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Come and Cry At My Funeral

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A humble shepherd, a b*stard, and a disgraced Duchess.


Although she was married to Duke Izar, whom she loved, Phrysia lived in the dark shadows of misery.


She was exploited by her family and scorned by the people of the Duchy, who labelled her a blemish on noble lineage.


And her husband, Izar…


Even after a tragic miscarriage, he remained distant and cold.


“If it were born to parents like us, you wouldn’t be happy.”


Even at Phrysia’s funeral, he did not shed a single tear.


But in her final moments, Phrysia made a wish.


Please shed a tear for me.

Even if it’s just a single drop.

I want to change your heart.


Even if that’s the price of living with a one-year deadline, it’s acceptable.

And when the time comes, come to my funeral and cry for me.




For the first time, Phrysia dared to glare at this man. The dreadful document in her hand fell to the floor.


“How could you do something worse than even a monster could to me…!”


She was mistaken.


She was mistaken. She thought this man had finally harboured affection for her and believed in her. 


Phrysia wondered if it was love.


However, he deceived her.


It was five months before her death.


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