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Even If I Killed This Love, Only You Wanted To Protect It

  • Rank( ) 75, with 677 Views
  • Author Inaida Sou 稲井田そう
  • Translator Haitang
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
  • Type Japanese Translated Novel
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You throw yourself into the darkness.

I want to save you this time.

Moka is a first year high school student who has had bad experiences due to her stutter since childhood and is afraid of what tomorrow will bring. When Terumichi, a sociable transfer student who is the complete opposite of Moeka, shows up, her days gradually begin to change. He seems to be teasing Moeka, but then he casually helps her… Moeka wants to keep Terumichi away from her, but one day she finds out that he has the same scars as her… Seeing Terumichi’s willingness to sacrifice himself in order to save Moeka, she takes an action that no one would have expected. This is a pure love story that will make your heart ache for the bond between the two.


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