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Duke, Is This Your First Time? -R15

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“If you need a man to warm your bed, how about me?”  




“I think I can give it to you whenever you want.” 


Elysia had no intention of making love. 


Until she woke up on top of the body of Duke Deimos, the head of the imperialist faction… 


“I’m not going to diminish by lending it to you again. Just let me know if you need it.” 


At that time, she thought he was out of his mind. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such a proposal to her, the head of the other faction.




“You’re the first person I’ve spent the night with, the first person I’ve held hands with.”


“I’ll be waiting for the day when we can dance together.”


Like drizzles of rain soaking her clothes, he gradually soaked into her before she knew it. 


Elysia started to sway, even though she knew she shouldn’t…


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