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“Sell yourself to me, Princess. I will buy you for a very high price.”


Sell herself?


Adeline’s lips quivered. She couldn’t overlook such insulting words.


“How impudent! Is buying and selling people a norm in this kingdom?”

“Pardon me for being impolite.. When the Duke of Rocher has already put the Princess up for sale, it sounds naive coming from you.”


Adeline, a noble Princess descended from two royal bloodlines, and Alexio, a half noble Duke with a commoner mother —a match that seemed impossible.


The whole nation is excited about the marriage of the century that has shaken the kingdom. But little do they know.

That their marriage was riddled with secret deals and contracts.


“I’ll give you plenty of time to think about it. It’s only natural to go through various verification processes for such a significant transaction…”

“I’ll do it.”


“I agree. To this marriage.”


Why did two people who seemed totally mismatched end up joining forces? The real reason behind their marriage, kept under wraps, remained a mystery to everyone.



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