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Eternal Love

  • Rank( ) 54, with 1572 Views
  • Author 枫之幻想/ Maple Fantasy
  • Translator Potato_gurl
  • Editor Cloudiemetbals/ snow_fox108/ Taochaidee
  • Genre(s) Chinese, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Type Chinese Translated Novel
  • Tags ,

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Beauty is a pain: incidents with love, falling to rock bottom. Multiple admirers around her even though she did nothing. Taking affection from others, then being harmed. Suffering from amnesia over and over. What awaits her in the future?

Him, the cold crown prince, once abandoned but wanting love.

Him, a cold-blooded king, was obsessed with her.

The lovesick general, silently in deep love.

Who does her heart belong to?

In this transmigration enacted love and hate. With war brewing and fire roaring. After all this suffering, will two lovers really be able to be together?



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1 month ago

OMG!! thank y’all for all the viewwsss <333

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