Chapter 1



Someone’s night was brighter and hotter than the day itself.


     White wall. White bed. The naked bodies of a man and a woman were luridly intertwined in a morbidly clean space that they feared that it  would leave marks if touched.




      A soft moan escaped Vivian’s lips. The heat that penetrated her bottom was bearable. Speed was fine, but above all, the thickness of the man’s member was unusual. It was quite difficult to feel something about the size of a child’s forearm come out until the glans  were exposed and then disappear into her core.


 The good thing was that Vivian was also hot as the owner of the hot member. Like a snake’s tail, the bludgeon fervently pierced Vivian’s hole, which was dripping wet.


“Ah, yes··· !”


     Originally, her delicate beauty was too obvious because she was running towards her climax. It was a docility that made the lust of the man boil over.


     Vivian’s head bobbed as his member stabbed the place where she felt most sensitive. Despite her reaction, the speed of his member that was pierced into her inside did not decrease.


Squelch, squelch. 


There was a wet sound emanating from their joining.


“Ah, ah, over there!”


Just when Vivian’s breath seemed to stop, a loud moan came out. Above Vivian, the man who was showing off his voluptuous, muscular body, wriggled his eyebrows. The action seemed to mean that he was very dissatisfied with it, but that there was no reason to restrain himself.


      The man slowly lowered his upper body. Vivian’s lips and his intertwined, as hurried as their breath. In an instant, his lips parted and his tongue rushed into Vivian’s sensitive mouth. 


      Tongue dancing above, and his hot thick rod pounding below. The man seemed determined to keep Vivian from coming to her senses.


       Instead of pushing him away, Vivian hugged the man’s neck. Her skin was drenched with sweat. Vivian’s fine fingers wrapped around the back of the man’s neck. As she held onto his nape, the man moved his lips as if threatening. 


      “Are you doing this because you want me to do you more?”


      He didn’t know if he was asking himself or Vivian. The reason was that the man’s hard member hardened even more while asking. Vivian smiled slightly as she saw him reacting to her touch. At that smile, the man furrowed his brow as if he had been through a lot of hardship.


    “Let’s do it then.”


   “It’s good that… Haha, yours is too hot…”


    “I’ve felt it before, but you have a great talent for seducing.”


     The man’s low voice praised her. His large hand suddenly grabbed Vivian’s waist and pulled her towards him. Vivian, who was lying on the bed, quickly climbed onto him.


“Uhn, too deep… “


“Well, I like it.”


    It really was deep. In that position, his heavy member reached an unimaginable part. So that’s why he acted before Vivian could stop him.




     Before Vivian could protest, he slammed his pelvis up violently. The member that had filled her inner wall quickly changed its angle and hit her core. For a moment, she thought she saw stars. Her womb felt numb and her toes were tingling.


      After that, the man continued to plunge in, used to such a scene. Vivian barely caught on and left a scratch on the man’s shoulder. Looking at the red scratch, she did not feel any guilt. It was a scar that would disappear when he woke up anyway. 




     Before long, Vivian’s lower half contracted tightly, and hot pleasure burst from her belly. The long pulsing member that had filled the hole twitched like it was writhing in pain. Eventually, the man carefully pulled it out.


“Haah… Really.”


       A thick liquid dripped down Vivian’s hole. That must have been a mixture of Vivian’s fluid and his semen. If it was real life, he would have been severely bruised by Vivian, but it didn’t matter.


       “Aren’t you going to tell me your name today? 


        As soon as Vivian’s hand rested on the man’s shoulder, she asked. Vivian slowly raised her eyes, and her eyes met the man’s pupils. His eyes were so deep that it was hard to fathom where their ends were. 


        “You don’t need to know.”


       Vivian lay on the bed, feeling aching all over her body. The man naturally grabbed Vivian’s waist and sat up. The hand rubbing her stiff peaks was blatant.



   “I only meet you here anyway.”


      Vivian patted his big forearm and murmured. The man’s eyes became sharp for an instant, then quickly changed back indifferently.


    “It is not.”


     Shortly thereafter, the man agreed briefly. After the boring answer, the man left a soft kiss on Vivian’s lips. Parting her lips, Vivian glanced down. Even with one round over, the dark red member was still erect.


    “The woman you’ll wed must be really happy.”


    Vivian muttered, staring blankly at the member of the energetic man. Hearing the praise for his energy, the man grinned.


     “I’m busy making one happy right now.”


     It wasn’t a bad answer. Afraid that Vivian would lift her eyebrows and push him away, the man spread her legs wide. The momentum of his hard member digging again was like an ember that had just been splashed with oil.




“Oh, miss!”


       Vivian frowned at the sharp voice ringing in her ears. Once she woke up, the light that penetrated between her eyelids was intense. It seemed that she hadn’t been to bed in a while, but it’s already morning. Vivian raised her heavy eyelids with a feeling of wanting to cry.


“Miss, wake up!”


“Good morning. Hamel…”


      Hamel, Vivian’s exclusive maid, helped her wake up energetically today. When she sat still with a blank mind, she was often awakened by Hamel’s voice.


    “You don’t have time for this. Hurry up and get ready!”


      Knowing Vivian usually slept a lot in the morning, Hamel used to give her a short break when she woke up. For example, stretching or removing eye boogers.


