Chapter 5



 The moment the wind took a turn, the man took a step closer. He was so large that his shadow fell over Vivian in an instant. Perhaps she felt threatened by it, Vivian took a step back casually. Then the man’s eyes twitched slightly. Vivian was more embarrassed by the behavior that came out without even realizing it.


                It was not long before he moved again.


                “Then, bye.”


                The man greeted her with a consistent blunt manner and passed Vivian.



                ‘….. Bye?’


                That’s it? You’re just leaving?


                An unknown sense of emptiness and impatience struck Vivian.


                “Excuse me!”


                So Vivian grabbed him out of the blue. Her delicate beauty cut through the air like the tail of a fish stirring in the water. Whether that desperation worked or not, the man who was unlikely to look back stopped.


                “If you don’t mind….”


                Vivian couldn’t let him go like this. But she didn’t even know what to ask. It had been a long time since her head was white as a sheet of paper due to the sudden meeting.


                “May I ask your name?”


                 So I asked the most basic thing between people, name.


                 It wasn’t curiosity about Lord Orpheus, who everyone knew and everyone called. She was curious about the name hidden behind the title.


                  Vivian seemed to have reversed her relationship with him. Because in her dreams he’d always ask for her name.


                   But now the man didn’t know Vivian’s name. He must have learned from the emperor’s call at the ceremony earlier. He knew her name, and Vivian thought it was unfair of her not to know his name.


                    The man tilted his head at an angle. His eyes were as indifferent as if he were asking why.






                    “Roger Orpheus.”


                    Nevertheless, the mouth said its name without hesitation.




                    Vivian unconsciously murmured a strange name in her mouth once. Roger, the man who was watching Vivian, turned around again and disappeared in a flash. Although he was very tall, he was very agile.


                     Vivian, who was left alone, was standing there for a long time because of complicated feelings. It was the first time in a long time that her head was pounding with the emperor’s award of medals that she could not know his intentions.


                     In the meantime, the man she only saw in her dream, who she expected to be in Hiddenca, appeared in front of her, so she couldn’t help but feel troubled inside.


                     Roger Orpheus.


                     His other name, the Emperor’s dog.


                     He was told that no matter what happens, he had to be a faithful servant at the order of the emperor, and that the amount of blood buried in the sword so far was immeasurable.


                     In particular, he was so fierce and vicious that it was difficult to interact with him, except for the emperor. These days, he looked restrained because he was by the emperor’s side, but there were rumors that he was like a raging foal.


                      In Mosbana, there was a law that even if you were appointed and knighted, you could not become a nobleman unless you belonged to the original family. With the restricted decree, the nobles of Mosbana were very relieved that Roger was not on the same boat as them. To that extent, Roger’s presence was threatening to the aristocracy living in the capital.


                       But even if he wasn’t an aristocrat, the aristocrats couldn’t relax. This was because the emperor frequently showed favoritism toward Roger among the knights. Two of the biggest controversies were the granting of the castle directly to the commoner Roger and making a new knighthood just for him.


                       According to the decree, there were many commoners who had knighthoods but did not have surnames, and Roger was one of them. However, the emperor brought Roger to his side and bestowed him the castle of Orpheus with the title of knight. Despite the presence of the Imperial Knights, the Knights of Eckhart were created, and the Knights of Eckhart were handed over to Roger.


                       The Knights of Eckhart, founded in this way, were now gaining momentum throughout the country. Of course, the spirit was more like evil than good, just like Roger, the general. If the Imperial Knights were to take on a completely good work, the Knights of Eckhart were notorious for achieving their objectives by all means necessary to carry out their mission. Of course, morality was often ruled out in the means and methods.


                         ‘……Such a man.’


                         Of all things, he was that sexy guy in her dream.


                         Vivian clasped her face in an incredible mood and groaned. This was too much of a twist.


                          ‘What do we do every time we see each other?’


                           I couldn’t help but worry. It was embarrassing to be a sex partner in a dream, not just a normal relationship. She was also in trouble because she couldn’t tell if she was dreaming or not.





                            Vivian soon changed her mind.


                           ‘We won’t see each other again.’


                          Now that Vivian was back in Mosbana, what would happen to her?


                          The worries, which had been rising rapidly until a while ago, quickly dispersed like a hazy fog. In fact, rather than being bothered, Vivian just ignored and denied it.


                           ‘Yes, of course. We don’t have to meet again.’


                           Vivian turned away with the hope that it would rather be, than the conviction that it would be.


                           I was very tired from all the work I had done today. I couldn’t wait to go back to the mansion.




                          Vivian, who returned from the banquet, washed up and went to bed early.


                          As soon as she closed her eyes and fell into the unconscious world, she began to clear her messy mind again at one point. It was a familiar experience for Vivian now. A light that was so intense that it had to be opened squeezed Vivian’s eyelids and came in. Vivian frowned and opened her eyes slightly.


                          The scene where she opened her eyes was different every time. Sometimes it was a cool green, enough to think of nature, and sometimes it was a white color that seemed like something big would happen if something was buried. Color wasn’t the only thing that changed. So did the bed. Sometimes the head was painted with colorful patterns, or there was a bed of luxurious materials that seemed very expensive.


