxious without realizing it, urged him, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, contrary to what she had thought.


“Then you must go quickly.”

“The empire won’t fall apart without me.”


Although he sounded nonchalant, it might not fall apart, but it would certainly be in trouble. The Tudor family possessed more power and influence than the average ducal family.


With their immense economic power and the influence and honor of a political family built over generations, they had a strong voice in the noble society. Even the Emperor tended to be fairly lenient towards the young family head.


Garia smiled shallowly as he looked at Ana’s stunned yet gradually stern expression. A hint of playfulness swirled in his golden eyes.


“You look as if you’re scolding me.”

“Hurry and get ready. You might be late and would cause gossip.”

“The Emperor is too much for stealing the morning from a newlywed groom. He’ll understand if I enter the palace even when the day is well advanced.”



Ana was more flustered and anxious than ever, not expecting him to be so light-hearted and irresponsible about a matter of national importance.


She fundamentally couldn’t imagine neglecting her duties as a noble. The culture of the Dupont family was also one of noblesse oblige. Garcia, looking at the uncomfortable Ana, smiled faintly.


“Don’t worry, Wife. There is still time, so I can stay here with you for a while.”



She realized she had been overreacting. Garcia slightly raised the corners of his mouth at her embarrassed face.


“Are you already going to nag me?”

“It’s not that…”


She was worried. Ana murmured softly with a small cough. The thought of Garcia hearing unpleasant things because of her was dreadful.


Her husband, five years older than her, was the most competent noble in the Empire. As a still immature lady, he seemed endlessly perfect to her.


It was rare for someone of his age to become the head of a great family, yet he was fulfilling his responsibilities flawlessly. She didn’t know if it was an inferiority complex, but she wanted to be a perfect wife. Ana knew there were countless ladies in society who admired and longed for him.


Among them, there were a few who were similar to her or even better. At least she had to be a hostess, not inferior to Garcia, who had chosen her. That was Ana’s sense of propriety and pride.


Was it because after their first night? Thinking she had talked too much about trivial things, Ana looked up to ask about breakfast when his lips touched hers.


Softly sucking and rubbing before parting. During their engagement, kisses on the cheek, forehead, and back of the hand were everything. But now… Yes, she was now his wife. Indeed, the power of physical intimacy after mixing bodies was remarkable. Her face flushed, and her hands and feet tingled.


While she slightly turned her head, his deep eyes turned towards her ear, which had been reddening since last night.


“You’re already a good enough wife. The rest is for me to do. Do I, Garcia von Tudor, look like a man who cannot take care of and cherish his own wife?”

“I didn’t say that.”


Ana whispered softly, half embarrassed and bewildered. It felt like her inner thoughts were exposed. This feeling was unfamiliar. However, she didn’t avoid Garcia’s hand gently embracing her.


“The Tudor is a difficult family to protect. I understand the burden of such a heavy responsibility.”


But you’re already handling it all by yourself. Anais thought to herself, looking at him as he spoke as if her worries were natural. He had been the only one in this bedroom who remained immaculate despite the fatigue of the whole day of the wedding.


“But trust and follow me. I will never disappoint you.”


The morning light shone over his head as he kissed her hands. They were fair and beautiful. The scene, as solemn as a knight’s oath, mesmerized Ana.


Then she realized. Even if she couldn’t love him passionately, she would dedicate herself to him and be with him until death. Her heart swelled and hardened.


That day, Ana discovered happiness was different from love. Trust, respect, and stability. An irreplaceable treasure.


The newly married couple held hands and talked for a while. Eventually, Garcia got into the carriage without having breakfast.


He told her he had a quick meal, but later, she heard from the maid that he only had a cup of tea while sitting beside sleeping Ana. Until the very last moment, he had devoted himself to his wife.


She couldn’t help but scold him when he returned tired the next day. But his calm reply came back. He didn’t want her to wake up alone on such a day.


It may be natural, but reality is not a romance novel. She was grateful to her husband for giving her that natural and special thing.


Slowly, she got up and called the maid to prepare a warm breakfast and bathwater. She draped a gown over her naked body. Hopefully, there won’t be any urgent matters today. There shouldn’t be any problems.




After a leisurely bath and breakfast, Ana decided to stay in the mansion today and finish her overdue financial work. Just as she sat in the hostess’s study to look through documents, a visitor arrived.


Hearing Madam Denian’s name, Ana thought for a moment and then instructed to prepare tea on the small terrace connected to the backyard.


Garcia’s relatives loved the beautiful gardens of their family. Although that madam was a respected elder of the Tudor family and needed appropriate treatment, she was more special than other madams. She was the nanny who had raised Garcia.


“How have you been, Lady Anais?”




As she entered the terrace, the dignified madam rose from her seat. Despite Ana’s young age, Madam Denian always showed respect to the hostess of the family. After exchanging polite greetings, a moment of silence ensued as they savored their tea.


Ana naturally watched Madam Denia smelling the tea with her elegantly pinned-up graying brown hair and wrinkled face. Garcia and she were relatives, but they didn’t resemble each other.


After all, he didn’t look much like his other blood relatives either. He was said to resemble his great-grandmother. His beautiful silver hair and golden eyes were inherited from her, a renowned beauty of the continent.


Because of this, he stood out even more than his sisters, making him an unusually handsome man.


“I’ve been worried as I heard you weren’t feeling well.”


The madam spoke gently, folding her hands. Ana smiled softly at the elderly woman who was carefully examining her complexion.


“It was just a slight cold. I rested well and feel better now.”


“It’s a relief.”


Madam Denian sighed softly with relief. From her relieved expression, Ana realized that she was concerned about their mixing bodies and the heir issue. She must have felt guilty for burdening someone unwell.


Although strict and polite, this madam was generous and kind-hearted. Garcia, who grew up without a mother, had become an elegant and considerate gentleman, greatly influenced by her.


Ah. Ana suddenly realized the commonality between herself and Garcia. Both had lost their mothers at a young age.


“I have never seen a hostess of your age who maintains such gentle dignity and uprightness in my lifetime. That’s why I’m generally at ease. Still, I’m concerned about your health. Take good care of yourself. The future of our family depends on you, Lady Anais.”


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