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Record Of The Mightiest Lord

  • Rank( ) 35, with 659 Views
  • Author 鲜花和辣椒 Tony
  • Translator MxM
  • Redrawer 3Sha
  • Typesetter Maki
  • Cleaner 3Sha
  • Editor MxM
  • Genre(s)
  • Type Manhua
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Synopsis: Richard, the traverser, became a pioneer aristocrat(noble) in a different world. At that time, there were aborigines besieging in the front, and there’s a sinister noble hiding their malicious intent. He doesn’t have much to rely on. After Traveling to another world and… activating the lord system. He starts farming and builds his own territory, finds dwarfs to buy equipment, centaur, beastmen, tauren, goblins… All kinds of enemies come one after another! The road of upgrading to be the strongest Lord begins here!


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