Rain Of Snow Translations

One day, her father gave her a sl*ve boy. He said he saved him from the battlefield because of his good looks.

“He has a seal engraved on his heart. As long as you have this bead, he won’t be able to disobey you. So you can order him to do anything.”

“Sit down.”

The boy looked rather grim after hearing what she ordered.

“Ah, was I treating him too much like a dog?” As her father squeezed the bead, the boy then knelt at her feet.


His red eyes flashed, illuminating his eerie gaze while smiling madly.

He was the darkest of the darkest one. The future grand wizard and final boss of this world.

“Well, you’re all that’s left now, Master.”

And then, at the age of 22, he awoke as the Master of the Magic Tower and took revenge by killing her entire house.

“Do you want to live? Then sit down, Master.”

The eerie red eyes turned to her.

‘Why is he like this to me?! I tried my best to treat him properly!’


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