                           Today was a plain bed with a dark gray color. It felt like it reflected Vivian’s complex mentality.


                            It was always the same. When she woke up, she would be on a strange bed with a strange background.


                            Vivian swept the soft blanket with her hands like a fairy’s breath. Even this touch was now familiar. The blocked hand that was climbing up was due to its muscular and solid body. Turning her head, she stared at a face that had not yet woken up. The fierce expression she saw just a few hours ago was asleep, so she could only see it mildly.


                             ‘Seeing this gentle face, I can’t believe he’s a crazy dog…….’


                              Vivian almost burst into laughter for a moment. Now that she knew his identity, she couldn’t accept it as it seemed.


                              There were times when he spoke vulgar language, but I thought it was a habit of having sex. But I guess that’s just his original personality.


                              Shortly after looking at Roger with his chin crossed, his brow twitched. The platinum-colored eyes were so clear that they felt like they were in shape.




                               Vivian greeted him calmly.


                               In her dream, such a greeting was so comfortable that it was easy, but she felt awkward when she thought about it only when she actually met him, so she felt like she had a thorn in her mouth.


                               Roger blinked as if he had a grasp of the situation. Maybe that’s what Vivian was like when she just woke up.


                               Soon after, Roger realized that this place was a dream, and stared at Vivian without saying a word. Maybe it’s because he just woke up, or maybe it was because he was thinking about something. That’s why Vivian felt his sharp eyes were sharper today.


                               “Why are you looking at me like that?”


                               Vivian wondered whether or not to bring up the story that she actually met him today, when he opened his eyes. She also wondered if he recognized Vivian was the girl in his dream, or if it was not in his memory. However, Roger showed such a meaningless reaction that she could not readily ask. So she acted nonchalantly as usual.


                              Roger slowly rose to his feet at Vivian’s question. The blanket that was covering his body flowed down, revealing his sensual body that could not be removed without touching it, and beneath it, his genitals were already burned with power. Roger got on top of Vivian in that condition.




                               Roger slowly leaned down his upper body. By the time Vivian and Roger’s lips almost brushed, he stopped. Vivian stared at him as if she were waiting for the next thing. Roger, facing her without avoiding her eyes, suddenly smirked.


                               “No, that’s fine.”


                               Then he stopped what he was going to say.


                               “…. What is it?!”


                               As Vivian grumbled, Roger’s mouth bent sharply. It was quite different from the banquet hall where he was expressionless. This side was rather a familiar face to Vivian.


                              Roger moved flexibly and held Vivian’s arms over her head.


                              “It’s not a big deal.”


                              “I don’t think so……. It’s nothin…..”


                              Roger, who didn’t know what the hell he was thinking, cut off the conversation in his own way and bowed his head. It had already been a long time since Roger’s hand pulled down the blanket that covered Vivian’s nude body. He touched the white skin of Vivian, which was revealed. It was a touch too delicate and gentle for a mad dog.


                               This is how their affair always began. Strangely, when she opened her eyes in her dream, she felt hotter than usual. So, she had no choice but to react greatly even to small caresses.


                              Vivian moaned as Roger dispersed her flesh. When Vivian looked at him and moistened his lips, blood poured into Roger’s lower lip. They enjoyed foreplay steadily, as in the set order.


                              His lips, which dug into Vivian’s neck, slid downward. He nibbled the peaks of her mounds with the tip of his tongue. She got goosebumps when his wet tongue touched her dry skin. Vivian twisted her fingers and tilted her head. A satisfying groan formed at the end of her mouth like dew.


                               Roger swept the inside of Vivian’s thigh and swallowed slightly swollen peaks. His back was bent by the feeling of sweeping with his tongue as if he was comforting her even if he intentionally chewed with his teeth.


                               Vivian felt hot and itchy between her legs.


                               “Haah…. Oh, my, there!”


                               Now I know his name.


                               Even though I knew the infamous Roger Orpheus, the title was still there.


                               In dreams Vivian always called him ‘Hey’. Sometimes he was called ‘you’, but ‘Hey’ was much more often considered in terms of frequency.




                                He suddenly looked up and said. Vivian, who was enjoying the thrill of rising from the tip of her toes, opened her eyes wide.




                                “Roger, my name.”


                                It sounded unfamiliar even though I already knew the name.




                                Roger put his arm around her head as he looked at Vivian, who seemed confused. Roger’s face was quite serious as he approached little by little.


                                “Not there, Roger.”


                                It was a short word, but it was enough to convey the meaning. Come to think of it, he used to frown whenever Vivian called him ‘Hey’. He didn’t like the title very much.


                                 He didn’t correct her then, but why now?


                                  Vivian opened her mouth casually, feeling puzzled.


                                  “Ro, Roger?”


                                  Roger’s eyes were deeply bent when Vivian held his name with a soft voice. As expected, even that face had not been seen in public.


                                   He kissed Vivian with a very satisfied face. Vivian moaned weakly, rubbing her tongue against the piercing tongue, opening her lips. Similar to his temperature, his hot tongue curled Vivian’s tongue at once. His breath was entangled and Vivian hugged him by the neck.