Chapter 12


  His gaze,which had been subtly misaligned met hers.


  “I was going to teach you ……don’t you like it?”


  She was in no mood to answer. It was because his face was so close to hers as if he would kiss her. The distance was so close that she could feel his hot breath. His voice sounded a little lower when she heard it from upclose. At the moment, Vivian was so nervous that the inside of her throat dried up.


 “You’re too…..close.”




  He bit himself with a faint exclamation as if he didn’t know. It felt more like acting than it was real. Well, Vivian, who coughed meekly, answered soberly.


  “I’d like the female vice captain named Sir Enka from earlier to teach me.”


  Roger, staring at her with drowsy eyes, paused for a moment and nodded shortly after. Seeing his sluggish reaction, he seemed disappointed with her answer. Vivian turned a blind eye to the blatant regret.


  Roger got off the carriage and stepped back.



 “Then get home safely.”


 There was a tinge of joy in the voice seeing her off. Even if they separated like this, he knew that they will meet again soon.    



              * * * 


  Vivian, who returned from an unknowingly exhausting day, fell faintly on the bed. She quickly dove into sleep, unable to hear Hamel telling her to wash up and change her dress.


  As usual, the state of sleep did not last long.


  The hair on Vivian’s body stood up when she felt tickling between her legs. She tried to put her legs together to prevent the pleasure, but they did not budge.


  Warm breath poured over her entrance. The irregular breath was as cheerful as a smile.




   It was wet and hotter than breathing, which made the sensation stronger. An attempt to close the legs was made, but it was also restrained. Vivian’s slim waist twisted instead of her legs.



Squelch. Squelch.


  The excitement fluid came down endlessly. Roger couldn’t help but poke her sensitive spot in the dark viciously. Vivian’s hand went straight down. It was not the softness of her entrance that the tip of her fingers touched, but smooth hair.


   At that moment, Vivian opened her eyes wide. The breathing on top of her entrance became stronger.


  “You were wet even in your sleep.”


  Indeed, it was Roger in her dream that stimulated the gap between her legs. Rogers’s tongue slowly opened the hole and dug in before she could push him away.




   Her damp hole tightened as if to restrain his tongue from entering.


   As if in response to her naive cry, Roger’s blood rushed to his lower abdomen. If he inserts his manhood into the wet path, it would give him enough pleasure to make his head explode, so with greedy expectations, his manhood became thick and possessed love fluid. The front of his pants was clearly wet. 



  Vivian’s fingers quickly tore his hair into a mess. This was often the case whenever he woke Vivian up this way in their dreams.


  Her body, which was horrified by unfamiliar pleasure, soon adjusted to the thrill and relaxed.


  “Ugh, oh, good….”


  Roger used his tongue as well as his hands. It’s good to poke his fingers into her core, but it’s also good to suck them to the point where they’re so mushy.


  His saliva and her excitement met and the fluid dripped between her legs. Roger slapped her lips without reaching his peak, as if to give her a slight sense of pleasure. 


  “It’s too early to say that it is good.”


  Roger didn’t raise his head and climbed up between Vivian’s legs. Vivian’s n*pples, which were properly stimulated by his actions as he was sucking below, had long been on edge. Maybe it was the n*pple’s turn this time, Roger swallowed it.




  Vivian bent her back and scratched his shoulder with her nails. Roger smirked with her n*pple still in his mouth at the slightly more sensitive response than when he was scratching the bottom. He made his tongue wide and licked the n*pple and the are*las whole, and made it fluffy again and again and repeatedly digging in. 


  “Yes, haaah.”


  A large hand slipped down below Vivian’s hips in the meantime. The still moist hole devoured the tips of his fingers.


  “You bite well. Is it because you like it?”



  He rubbed Vivian’s swollen nipples as he stared at her, who breathed heavily. There was no mercy in the determined and tormenting touch.


  “Why do you keep doing that?”


  “You like to be touched here.”


  Roger was piercing all her sensitive spots. He kissed her red eyes and giggled. That’s true, so Vivian enjoyed the pleasure running down her waist with her eyes closed.


  The hand that afflicted her heart to her satisfaction slowly moved away. Vivian opened her eyes. His face came in clearly as her vision brightened. It felt strange to see the face in front of her, the one in her dream, outside in reality.


  Looking at his face reminded her of what happened today. Vivian remembered his patronage who was ignoring her.


   The vice captain who saw me as a childish aristocrat Lady and spoke casually.


  She was the only spiritist left in Mosbana so the Emperor couldn’t ignore her and even trusted her enough to support her studies abroad. At that moment, she showed her anger and received an apology, but now she was irritated again. 


