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Brother Is Not A Villain

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  • Author 极漫文化
  • Translator MxM
  • Redrawer Mattie
  • Typesetter Bcrry
  • Cleaner Mattie
  • Editor Cloudiemetbals
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  • Type Manhua
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Xiong Yang, the second generation of a rich family, went through the ancient times in a football match! I thought I could inherit dad’s billions of assets as before, but I threw myself into a black sheep with the same name and surname. Unexpectedly, he got close to the thigh of the emperor. He thought that he would be an official in this dynasty to earn a little money and power. He rode horses to share the prosperity of the world. Unexpectedly, he was driven to the shelves and made many miraculous achievements. After witnessing the country’s efforts to avoid catastrophe and reverse its fate, he decided to do something great for the benefit of future generations.


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