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Dancing in the Legendary Sea

  • Rank( ) 50, with 4011 Views
  • Author Cheon Eul
  • Translator Doradora
  • Editor Decoy
  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance
  • Type Korean Translated Novel
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The Crete God-Beast was vanquished, decades after the Minotaur.


In the ancient Greek sanctuary of Delos, there were rumours of a new divine beast.


A beast that would disrupt the outside world, a beast cursed by the goddess.


“The essence of Artemis” is rumoured to be imprisoned there.


Lokira, who was born with horns on her head, was the hero of the rumor.


“A monster with horns is not allowed to go out into the world. You can’t meet a man from outside. If you leave the sanctuary, you never know when someone will come after you.


Perhaps she will live the same life.


But even in life like a pool of water in a turtle, something strange happens.


A man with an injured face drifts in.


He says, “As you can see, I’ve killed a man, so let’s get out of here.”


Orionis – a man known as “Orion”. A hunter from Atlantis.


“I’ve changed my mind. I still think we should go out like this. I’ll die but I won’t be able to watch you die.”


Since the rescue, which she cannot refuse. Lokeira woke up already in the “middle of the Aegean Sea”.


And the master of the sanctuary proclaims to the Greek nations.


“Hunt the beast that has escaped. The country that succeeds will be the one that wins the supremacy of Greece”.


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