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Falling Petals Of Daisy

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The daisy garden was Dhruv’s only escape, where books brought him solace from life’s misery. 

But one day, a strange girl appeared there. Something felt off. Nobody should have known of that secret place except him. 

She seemed lonely, and her words left Dhruv stunned.

“…No one else can see me, except you.”

How could that be? He had no clue, yet a strange connection drew him closer to her.

Under the moonlight, the daisies swayed, their petals danced to the rhythm of the evening breeze. It felt as if life’s genre had morphed into a fantasy.

He wanted to know her more. He wanted to let know she wasn’t alone. He wanted to help her.

Little did he know, the girl, whom he wanted to help, didn’t…

[Note: This is an original novel co-owned by Rain Of Snow. The author of this novel is Haethanwrites, and posting it on other websites requires permission from the author and the website owner.]


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