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Death Can’t Sleep

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“I can’t sleep without you.”


Amarion Amari, a poor count maiden who wields a sword every day in the barren North.


One day, she received a proposal from the great nobleman of the Empire, Archduke Morte, who is also known as ‘Walking Death’. 


“Be my wife, and I will give you everything.”


She had to accept this irresistible offer, and on their first night, the Archduke made a request of her. 


“Stay by my side all night, but you must stay awake.”


When the Archduke went to bed after handing a sword to her, Amarion realized why this beautiful and fearsome man had to marry her, a knight.


“You are like a miracle to me.”


The nights went on, the more the duke fell in love with her; and Amarion gradually opened her heart to his sweetness…


 The action-growing romance between the two begins now.


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