   Eventually, the unpleasantness which had barely dissipated before going to sleep crept up again. 


  “It’s annoying……”


  Roger was dumbfounded as she mumbled with a voluptuous voice. 




  “I’m annoyed.”


  “…… Why?”


  He asked since he didn’t understand Vivian’s sudden change of heart.


  “Not enough? Want more underneath?” 


  Soon he interpreted Vivian’s irritation, which he couldn’t even get a clue. He seems to have concluded that there was a lack of caress that he had been devoted to. The hand touching her waist used more strength.


  Vivian thought this irritating feeling should be compensated by him even through her dreams. It was Roger who annoyed her, and even if it was a dream, it was Roger right in front of her.


  Vivian suddenly reached out and swirled around his neck. The smile on the side of her mouth was very cute.


  “No, I will take you in.”


  For a moment, his whole body hardened. 


  Vivian kindly pulled his upper body and whispered in his ear.


  “I want to……eat yours.”


  Roger’s jaw was frozen in an instant. A sculpture-like face became as rough as a stone after a severe storm. At first glance, there seemed to be a growl.


  He hurriedly spread Vivian’s legs, pushed his thick manhood into the wet hole, and thrusted deep.




  His member was too big and hard. Such a thick thing ruffled through the inside, leaving Vivian’s mouth to burst out of roughness.


  “Do you know that it’s rude to say something like that with honorifics?”


[ED/N: She referred to him with honorifics when she said she wanted to…]


  “Ahhhh, Roger, slowly …… “


  “Don’t call my name for a moment. If I listen to it now, I’m going to go crazy.”


  He slowly pulled out the member he had stuck deep into her spring. The red flesh soaked in fluid came out as if it were holding on to her, and then he looked a little dangerous. Roger pulled Vivian’s head and quietly muttered a soft swear word. He seemed to be enduring what he wanted to do right away. 


  He began to speed up the thrusting process, licking Vivian’s n*pples. Thoroughly, his manhood hit her widely-spread thighs.


  “Ha, oh, there, uh, so good, ah, Roge-!”


  Without hesitation, Roger sealed her red lips with a kiss before she could call out his name again. 


  In no time, the lips opened and their tongues tightly intertwined as if they were one.


  “Call my name.”


  ‘Ha! Ah!…er!’


  What’s the point of putting up the pitch when you’re asked to. 


  Vivian was out of breath at his rough backstabbing. The pleasure surrounding her head has eroded her whole body.


  Roger, who was so excited that the veins of his manhood were plumping up, came to his senses at some point while thrusting. He looked down at Vivian, whose eyes were as sharp as a blade.


  He was a man who enjoyed collaborating with his partner rather than poking recklessly. He grabbed Vivian by her wrists and pinned them over her head. 


  “Is it great?”‘




  “No matter how good it is, you should breathe at least.”


  Roger whispered with a smile on his face, as if he had regained his composure. In contrast to the slow and soft tone, the waist was shaking.


  Vivian shook her head wildly. It was a phenomenon that came when she couldn’t help the meandering pleasure. The ordinary behavior was also a great stimulus to him today. 


  “I’ve been telling you, you are really good at seducing.” 


  Roger didn’t go easy on her and hit one of the inner walls. His member rubbed violently inside.


  “Ahn, haaah, wait a minute, wait a minute.”


  Vivian’s eyes glistened with tears. She never expected that her tears would instigate his temper.


  Roger didn’t stop at her entreaty, looking into her blue eyes and spurting. 


  The temperament of his manhood stirring inside has become increasingly blatant and vulgar. Vivian habitually moved her legs around his waist. The thick thing, of course, penetrated deeper. 


  “H, aaahh, haang!” 


  Vivian wanted to stop the sexy voice that came out against her will, but he had her hands in his hands. Her arms were bound. She is being eaten by his manhood simultaneously. The only free section was near the chest. Vivian’s heart fluttered violently. 


  The moment he finally banged a couple of times.





  Vivian’s pupils dilated and blood filled her whole body as if she had fallen from a high place. The saliva that she couldn’t swallow dripped out of her mouth.


  She was too out of her mind to wipe it. Roger stopped shoveling and clenched his lips at some point. A murky groan broke out from his mouth with his head on Vivian’s shoulder. 




  Vivian gasped as if she had forgotten how to breathe. After the climax, he caressed Vivian’s chest with a flexible hand. Vivian calmed down a little at the touch. He turned around and lay next to Vivian. His manhood was still stuck in Vivian’s hole. The s*men penetrated through the cracks in the petals and trickled out of her flower garden.





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