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Evil Black Maria

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At the age of twelve, Shizuru Mukoda fell into another world “Hakoniwa”.


He lost his memory and was wandering in that place, where the existence that should be called God is close to him, and the physical performance of the people who are his dependents is much higher than that of the earth, but the one who saved his predicament is a woman with fantastic beauty.


The boy was taken in and trained by her. In the end, he became an excellent doctor, a rare healing magician and a flesh-and-blood killer.


A vicious demon, a vindictive princess, a betrayed saint, an honorable knight, a child murderer, a maniac with multiple personalities, and even a magical beast that could destroy a country. Tonight, he will save someone as requested, or kill someone as ordered.

Earlier chapters are translated here https://www.novelupdates.com/series/akugyaku-no-black-maria/


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