     But today was different. Hamel was busy trying to wake her up today. Vivian got up from the bed, barely opening her eyes, which she couldn’t even open.


“Why? What’s going on?” 


“It’s my job, of course.”


     Hamel responded with an unconcerned face and started making Vivian’s bed.


“Today is the day you return to your homeland.”


Vivian stopped rubbing her eyes.


After a while, Vivian woke up and stretched herself out.


“Ah, that day.”


“The time to get to the port is short, so you need to prepare quickly.”


      As soon as Vivian nodded her head, the door opened and the maids entered. Water to wash and tools to decorate were also prepared. Vivian finished washing quickly thanks to the help of the maids.


     As she sat down at the dressing table to get dressed, her face was reflected in the clean mirror. The silver hair that flew over her shoulders before, had become long and covered her waist. Thanks to Hamel’s thorough care, Vivian’s silver hair was very soft.


“Time goes so fast.”


      Feeling Hamel’s hand drying her wet hair, Vivian muttered.


      Today was the day Vivian returned to her home country, Mosbana, after completing her studies. Although the area of Hiddenca where she was now was smaller than her hometown Mosbana, it was surrounded by the sea in the shape of a crescent moon, so the view was stunning. Even in the house where Vivian was staying, if you opened the window on the second floor, you could see the sea facing the horizon. 


“Is it cold in Mosbana?” 


       The Hiddenca Empire, where she stayed to study, had  fair weather all year round. Her hometown, Mosbana, had more distinct seasons than Hiddenca here, so it was  delightful when the weather was good, but it was also very  frigid when it was cold. Around this time of the year, the  icy temperature was at its peak.




      After Hamel’s blunt answer, there was silence in the bedroom for a moment. 


      The reason Vivian stayed in Hiddenca rather than Mosbana, her home country, was because of the unusual signs she had.


Many people called it ‘spirits’.


     A spirit created by God because he cared too much for nature. Spirits that could control such spirits. Those who were born with the ability to deal with such spirits were called spiritists.


      Vivian was the only spiritist left in Mosbana. In that sense, the reason why she, who was a shameful existence for the second to be noble, was forced to leave her home country was also because of the spirits.


      Since there were no remaining animists in Mosbana, there was no teacher for her to learn from. No matter what kind, power had only a solid foundation, it was worse than nothing. You had to train enough to handle it well, but you could find the use of that ability. As a result, Vivian came to study abroad in the Hiddenca, where there is a person famous for spirits. 


It seemed like it was only yesterday that I first set foot here, but four years had already passed.


Vivian looked into the mirror dazedly. The face, which was a little young, had matured in a way that seems to have grown over time. Her parents, who came to see her twice a year, were also talking about it, so it must not have been her own guess.


Vivian’s gaze glided down to her pale shoulder. Light blue eyes fluttered finely as if looking for any trace of blemishes. Her shoulders exposed over the loose-fitting pajamas were slender.


‘It’s gone too.’


Last night, the place where the man bit and sucked was clear. It reminded her once more that meeting him was a dream. 


It had been 4 years since Vivian stayed in Hiddenca. It also meant that it had been three years since she had married a man in her dream.




Around that time, Hamel’s call was heard. Vivian managed to wake up her thoughtful mind. The face reflected in the mirror was after tidying up.


“Now you need to change your clothes.” 


Vivian got up from her chair, instructing her to bring the dress she wanted. While changing the dress with Hamel’s help, Vivian carefully checked her body once more.


It was also clean. Like a piece of white paper just before the quill spewing out water hit it.


The memory of hanging out with the man was clear, but the feeling that there was no trace on her body was very strange. He was her bed partner, living only in dreams. 


“Miss. A guest has arrived.”


As soon as Hamel had finished preparing and took a step back, another maid came into the room and delivered the news. Vivian, who had a few people who knew her in Hiddenca, widened her eyes. 


“Guest? who?”


“Your Master. He just arrived, so I brought him to the drawing room.”


Vivian instructed Hamel to make the rest of the arrangements and came down to the first floor.


The drawing room of the glass window, where the sunlight penetrates brilliantly, was Vivian’s favorite place in the mansion. Sometimes she would go to the drawing room where she could see the garden, because she had a headache due to an unsolved problem. It was such an affectionate memory that she thought of, on coming to Mosbana.


On entering the drawing room, Vivian saw familiar black hair and hesitated. She came to her senses and hurried towards the sofa.




Vivian’s Master, Gray, asked his pupil in a blunt tone. Vivian, who knew that this was his usual greeting, shrugged back.


“What are you doing here? You said you wouldn’t come to see me off because you were shy.”


She remembered Gray saying that for sure yesterday. Gray, who was chewing on the cookies and madeleine given by the maids, coughed. Vivian sighed and held out a tea cup with colorful flower patterns toward her teacher. Gray grabbed the cup and gulped down his tea.


“I wasn’t going to come. But Camilla told me to at least say hello.”


“Is Camilla the best friend you told me about?”




It was also a familiar name to Vivian. She was a wizard who paired up with Gray and did what she was commissioned to do. She was such a gentle wizard that it was unbelievable that she was close to a teacher with a cranky personality and a strange behaviour. It seemed that Gray couldn’t overcome the fact that he came to see Vivian off today because he said he would not come.