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“The one who will bring an end to this world has appeared.”

The goddess’s prophecy came down. Black Wing Aris, the protagonist of the prophecy. He, thus, became an object of fear for people. 

“What do you desire?”

“The end of the world.”

And a woman who asked him for help, Mirea Janester.

After much contemplation, Aris decided to cooperate with Mirea. However, he had become a pessimist who distrusted people.

“I cannot prove it to those who believe that I am destroying the world.”

Skeptic about Aris’s mental state, Mirea tried to let him know the beauty of the world.

“I will really destroy them without holding back.”

“You madman, that’s not the way to go.”


The Emperor coveted the enormous power of Penidran, the magic sword of Aris, and a group of people set out on a journey to find the sword before the Emperor.

However, the more people struggled for this mission, the more suspicions arose.

What was the purpose of the person behind the Emperor?

Would such a world, dominated by the emperor, survive?

And in the great torrent of fate, what future would they face?


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