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Even Though I Know I’m Going To Fall

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Roselyn Bluebell was once called the Blue Rose of the Empire, but became embroiled in various scandals due to the intrigues of her stepmother and ex-husband.


Exhausted from enduring the rapidly changing circumstances and countless misunderstandings, she was approached by Prince Aiden, who extended his hand to her. However, she did not know if he was her salvation or not.


“I need a scandal to turn down the marriage proposal. After I’ve achieved my goal, there will be sufficient compensation.”


“You’re trying to make me a target for your arrows.”


“To put it bluntly.”


And the Prince, as arrogant as he was noble, had no qualms about picking on Roselyn’s wounds.


“You have to be smart, Roselyn, to get what you desire.”


For Roselyn, who was cornered, the temptation to restore everything she had lost was too sweet, so much so that she deliberately ignored the fact that she might regret it.


Willingly, Roselyn took the Prince’s hand and decided to plunge into the fall.




Aiden slowly took her outstretched hand and lowered his head. His lips, which rested on the back of her hand, felt hot as if they would burn her. He whispered, pulling Roselyn’s hand hard as she panicked and tried to withdraw it, “You will have to get used to skinship with me by this time.”


“Why, why…?”


“Because a lover in love should not be startled by holding hands.”


His eyes admonished her, as if asking if he had made a trivial statement. Roselyn exhaled deeply, as if she had made up her mind, and curled her fingers slowly. Aiden smiled brightly as he held her hand in his own large hand.


“Then, please take care of me, my love.”



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